Chapter 20 : Hunter Guild


「But before we go to Hunter Guildー」Allen

Allen put his hand on Sara’s shoulder and called out the man on the counter.



So his name was Tedd, huh.
Unlike earlier, he answered Allen with an unfriendly voice.

「You know. I collected some herbs today」Allen

「Say what?」Tedd

Tedd’s expression changed.

「Let me see」Tedd

After saying that, Tedd took a few steps back.

Sara didn’t know what normal people feel, but she wondered if the pressure of people who have strong magical powers was really strong against normal people.

「Here you go」Allen

While smiling, Allen took out 10 bundles of herbs (10 herbs in each bundle) from the pouch and arranged them carefully on the counter desk.

「Hooー They are freshly picked. So you put them in the pouch your uncle gave huh」Tedd

Tedd then checked the herbs with a serious look.

「There’s no mistake. A hundred of them are all herbs. A hundred will be 5,000 gils」Tedd

Tedd put five holed silver coins on the counter and called out someone in the back.

「Oーi !」Tedd

After Allen put all the coins in his pouch, a man came.

「Yeーs. What is it?」man

He looked like a pharmacist.
After he picked up the herbs, he went back immediately.

「Fresh herbs is a big help」Tedd

「This girl also has it. Right?」Allen



Tedd gave a completely different attitude from before to Sara.
Sara was somewhat upset.

「Show me」Tedd

He was arrogant, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t buy it, right?
Sara lined up the herbs she picked up with Allen on the counter anyway.

Tedd looked a little surprised at first, but then he turned his gaze away from the herbs.

「Hmph! There are some random grasses mixed in. It’s 500 gils」Tedd


「Oi, oi! Wait!」Allen

Allen shouted in place of Sara, who was shocked and couldn’t say anything.

「It was Sara who taught me where to find herbs and how to pick them! If the herbs I took were right, Sara’s should be right too!」Allen

「Shut up! I still want to buy it for 500 gils even though it was mixed with trash! Be grateful!」Tedd

Tedd said so, but the gaze when he looked at the herbs, wasn’t the gaze of seeing trash.

Sara realized that and in return, she quietly saidー

「Okay. I’ll put them back then」Sara


Sara hurriedly collected the herbs from the counter so Tedd couldn’t stop her.

「Wa, Wait!」Tedd

「Sara! Your older sister didn’t leave you money and you’re penniless right now, right!?」Allen

Allen was impation and said something he didn’t have to say.

Hearing that, Tedd smiled and saidー

「Hoo. Penniless, huh. If you have 500 gils, you can buy a day’s worth of bread, you know? And, Allen. Where did you pick these herbs? You know we’re running out of herbs, right? We’re all going to pick them up, so tell me!」Tedd

「Tedd… You…!」Allen

Allen made an angry expression.

Even Sara understood.
If you were working as a herb collector and found a place where valuable herbs were growing, you definitely didn’t want to tell anybody about that place.
Even hunters won’t tell anybody about their hunting ground.
If there was an emergency situation, it’s okay to tell them, but with a decent reward in return.

Nelly’s words echoed in Sara’s head.
“Don’t trust anybody other than Chris.”
Well, she trusted Allen too tho.

Sara glared straight at Tedd’s eyes and saidー

「Nelly once told me that herbs are essential for survival, so no matter what, the price will follow the price set by the Pharmacist Guild and will remain constant. But why do you, the receptionist of the Pharmacist Guild of all people, arbitrarily change the price!? Trash? Bullshit! There’s nothing wrong with my herbs! Allen, let’s get out of here」Sara

「Yeah. Let’s go」Allen

「Oi! Waitー!」Tedd

We ignored that man and hurriedly left the Pharmacist Guild, and we were greeted by the fountain that was shining, reflecting the sunlight.

After that, we walked steadily together.

Sara’s plan was to sell the herbs, but now she couldn’t.
She wondered what she should do next.

「For now, how about we go to the guild?」Allen

「Yeah. Maybe we can get information about Nelly」Sara

Sara decided to remember the path properly this time before she got lost one day.
She pulled herself together and stepped forward.

Allen worriedly turned to Sara for a moment and grabbed Sara’s hand.

「Let’s go, Sara」Allen


Allen’s hand was encouraging for Sara.

They went back to the central gate once and went to the other side this time.

After walking for a moment from the central gate, they saw a large building.
It was a two-story building, but it was much wider and deeper than the Pharmacist Guild.

「This is the guild. To be exact, the Hunter Guild. Let’s head to the receptionist desk. They are free now, so I’m sure they will hear your story」Allen


Sara had just been exposed to human malice, so she was quite nervous.

Allen pushed the double-door in front of the guild and pulled Sara in.

「Yo, Allen! Did you save up the money?」man

Here, Allen was also called by someone.

「Just a little bit more」Allen

「Are you looking for a job today?」man

「Yeah, but not only that」Allen

Allen looked at Sara, then Sara nodded to him.

「Let’s go that counter」Allen


The hall of the building was large. There were several counters lined up in the side, and the people who might be the receptionist were sitting here and there.
There were men and women, but all of them were middle-aged and looked calm.

Allen took Sara to the front most counter.

「Excuse me. I’m looking for someone」Sara

「Is it a quest?」receptionist


Sara didn’t know about ‘quest’. She turned to Allen and tilted her head.

「No, it’s not a quest. This girl’s older sister didn’t come back from this town, so she came to ask if anyone saw her」Allen

「Then you go to the wrong place」receptionist

The receptionist said that, but after he saw Sara’s disappointed face, he turned sideways for a moment and talked with a loud voice.

「Aaー Ahem. Tell me about her characteristics」receptionist

Sara understood that it wasn’t his job, but he still wanted to help her.

「Thank you! Umm. She has beautiful red long hair, but she tied it into a ponytail because it’s annoying, she said. She also has beautiful green eyes, and a tall glamour body」Sara

「Aaー Okay, I understand that you love your sister so much… How about her age and name?」receptionist

「She’s in her mid-20s. Her name is Nelly」Sara


While thinking, the receptionist looked around.
Everyone who was listening was shaking their heads.

「The characteristics were similar to the Goddess, but her age and name were different」receptionist

Sara tried to think about Nelly’s other characteristics.

「She’s strong and very kind! She is quiet but she’s fun, and she’s reliable but also a little dumb」Sara

Sara’s voice gradually became a tearful voice.

「She… came to sell the herbs that I picked up, and told me to rely on Chris from the Pharmacist Guild if anything happened…」Sara

The receptionist whispered to Allen.

「Have you go there?」receptionist

「Yeah. But Tedd said Chris-sama was not there. Also, when she wanted to sell the herbs, Tedd manipulated the price, we didn’t know where to go so we came here」Allen

「Aaー Chris-sama is not here, huh. Come to think of it, I heard that Chris-sama’s believers’s antipathy was provoked」receptionist

The receptionist looked up at the ceiling.

「For now, can you show me your herbs? You can’t do a transaction here without an ID tho」receptionist

Sara looked at Allen, and then Allen nodded.

Sara then lined up the herbs on the counter.

「This… The shape, the size, and the quality is good! That guy wanted to buy this cheaply, you said!?」receptionist

「Yeah. 500 gils」Allen

Said Allen while sighing.

「Ck! The heck those pharmacist people do when we are short of herbs! You. You have an ID?」receptionist

Sara shook her head.


Sara shook her head.

「Haahh… You’re penniless, huh. Moreover you almost got fooled…」receptionist

The receptionist’s words contained mercy, but he also sounded like “the one who gets fooled is the one at fault.”

Sara sighed in her head.




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