3-11 : Marching to the Village


It would take about a whole day to walk to the village. In other words, we would be camping on the way and arriving at the village tomorrow morning.
If we were using horses, of course we would arrive faster, but there’s no way we can prepare a large number of horses.
We had to march along the way after all.
But it wasn’t that we didn’t have horses at all. There was one horse in this army. The horse that was ridden by the feudal lord.
Well, he has the highest position in town, so of course he’ll ride a horse.
Though he has no dignity at all, he caught everyone’s eyes.

Fiana「But, why is that person coming along? He’ll only get in our way……. Khh, I really wanna put my arrow through his head from here…」

The feudal lord and his soldiers were walking in front, and we, the adventurers, were following behind them. Indeed, from here, Fiana could shoot an arrow through the lord’s head.
Well, I know she was joking tho.

Kai「I think he’s following us so that he can command the soldiers himself. He’ll only get in our way without a doubt…」

Fiana「Right? Let’s kill him right here right now」

Lize「C, Calm down, both of you」

Kai seemed to be in tune with Fiana. Lize tried to calm them down.

Fiana and Kai are familiar with how evil this lord is, so maybe they can’t hold their anger with the person himself before their eyes.
But I hope Fiana doesn’t forget that she was pretending to be a traveler.

Well, indeed the feudal lord might only hinder us.
I know he was just pretending to be a commander, but what kind of commander rides a horse ahead of his soldiers? I thought commanders are normally walking after the troops.
And because he was at the front, whenever I looked forward, I would see his back. It irritated me a little somehow.

I tried to ignore him by looking at the soldiers instead.
Almost all of them were wearing the same equipment. A spear in their hand, and a sword in their waist.
They are the soldiers under the feudal lord’s command whose duty is to protect the peace of the region from foreign enemies. However, thanks to the establishment of the guild, the number of troops has been reduced because it requires maintenance costs.
Kai said this is not an era where there are wars between regions, so there’s no enemies nearby. There are only beasts such as wolves and orcs.

Kai「But it wouldn’t be this peaceful if it’s near the border between countries. All the feudal lords in this area don’t have much military strength, but it is said that it’s better to have at least one knight in every region」

Knight, huh.
I heard about it earlier when I got curious about a woman wearing armor among the feudal lord’s soldiers.

Kai「They are a special soldier who swore allegiance to their lord. They are in a higher position from normal soldiers who were just hired with money」

The word ‘knight’ also existed in my original world, but maybe it has a slightly different meaning.
Well, I don’t even know what a knight really is tho.

I looked at the knight who walked among the soldiers.
A large shield, a fine sword, and heavy armor that protects her body. Her equipment was clearly different from the other soldiers.
I could only see her back from here, but I already saw her face when she stood to protect the feudal lord who gave a speech in front of the guild earlier.
I was sure she was older than us, but still, she looked young.

Kai「Leonaria Nilsen. She is the only one knight in this region. The Nilsen Family has served the feudal lord for generations as a knight family. Leonaria has lost her parents. She still has a grandfather who was once a knight, but he had retired because he is too old. That’s why Leonaria got the title as a Knight at a young age. But even though she is young, her strength is unmatched by the other soldiers, and she also has an excellent commanding skill」

For bringing such a person along, perhaps the feudal lord was serious about subduing the orcs.
But, wait… It’s the cheapskate feudal lord we’re talking about.
Something is off…

Kouta「If there’s such a strong knight who is good at commanding, why did the feudal lord take trouble to come along? He can just rest his ass on the bed and let the knight to take the command, right?」

And everyone also made a confused face after I said that.

The feudal lord might be planning something we didn’t know.



As planned, we were going to camp tonight.
Even though the soldiers and us, adventurers, were sleeping on the ground while looking at the stars, the feudal lord was sleeping in a tent.
I understand the idea that it’s not good for the ruler to sleep side by side with the commoners tho.
The soldiers were lined up to protect the tent with Leonaria at the center. It seemed they were going to take turns to do the lookout.
That’s good. We can leave the lookout to the soldiers when we, the adventurers, sleep.


Lize「Hey, Kouta. I’ll teach you magic I told you earlier」

Ah, right. She promised to teach me new fire magic.

Lize and I took a place a little away from the campfire.
She placed three large stones on the ground as the targets.

Lize「Basically, it’s almost the same as when you do the fireball. You collect flames and shoot it at the enemy. The chanting is also almost the same. “O’ flame, amass. Burn, thrust, pierce. Fire arrow” simple isn’t it? Alright, I’ll show you how it’s done!」

Kouta「Nah, no need. I’m sure you will fail in the end」

Lize「Ughh! W, Well, indeed it didn’t turn out really well so far. But! I might miraculously do it well this time!」

Kouta「Miraculously, huh? Relying on a miracle is not good, you know? Okay, how about I’ll shoot it for you. Put your hands forward, quick」

Lize「Waaiiiー! As expected from Kouta! I knew you would understand me!」

Being upset, being happy. What a busy girl.
While smiling, Lize stretched her arms toward the stones.
Because her staff was broken, we’re gonna use a style of shooting magic with hands like when she first fought an orc after summoning me.

Lize「O’ flame, amass……..」

I also chanted in my head, and then flames were burning in front of Lize’s palm.

Lize「Ohhー Nice, nice. After this, imagine making this flame into an arrow or a big needle, and then shoot toward the target. See the target you want to shoot. If you concentrate enough, you can shoot multiple targets at the same time」

I imagined as Lize said. Then I looked at each of the stones at a distance.

Lize「Alright, here we go! Burn, thrust, pierce! Fire arrowー!」

The arrow of flames in Lize’s hand was divided into multiple pieces, flew toward each stone and hit them at once.

We ran toward the stones and looked at them.
There was a hole in each stone.
The flame arrows thrust the stones while melting them with the heat. That’s probably how it works.
It would be a fatal damage if used against living things.
And I feel like I already got the feeling how to shoot multiple targets.
With this, I can kill a lot of orcs at once.

Lize「Yeaaayyー! We did it Kouta! We’re the best duo ever!」


As usual, Lize hugged me after being satisfied with my magic.
It wasn’t ‘we’ tho. It was 100% my power.
But, oh well….. I’m happy if she is happy.




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