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Chapter 18 : She is Such a Self-Centered Girl No Matter What


I can’t go to Demon Land unless my adventurer rank is B?

「Y, You’re kidding, right?」Hanna

「Of course not. A low-ranked adventurer wouldn’t be able to do anything in Demon Land」March

The reason why adventurers wanted to go to Demon Land.

That was… to destroy the Evil God Dortos’s body, who is said to be sleeping at the northernmost of the continent.

It is said that if someone does that, the monsters all over the earth will lose the ‘protection of the evil god’ and turn into magic stones. After that, people will be able to live in the northern land as well.

Conquering Demon Land is the long-cherished wish for the guild because when it’s achieved, each country in the south of the continent will give a huge fortune as the reward.

Well, even without the reward, Demon Land will continue to attract adventurers no matter what.

A lot of treasures are still sleeping under that undeveloped land.
In addition, there are also spectacular views that you can never see in the south and exquisite delicacies that you can’t taste everywhere.

Uuh… now that my stomach is still hurt, I’m not happy to imagine eating some exquisite delicacies right now…

「So for now, is your long-term goal to raise your adventurer rank to B then?」March

Now I’m at rank D.

I think it’s good.
Besides, I was planning to show the wonderfulness of the blunt weapon to everyone, so I thought raising my rank by two would be a perfect goal for that.

「But… What do you mean by ‘long-term goal’?」Hanna

Listening to my question, March-san shook her head.

「Hanna-chan, it would take at least three years to raise your rank by two, you know?」March

「Heeー Three years, huh?……………..What!? Three years!? B, but, if I do my best I can do it in about a year right? You see, by clearing numbers of super-difficulty quests!」Hanna

「Now listen. Adventurers can only receive quests according to their rank. If your rank is D, you can only accept the quests with the difficulty level lower than that which is D to F. There’s no way we will give a rookie a super-difficulty quest. You have to do a lot of quest to rank up, you know?」March

「What’s with that length-of-service-based rules!?」Hanna

That means, I can’t see Laney for another three years?
Even though I haven’t seen her for years already?
That’s too terrible!

Seeing me depressed like this, March-san tried to comfort me.

「Well actually, there’s a way other than waiting for three years. Wanna hear it~?」March

「Eh? Really!? There’s another way? Please tell me!」Hanna

「You have to make the guild recognize you so that the guild is willing to approve the exception. You have to show that you are worthy of a promotion by making some contribution to the guild. For example, saving the city from monsters attack, protecting aristocrats and wealthy merchants from assassins, something like that」March

「Eh…… But I can’t do it by taking a quest, right? It’s something that you only can do by coincidence, right?」Hanna

「Of course. Such quests should normally have difficulty level of A or B」March

It won’t work then…
I can’t just hope for monsters to attack the city or an assassin to attack a random aristocrat…

「Hanna-chan, you don’t have to think so hard. The point is to make a contribution to this city. Even if you clear some same quests, the evaluation will be different depending on how you clear them. You can get a ‘success’ or a ‘great success’. Let’s think positively and do good deeds every day by clearing quests, okay?」March

March-san… It’s not my place to say it, but she seems to be a care-free optimistic type of person…

But, well… I have to do my best anyway.

I decided to accept my first quest today, so I approached the bulletin board and looked for a good quest.

But suddenlyー

「Ha・n・na ~♪」


ーsomeone hugged me from behind.
I screamed unintentionally.

I looked back and saw a dark elf smiling with loose cheeks. Her face is too close!

「Eh!? Rozelia!?」Hanna

When I said her name, Rozelia pouted.

「Eeehh~ Hanna, you’re not fun. We’re classmates, right~? You can call me Roze like everyone else, you know?」Rozelia

「Ro… Roze….?」Hanna

Not realizing that I said her name unwillingly, Rozelia happily saidー

「Yes, yes! Like that!」Rozelia

What’s with this girl?
Why is she suddenly so over-friendly like this?
It makes me really uncomfortable…
Could it be… her new trap to make fun of me!?

「Neeー neeー. The proof of friendship I gave you yesterday, you didn’t put it on?」Rozelia

Rozelia glanced at my hammer and my bag.

「Proof of friendship…? The strap you gave me yesterday?」Hanna

「Yes. I think it’s cute if you put it on your hammer. Oh, do you want me to put it on for you?」Rozelia

「No thanks…」Hanna

As I thought. The crystal that had a strap on it.
There’s no way I will put it on my hammer. I planned to throw it away, but it’s in my bag for now…

「Eehhー You don’t need to be shy. You see, I put many of them in my staff」Rozelia

Rozelia proudly showed me her flashy magic staff.

「Isn’t it so messy? Didn’t it get in the way when you use magic?」Hanna

「You see, I’m a genius! Something like this won’t get in my way at all. Besides, these straps have a power-up effect」Rozelia

「Eh? It can power up your magic power?」Hanna

「No? But it can power up my ‘girly power’!」Rozelia

Aahh…. So I have been bullied by such a dumb girl for a long time?
I wanted to tell myself in the past, “ you don’t have to be afraid of that dumb girl!”

「Why are you trying to get involved with me in the first place? If you really want to get along with me, then please tell everyone the truth from yesterday!」

If she told everyone the truth, maybe I would change the way I see her.

However, Rozelia blatantly made a reluctant face.

「Eeeehhー If everyone found out that Hanna was the one who defeated the Rock Dragon and the fact that you were really cool when you defeated it, everyone would be begging to be your friends! Yada yada! I don’t want that to happen!」Rozelia

「Huhh? What’s wrong with that?」Hanna

I really didn’t understand what she was talking about.

Isn’t it good that everyone wants to be my friends?
Well, I don’t know if we really can be friends tho, but at least the misconception that I stole Rozelia’s magic stone can be resolved.

「Because….. Hanna’s best friend is just me! I’m the only one! I don’t wanna see other people getting along with you! Yada yada! It will make me jelly☆」Rozelia


A girl with a bad personality will always have a bad personality after all.

Even though she started to like me because I saved her life, Rozelia Schultz, this girl is still a self-centered girl no matter what.



Author :
Donki here.
Don’t you think a selfish and annoying girl is kinda cute?




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