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Chapter 20 : A Suspicious Pharmacist? Really?


(Quest Details)

Client : Mira Karlight

Objectives :
Collect Tolf Mushrooms
Amateurs can’t identify the mushrooms, so Mira will be accompanying. Thus escort Mira is part of the job

Reward : 300 pels

Rank : E

Collecting mushrooms?

……..Is that something wrong with this quest?
The reward wasn’t high and the rank was E. Nothing special.

Moreover, the way the quest was written wasn’t polite.
I could see the ‘hard to approach’ personality of the client.

However, I was really curious about the “Magic-seal Jar” the bears said.

That was because I remembered when the Rock Dragon appeared in Cave of Darkness, there was an old jar rolling out of nowhere.
The bears who didn’t usually speak were reacting to the jar.

“Magic-seal Jar”….. That time, the bears certainly called the jar that way.
I’m sure that the Rock Dragon I defeated was sealed in that jar before.

That means, I can’t ignore this quest since the bears felt the jar on this quest.

「Un. I’ll go with this quest」Hanna

I removed the quest paper from the bulletin board and took it to March-san.

「Hee… Difficulty E. Un. I think it’s good as your first quest. But… you should probably be careful with the client…」March

「Eh? Why?」Hanna
「This Mira girl is a pharmacist. But… She has a bad reputation because she gives her customers mysterious medicines sometimes」March

「M, Mysterious medicines?」Hanna

A pharmacist is a profession that the job is to make medicines that are effective against wounds and illnesses by mixing flowers, grass, mushrooms, ect.

For adventurers who face danger everyday, the pharmacist’s existence is really important.

「She is a weirdo who uses customers as guinea pigs to try out the prototype medicines she makes」March


What’s with that crazy pharmacist!?
It’s not just a ‘weirdo’ level anymore!

Aaahh… I became afraid to meet the client…

「A, Ahh… Maybe I’ll cancel this queー」Hanna

When I tried to put the quest paper back, March-san grabbed my shoulders. Firmly and strongly.

「To take the initiative to accept the quest that everyone doesn’t wanna do! As expected from Hanna-chan! You’re really a rookie with a lot of motivation! If it’s Hanna-chan, ranked-up with the special-case is not a dream!」March

March-san… you’re too obvious.

I knew she was trying to make me do the quest that no one else wanted to do.
But, well… I can’t refuse after I heard about rank-up with the special-case from her mouth.

「Ha, Haha… Atabou desu yo…. (of course)」Hanna

I have no choice but to do it.

Mysterious medicines? A crazy pharmacist? Bring it on!

Whether a demon or a snake would come out, I’ll clear this quest no matter what!

After I made up my mind, I tried to get out of the guild to do the quest.
But then someone called me from behind.

「Hey, hey, Hanna~」

Yup. It was Rozelia.

「Would you like to take me along? Cecil doesn’t accept a request today, so I’m free~」Rozelia

「Why do you say that as if you ask me to go out and play with you? We’re not even in a party」Hanna

「Well, that’s true, but~ If we do it together, your work will be finished faster and you will get closer to B rank faster, right? And also, if you have me, even if the client give you a strange medicine, I can see through it with my appraisal magic」Rozelia

「Hmm, you’re right, let’s go together…….. As if I would say that! Nope! I don’t wanna go with you!」Hanna

「Eeehhhー You don’t have to hesitate toward me. We are besties, aren’t we?」Rozelia

In Rozelia’s head, it seemed that the memory of her bullying me in the past was gone…

「We’re not even friends! I still don’t forget when you were bullying me in the past, you know!」Hanna

「I… I see…..」Rozelia

The long dark elf ears hung down as if they were withered.

Oh please. Don’t look so down like that.
It made me feel like I’m the bad guy here.





After I left the guild and walked for a while, I arrived at a shop.

That shop was built in Magdala Shopping District which was the center of Tiaret City.

「Is this the client’s shop…?」Hanna

Karlight Drugstore.

The signboard was worn out.
The roof had holes.
The door was rattling.
And it looked like the whole building was tilted a little.

Is this shop really open for business…?

I don’t think there will be any customers coming to a shop that might collapse at any moment.

「E, Excuse me….」Hanna

When I opened the door, I was surprised.
There were customers inside the shop.

Could it be, this shop was like a hidden famous shop or something?

「Oi, Mira-san! How will you take responsibility for the other day!?」scary onii-san

「That’s right! Look at my skin! This is because the medicine you gave me!」ugly auntie

………Hmm… Maybe they’re not customers?
A scary black skinned onii-san and a hysterical aunt were complaining to a pharmacist girl in the back of the counter.

「………You said you want to be beautiful. I just gave you some medicine. There’s no reason for me to get complaints」pharmacist girl

「W, What? Look at me! How can you say I’m beautiful!?」ugly auntie

The aunt’s skin was cracked.

Well, if her skin became like that because of the medicine, it was indeed really bad.

However, the pharmacist girl talked to the aunt expressionlessly.

「It got better than before」pharmacist girl

「A, Are you kidding me!?」ugly auntie

The aunt who got angry was far from being ‘beautiful’ no matter how you look at her.

On the other hand, the pharmacist girl, who I thought was the client, Mira Karlight, was a really beautiful girl.

I thought she was one or two years older than me, but her body shape was far more mature than mine.

To put it bluntly, the boobs. Yes. Her boobs were big…!
It made me jealous…!

Her long ash brown hair covered her right eye a little, but even with only one exposed side, I could know that she had a beautiful face.

Her slanted eyes were rounded like cat eyes.
Long eyelashes.
Sharp and pretty nose bridge.

But unfortunately, she had no facial expressions at all.

Although her customers were yelling at her, she didn’t move her eyebrows in the slightest.
She occasionally blinked at a regular pace, and her eyes were out of focus as if she was staring into a distance.

“Mysterious beauty” might sound perfect for her.
But really, she looked like a doll that has no emotions.




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