Chapter 21 : I’m Not Penniless


「Not only that, Vince. He asked me to tell where I picked the herbs. I don’t think I can sell herbs properly in the Pharmacist Guild anymore」Allen

「Really? Hahh… If the pharmacists there really respect Chris, I hope they can work properly」receptionist

The receptionist made a disappointed face.
So his name is Vince, huh

「Allen, you should register quickly and sell the herbs in her stead. If you sell herbs here, you will get 20% commission」Vince

「Selling in other people’s stead is a violation of the rules. You’re a receptionist, you should know that」

Suddenly, a man with a big body and short hair came out from the back of the counter.

「But, Guild Master!」Vince

The guild master ignored Vince and looked at Allen.

「How much money you need left until you can register?」GM


「I’m sure the Pharmacist Guild will buy your herbs at a low price from now on. Can’t be helped then. Just do random jobs or anything and quickly get enough money for the registration fee. If you registered with the guild, you can do something about it」GM


Apparently, people in the Hunter Guild were kind to Allen.
Even though he stayed outside the town, rarely ate, and could only do chores, they considered Allen as a potential hunter in the future.


Suddenly, Allen’s stomach growled.

「You skip your lunch again, huh…」GM

Sara pulled Allen’s clothes and saidー

「Wanna eat lunch?」Sara

「You still have food? Okay. Ah! That’s right!」Allen

Allen’s face shone.

「How about I buy your food? My registration will be slightly delayed, but you can make money with that, right?」Allen

「Are you okay with that? Ah. I just remember, I still have money from you when you bought dinner from me last night. I’m not penniless! I still have 1,500 gils!」Sara

「So you just remember huh… haha」Allen

Sara thought she was done, but now that she could make money for at least a few months, she felt relieved.

「Let’s eat at the table there」Allen


Allen took Sara to a large table at the edge of the dining hall.

「It was decided that people with large magical powers would eat at the edge. The reception was also the front most one」Allen

「I see」Sara

「Originally you don’t have the right to use guild facilities since you guys haven’t registered yet tho」Vince

Vince made a bitter smile.

But in the first place, the guild wasn’t crowded at noon, so everyone didn’t seem to mind us.

「What do you want to eat? A lunch box like last night?」Sara

「Un. I got 5,000 gils from herbs, so I still have a lot of money」Allen

Sara took out a lunch box from her pouch.

Originally, the box was from the guild lunch box, but she reused it. It should be okay, right?

「Here, 1,500」Allen

「Thank you」Sara

Sara received the money with both hands.
One silver coin with a hole and five small silver coins.
And then she put them in her pouch.

When Allen opened the lid, a delicious smell spread around the guild.

「Oh? It’s different from last night?」Allen

「Today’s menu is tomato soup and stewed tail slices」Sara

It was a stew of sliced cockatrice tails that bones and skin were carefully removed.
You can make it for several portions at once, so this menu is perfect for food supply.

Allen immediately took out his fork, put it in one of the slices and brought it into his mouth.


「You know? It’s Nelly’s favorite」Sara

Again. Sara wondered where on earth did Nelly go.
She thought she would know if she came to this town, but…

「Your older sister told you to go to this town, right?」Allen

Said Allen while chewing the meat.

「Then, you have to be able to live in this town first」Allen

「Yeah. You’re right」Sara

Sara was 12 years old but the content was an adult, so actually it was a little embarrassing for Sara to rely on a 12-year-old child.

Suddenly, a big shadow covered their body from behind.
When the two turned their faces, there was the guild master standing behind them.

「Oi Allen. Are you eating your lunch properly?」GM

「Yes! Look. I bought a lunch box from Sara」Allen

The guild master put his big hand on Allen’s head.

「What’s this piping hot lunch? It looks delicious」GM

「Wow. Oi, Allen, let me taste it」Vince

Vince was also here.

「No! I’m hungry! Buy it for yourself!」Allen

Allen hugged his lunch box, protecting it from those two adults.


「「Haaa?」」GM & Vince

Sara was a little scared when the two adults looked at her.

「If you want the same lunch box, I still have it」Sara

「「I’ll buy it!」」GM & Vince

Sara took out two lunch boxes that had the same contents as Allen’s from her pouch.

Both of them gave 3,000 gils to Sara. It seemed they didn’t want to return the box to her.

After that, they sat on the table, but Sara felt like the other people took a distance from them for some reason.

「What is this…?」GM

「Cockatrice-tail stew…..? Nah, it can’t be」Vince

「Hmm! Delicious!」GM

「Guild master…..」Vince

Sara was happy that her cooking was said to be delicious.

Allen, who ate earlier, finished his lunch box and returned the box to Sara.
Sara put it in her pouch while hoping to be able to make lunch boxes at the hut again someday.

「Yosh. I’m going to look for a job now」Allen

「Okay. I’m going to go out the town」Sara

「You wanna pick herbs? Even though you can’t sell it?」Allen

「No. I want to see the west side」Sara


Allen looked worried for a moment.

「If you go toward the west from here, you will find the central dungeon. From there, go all the way to the west and you will be at the west gate. There are more people in the west than here. Almost all of them were roughnecks, so be careful」Allen

「Okay. Don’t worry」Sara

After they made a promise to meet at the outside of the central gate tonight, Sara left the guild building.




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