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Chapter 30 : The Ultimate Rank-up Plan


Finally, the flow of customers calmed down.
Mira-san and I sat on chairs, enjoying the comfortable feeling of ‘tiredness after working’.

「Hanna. Thank you for making the shop as lively as when my father was here」Mira

「Don’t mention it. I also wanted a place to go home」Hanna

I’ve been sleeping in an inn until now, but from today, I’ll live here.

I made a living space for both of us on the second floor.

This store was also close to the Adventurer Guild.
A perfect place for me to stay.

And what’s more, Mira-san’s cooking was insanely delicious.
Perhaps her tool level such as pot level was also high.
I wondered if she also acquired a skill that could increase the deliciousness of food by 1.5 times.

「I… did my best today…」Mira

「Hm? Yes. Mira-san, you really did your best. Even though you’re not good at talking to people, but you looked really cool when you persuaded that claimer aunt and make the adventurers drank your potions」Hanna

I thought she wanted me to praise her, but it seemed that Mira-san wasn’t satisfied with it.

「Ahh… I want to be healed…」Mira

As Mira-san slowly said that, she patted her thighs.

「Hanna, sit here」Mira

「Eh? W, What are you going to do to me?」Hanna

「You will know. Just sit here」Mira

Uhh. It seems I have no choice but to fulfill her request.

When I sat on Mira-san’s thighs, she hugged me tightly from behind.

「Nyuu~ Puu-tan~」Mira

Uwaa… She really is looking for a healing.

She was like a mature beautiful woman when she was silent, but now she was like a spoiled child.

「Excuse me…? Mira-san…? I’m not your Puu-tan」Hanna

It’s not that I hate it, but I complained anyway.

Mira-san replied with a sullen mood.

「I think it’s a cheap reward for doing my best today…」Mira

「Eehhhー…………….W, Well, you did your best to change yourself, so… It’s fine then」Hanna

「Hanna, I love you」Mira

She hugged me tighter.

Hahhh… this person…

I never thought that Mira-san was such a spoiled girl.

I stroked her head while being hugged by her.
It felt good somehow.

Hmm… Maybe this is what ‘friends’ are really like.
The relationship that I couldn’t make at the school.

「――Aaー! They’re flirting! Yada yada, that’s not fair! I also want to hug Hanna tightly!」

Suddenly, the self-proclaimed “I’m your bestie” dark elf ruined our moment.

「Rozelia, huh? What are you doing here?」Hanna

「Uwa, you’re so cold! I saw a poster of this store. I was wondering what kind of store and came here, but…」Rozelia

「We don’t have anything to sell to you. Shoo, shoo!」Hanna

「Me, Meanie…」Rozelia

Hiks. Rozelia sobbed.

You may be thinking I’m a terrible person right now. But you know? Compared to other classmates, she’s the one who was bullying me the most!

And despite what she did to me, she didn’t even hesitate to barge into the store and disturb us.

Oh, right. I just remembered.
If she came here, that means ‘she’ also came.
Aaahh! Yada yada!

「Heeー Despite all you said about ranking up by contributing to the city, here you are, playing store while flirting with a girl」

Yup. There she is. Cecil Sortlarc.
The person I didn’t want to come here the most, came on the first day, and immediately said something off the mark.

「Heeー You didn’t realize what I was aiming for? Cecil, I never thought you were this dumb」Hanna

「Aim you said?」Cecil

「Yeah. You have to contribute to the city and the guild in order to raise your rank quickly, right? Then, not just clearing the quests, but also supporting the other adventurers. For example, provide them with high-quality weapons and potions」Hanna

I didn’t build this adventurer store just to help Mira-san, but also to contribute to the city and the guild.
And I wanted to make this store the best store in Tiaret City!

「The highest quality goods. The cheapest price. The most complete store. I’ll make this store the best store in the city that every adventurer knows and every adventurer wants to visit. If I make it happen, everyone has no choice but to admit that this store is contributing to the city and the guild」Hanna

「Hanna, you’re smart」Mira

「Fu, fu, fu~」Hanna

As Mira-san applauded, I made a smug face.

I made a really good plan if I do say so myself.
The ultimate rank-up plan!

「…….I see. I understand your idea. If you can do that, you may be able to rank up quickly」Cecil

Cecil responded calmly but with an eerie smile.

Eh? Eh…?
I thought she would definitely feel bitter about it, but she stayed calm.

Uhh… I wonder what this unpleasant feeling is….

「Making a store that contributes to the city, huh… But, too bad. That’s impossible」Cecil

「Huh?? Why can you say that?」Hanna

「Hmph. You’ll know if you keep doing it for a while. Obviously」Cecil

After saying that, Cecil turned around and left the store.

「W, Wait, Cecil! We’re not buying any items?」Rozelia

「No way I’ll buy something from her store! Stupid Roze!」Cecil

「Yada yada! Cecil is also a meanie! “Stupid Roze” is too much!」Rozelia

Rozelia hurriedly followed her.

What irritating window-shoppers!

「Ha, Hanna…..」Mira

Look! Mira-san became worried because you said something weird!

「Mira-san, don’t worry. It’s gonna be okay. She just wanted to make us feeling uneasy」Hanna

「Y, You’re right…」Mira


But then, I realized…

I realized how much power Cecil and her father, Bazel Sortlarc, have in this city…




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