3-12 : Before the Battle


Perhaps, because we were camping a little further away from the village, we didn’t get ambushed by the orcs while we were sleeping.

I don’t know if they are still in the village or already back to their original settlement in the woods.
There’s also a worst possibility that they are invading Fiana’s village.

Anyway, today is the second day, and we got close to the village. We haven’t encountered any orc so far.

Among the adventurers, there was one whose class was scout. We let the scout go first and we kept walking but slowly while waiting for the scout to come back.

It didn’t take long for the scout to come back.

Scout「There were a lot of orcs around the village. From what I saw, they didn’t seem to be preparing for a march. The number I could confirm was around thirty. I could only see them from the outskirts of the village, so maybe the total number is even higher」

The scout reported to Galdos.
Because he was an adventurer, it was natural if he reported it to Galdos.
Of course, the soldiers and the feudal lord could also hear him.

Galdos「That’s so many… They had enough numbers to destroy an entire village, so there must be a lot more inside the village….. Any other reports?」

Scout「A small number of surviving villagers and adventurers has been confirmed. It seems all men have been killed and used as their food. As far as I could see, only women were alive… And…….」

Galdos「……………..They rape the women…….?」

Scout「Y, Yes…」

I don’t understand why they do that to the women.
I can’t ask Lize or Fiana about this.

Galdos「Anyway, our numbers are much lower than theirs… Hmm….. How can we fight them…」

We had gathered as many people as possible, still, our numbers were not enough.
Perhaps we could use guerrilla tactics by attacking them from a distance and inviting them to the woods while reducing their numbers as much as possible, and then defeating them in the woods while hiding in the shadow of the trees.

When I was thinking like that, Lize came forward.

Lize「Everyone! Don’t worry! You can leave it to me!」

Here we go again…
It’s too late to stop her. Can’t be helped, let’s let her talk for now.

People around us were looking at Lize with a face like “who the hell is this girl?”.
Well, of course they would have that kind of reaction. Lize was a rank 10 rookie who just joined the guild yesterday. No one would expect she could manage this difficult situation.
Kai and Yuuri were different tho.

Lize「As you guys can see, I’m a great witch! Well, it’s not like I was born in a prestigious magician family tho, and I have nothing to do with the Kunzendorf Family. I’m just a random great witch」

Kouta「Oi! You speak too much!」

Lize「Oh right, this is my familiar, Kouta! He is a talking familiar!」

As soon as I let her speak freely, she almost revealed her identity…
Now that Lize has claimed that she is a witch, there’s no reason for me to hide my identity as her familiar.
I decided to move and talk in front of these people.

Kouta「Hahh….. Can’t be helped then….. I’m Kouta, her familiar」

I talked.
The fact that ‘familiars who can talk are rare’ seemed to be known by humans in this world.

The people began to make noises.
From their faces, it seems they began to think that Lize was a great witch for having such a high level familiar.

This might work. Well, as long as Lize didn’t talk carelessly.
Thus I continued the talk.

Kouta「Don’t worry folks. With our strength, no matter how many orcs there are, we won’t lose!」


Lize「Fi, Fiana-chan…. Why are you touching my butt?」

Fiana「So that I can pinch your butt if you speak anything stupid. Let’s leave the talk to Kouta-san for now, okay?」


It seems Fiana read my intentions and stood next to Lize.

Ahh, what a helpful girl. I feel like Fiana and I can be a good team together.

I left Lize to Fiana and continued talking.

Kouta「If I use all my power, I don’t think it’s impossible to burn the entire village……… maybe…」

I’ve never tried it, but I have confidence, so that wasn’t a lie.
I think I can do that if I concentrate really hard and use the fire magic with all my might.

Fiana and Lize moved their head up and down vigorously to convince the other that they believed me.

I wonder if there is anybody who believes me.

FLord「Awesome! Please do it by all means!」

Oh, there’s one.
Wait….. it’s the feudal lord!?
He looked over here with a disgusting smile.

FLord「If you really can burn the entire village, let’s do it right away! If you burn them all, it will be over!」

Galdos「Please wait, feudal lord-sama! Some people are still alive in the village, we can’t abandon them」

Nice, Galdos! I also don’t wanna burn the village.

But the feudal lord was stubborn.

FLord「It’s a necessary sacrifice! Also, I’m sure the raped women prefer to be killed than live in misery! 」

All people here, including his own soldiers, seemed to be disgusted by the feudal lord after he said such a thing.
If I let him speak more than this, I’m afraid it would affect the morale of this group.
I decided to interfere.

Kouta「Wait a minute! There’s a way other than burning the village! We can also save all the prisoners and kill all the orcs! Leave it to us!」





Ten minutes later, we finally arrived at the village.

I see… Indeed there were a lot of orcs.
Some were just sleeping, some were destroying the buildings, some were tutoring the women.
It was a really unpleasant sight to watch, but we had to go there.

Lize「Good morning, mister orcs~ ! We’re here to take back the village and kill you all~」

Lize’s carefree voice echoed throughout the village, and the orcs turned toward us all at once.

Kai, Lize and I were riding giant-wolf-mode Yuuri, entering the village majestically.

Seeing us coming, the nearby group of orcs went into rage and ran toward us.

Alright, here we goー!




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