Chapter 22 : Heading To The West Gate


In the Hunter Guild after Sara left.


「*munch munch* Hmm~! So good! Mmm!」GM

「Oi, Guild Master. I know it’s good, but」Vince

Vince sighed at the guild master.

「It’s several times better than guild lunch box!」GM

「Yes, yes, I know. But can you stop talking “delicious, delicious!” for a moment?」Vince


“Haahh… this dumb guild master…”, said Vince in his head.

But despite he was a little dumb, he used to be an excellent hunter with tremendous amount of magical power.

「Did you realize? That girl… Sara was it?」Vince

「Yeah. That girl……….. She’s good at cooking」GM

「Right?………Not that! Don’t you think she’s strange?」Vince

「…….Of course」GM

The guild master closed his empty lunch box lid.

「She was close to Allen who has a lot of magical power」GM

「Allen looks happy tho」Vince

「Yeah, I’m happy for him」GM

Two of them, who also had a lot of magical power, could understand how Allen led his childhood life.
That’s why, after Allen’s uncle died, the two of them always watched over him so that he could be independent.
Besides, if Allen had a lot of magical power, he would become an excellent hunter in the future.

「That’s not only that. Vince, she even spoke to us like it was nothing」GM

「Moreover, even though she said she had no money, she had a storage pouch and a storage backpack」Vince

「Yeah, she even had a backpack…」GM

「And that backpack was the one that can fit three wyverns! It was 10,000,000 gils! Even a rich hunter would think twice before buying it」Vince

「Well, if it’s only that amount, it’s nothing to the ‘goddess’ who often sold wyverns to us」GM

「Nefeltally, huh. The woman who was forcibly taken to the royal capital. Hmph, taking a strong hunter from us, the royal capital really gave us trouble!」Vince

「Right. They even made her fall into an abnormal state to take her away」GM

「When the migration of the dragons begins, the magicians would be much more useful, but… Hahhh…. It happens every year, so I think they should take measures themself in the royal capital」Vince

There’s a limit to the height at which a person can jump even with body strengthening.
The most efficient way is to let the wizard attack the dragons and make them fall to the ground, and then let the swordsman hit them when they were on the ground.

「They even have several ‘invited people’ in the royal capital. Isn’t it enough for them? They never sent some of their people here but took our precious force away instead」Vince

「Hunters who want to come to Roza are not much, because there’s no entertainment in this town. But still, they want us to send magic stones and materials? What a selfish people!」GM

The two middle-aged men sighed while putting their hand in their foreheads.

「Not only the royal capital. The Pharmacist Guild is also a problem」Vince

「And Chris is not here. What a bad timing」GM

If you want to sell things, you can sell it at the Hunter Guild, although there will be a 20% price reduction.
And basically, the one who hunted the prey is the one who can sell it, but sometimes people do the transaction on the back so that they can sell on someone’s behalf.

However, since herbs could be collected by anyone, the Pharmacist Guild would buy their herbs at a fair price even if they were not registered in the guild.

But now, the Pharmacist Guild may lose its fairness.

「If only people sell their herbs to our guild instead of that rotten Pharmacist Guild…」GM

「Well, the one who can make medicine are the professionals anyway, so…」Vince

They could do nothing but to watch the situation for now.






Couldn’t sell the herbs was a miscalculation.

Sara was walking through the central gate full of excitement when she first entered the town, but now… she walked through the central gate while looking down.

It wasn’t that she was depressed because she couldn’t sell her herbs.

She still had three months’ worth of food to live on.
No, it was actually about five months.

Sara gently touched the pouch on her waist.

When she was at the hut with Nelly, she stocked three months’ worth of food on her pouch, but actually not only that, she also stocked various things in her pouch.

If she couldn’t sell herbs for a living, she could just do random jobs like Allen.
All she had to do was to collect money to pay the registration at the guild.
And she still had five months to do so until she ran out of food.

To sleep, sleeping outside the town was totally okay since she had the box barrier.

Yes, Sara wasn’t depressed because she couldn’t sell herbs or worried about living in the town. She was walking while looking down because she was worried about Nelly.

Sara wasn’t dumb, she knew something was wrong.

Why didn’t Nelly buy her girl’s clothes?

Why did Nelly always buy food in a small amount?

It must be because Nelly wanted to hide Sara’s existence.

But Sara didn’t know why Nelly wanted to hide her.
Is it because Sara is an ‘invited person’?
Or is it because Nelly is a special person for the town so she has to keep secret that she lives with someone?

Although she was strong, it wasn’t normal for a woman to live alone in a mountain full of monsters.

But Sara never asked her why.
Because if she asked her about it, she felt like her happy life together with Nelly would end.

Maybe Nelly who lived with Sara at the hut was different from Nelly the townspeople knew.

But before Sara could dig into it any further, first, she must survive in this town.

Sara switched her feelings and raised her face.

This is the world where she couldn’t step outside unless she was strong.

In such a world, it was natural that there was no such dream-like story where she could live easily in a town with a lot of bad people.


The central gate was located south of the town.
After Sara passed through the gate, she turned right and headed west.
Sara walked along the road that seemed to continue to the west gate.
Just like the east side, the town next to the gate on the west side also looked like a small town. The only difference was if you walked straight to the south from the gate, you would find a large one-story building.
And that was probably the central dungeon.

There were many simple stalls that used simple tents selling food and miscellaneous goods along the wall.

Sara took a peek at the stalls, but… she didn’t have much money. She had no choice but to give up on buying things from the stalls.

After she passed the stalls, now she could see ordinary houses here and there along the wall.

「Wasn’t the wall built in case the dungeon overflows? Is it okay to build houses in place like this?」

Sara wondered.

After passing the houses, there was only the wall and grasslands just like the east side.

In such a place, there was only one thing to do.
Yes. Looking for herbs.

Sara crouched down.
The lower the line of sight, the easier to find herbs.

On the right and on the left, just like the east side, herbs were growing in groups everywhere.

Sara was thinking, if only Allen was here, he might be so happy because there were so many herbs he could pick.

But… that person might also pick the grass here.

Sara glanced at the suspicious person behind her as she crouched down.

That person had been following Sara since she left the guild. Probably that person was from the Pharmacist Guild.

They must be thinking if they followed Sara or Allen, they would eventually find the place where there were many herbs growing.

Sara stood up.

She couldn’t sell the herbs anyway, so she didn’t care if there were people who wanted to pick herbs here.
Earlier at the Hunter Guild, Sara heard about the shortage of herbs in town.
They even ordered someone to follow a small child just to collect herbs because of that.

Sara ignored the person and walked straight to the west gate.

After a while, the person who was following her was gone before she knew it.

When she arrived at the west gate, she could see small houses lined up, small stalls everywhere and a building that seemed to be a dungeon.

「Heeー So this is the west gate. it’s about the same distance as the east gate, huh…… Ah! if I don’t return to the central gate quickly, the sun will set before I get there!」

Sara hurried back to the central gate.

She was able to get to the central gate just before the sun set.




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