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Chapter 23 : First Shopping


「Sara! You’re late! I’m tired of waiting」Allen

Next to the south gate, Allen was waving at Sara.

「I’m sorry. I’m late because I walked until I reached the west gate」Sara

Hearing what Sara said, a gatekeeper glanced at Sara for a moment.

「West gate? So you went there from the afternoon and back here now? Sara, you’re surprisingly have a lot of stamina」Allen

「Is that so? It’s maybe thanks to training with Nelly」Sara

At first, Sara could only walk for an hour until her legs hurt, but now she was happy that her physical strength had improved.

「As usual, I’ll be sleeping outside today. What about you, Sara?」Allen

Allen just met Sara yesterday, but now he seems to trust Sara a lot.

「I have no choice but to sleep outside too. We can’t enter the town at night, right?」Sara

「That’s not what I was trying to say. I asked you which spot you want to sleep outside tonight?」Allen

Allen was worried about where Sara was going to sleep tonight on the outside.

「Yesterday, you were camping in the east, but usually we should camp near the central gate, you know?」Allen

「Near those houses?」Sara

「Yes. It’s a tacit understanding that people who have a lot of magical power and hard to live in the town will be resting around that edge」Allen

Sara remembered Nelly said something about this, but if you have a lot of magical power, do you really can’t blend in with the surroundings?
Sara didn’t feel the pressure from magical power at all, so she couldn’t understand.

「Un. I want to go there. Yesterday’s spot is fine, but it’s a little too far from the central gate」Sara


Allen nodded happily for some reason.

「By the way, I can’t buy Sara’s lunch box every time because I need to save my money too, so I wanna go buy cheap dinner now. Wanna come?」Allen

「Yes! Take me with you!」Sara

Actually, Sara was happy because she was afraid to see the food stalls alone.

Although the sun was about to set, the stalls outside the gate were quite crowded with people who seemed to be hunters returning from the dungeon.

「When I try to save money, usually, I only buy bread. There are various types of bread. Other than bread, I also buy skewered meat sometimes」Allen

「Skewered meat?」Sara

「The meat is from orcs meat and horned rabbits meat」Allen

「Horned rabbit, huh…」Sara

If it’s the horned rabbit, Sara has a lot of them in her storage bag.

「That stall sells soup, and that stall sells drink」Allen

They weren’t festival stalls, but more like stalls at a shopping center or something.
A place where working people could easily buy food.

It seems that they were opening the stalls until late, so Sara and Allen could slowly look around.

The black bread that Nelly often bought was 200 gils.
Allen said when he didn’t want to use a lot of money, he usually only bought one of them.

The softer bread was 300 gils.
Skewered orc meat was 500 gils.
And skewered horned rabbit meat was 1,000 gils.

「Only a few people who want to hunt the rabbits in the plains, so horned rabbit meat is rare. Plus, it tastes really good, so it’s kinda pricey」Allen

「I see」Sara

The soup was 500 gils.
Sandwich with vegetables and a little meat was 300 gils.

Sara, who still didn’t know well about the unit of money, didn’t know whether they were expensive or cheap.
She even thought that 200 gils for one black bread was probably expensive.

「People can’t grow vegetables in this town, so people have to bring them from the south. Of course, the ingredients that were brought from the south were the ingredients that couldn’t be obtained from the dungeon. That’s why the prices are high. But even the food are kinda expensive, it’s not a big deal for strong people who make a lot of money from the dungeon」Allen

In the end, it’s about how you make money from the dungeon after all.

「So that means, 1,500 gils for a guild lunch box is appropriate?」Sara

「It has a lot of meat, so I think it’s rather cheap. So Sara, do you wanna buy something?」Allen

「Yes. I’m curious about that bread, the one with sugar」Sara

Nelly rarely bought sweets. She bought Sara some sugar so that Sara could make her own sweets, but Sara also wanted to try the ones from the store.

Sara bought a sweet bread even though it was smaller than unflavored bread.
As for Allen, he bought a sandwich.
They both spent 300 gils each.

For Sara, this was the first time she bought something on her own since she came to this world.

「Sara, you looks so excited」Allen

「I am!」Sara

After they ate, they headed to the east.

On this side, there were houses standing by the wall, and they saw many tents nearby. They kept walking and ended up in an empty space.

「The place where Sara was camping yesterday was further away over there. And this is where I usually sleep. You okay with this place?」Allen

「Un. No problem」Sara

On the back, she could see the faint light of the house.
There was no human presence nearby except Allen, but Sara would be safe inside the barrier box anyway.

After Sara set her barrier box, Allen put out a small tent from his storage pouch and set it next to Sara’s barrier.

「So you use a tent?」Sara

「Yep. With this I can change my clothes」Allen

「Ahh, I see…」Sara

Sara looked at a distance.

For a girl like her, changing clothes was necessary.

Maybe for Nelly, changing clothes wasn’t necessary because she usually only spent a day in the town. That’s why she didn’t buy a tent.

「Umm… Allen…」Sara


「Can I borrow your tent later so I can wipe my body and change my clothes?」Sara

「A, Ahh… Of course」Allen

Sara hadn’t taken a bath and hadn’t changed her clothes for about six days.

She took out a bucket from her luggage, put hot water in it, prepared change clothes and borrowed Allen’s tent.

「I’m really glad that I met with you, Allen」Sara

「Yeah. But you don’t need to cry」Allen

「Uuhh… It’s because I’m really glad」Sara

Sara couldn’t say that she was 100% satisfied because she still couldn’t take a proper bath, but she felt refreshed with this.
After she finished wiping her body, she changed her clothes and then she washed her hair outside the tent.

She also washed Allen’s hair afterward.

「Aaahh~ it’s so refreshing」Allen


After Sara dried Allen’s hair with warm air magic, Allen felt like he also wanted to clean his body properly, so he borrowed Sara’s bucket and entered the tent.

After he finished, Allen sat side by side with Sara, and then they both looked up at the moon.

Sara’s black hair and Allen’s sand-colored hair illuminated by the moonlight.

They looked at each other.



No matter how clean they were, they still looked like poor, homeless 12-year-old childs.
Well, in fact, they were.

However, it was kind of encouraging for them that they were not alone.

「Good night」Allen

「Good night」Sara

Sara felt that the night sky she saw that night was the same as the night sky she saw from the hut on Demon Mountain.




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