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3-13 : Orcs Extermination


As I practiced yesterday, after I saw Lize begin to chant with her hand turned toward the orcs, I also chanted in my head. And at the same time, I locked on each one of the orcs.

――― O’ flame. Burn, thrust, pierce. Fire arrowー!

In an instant, a large number of fire arrows appeared in front of Lize’s hand and flew toward the orcs.
Just as I wanted, the arrows hit the orcs’ critical points like chest, neck and head, and went through their body one after another.
All of them died instantly. Even if there are some who don’t die, they will definitely die eventually because of the fatal damage.

Lize「Nice, Kouta! Alright, we can do this! Next!」

Kai「Yuuri, we are counting on you! Chargeー!」

While pointing at another group of orcs, Kai guided Yuuri to go there.

I shot the second rain of fire arrows toward those orcs.
The result was the same as before. In an instant more than ten orcs died.

After that, Yuuri immediately kicked the ground and ran toward another group of orcs.

―― Fire arrowー!

Kai「Amazing… I’ve never seen fire arrow magic that can shoot a large number of targets at once. Why didn’t you use it yesterday when the orcs attacked us?」

Lize「A, Ahh…. Actually… I have to hide my true identity because of certain circumstances…」

Kai「Aah… I see… I remember you said something like that yesterday」

Lize gave an ambiguous answer.
Yesterday, Kai said he won’t ask any deeper about this matter.
He looked a little sad, but it seems he was convinced.

Indeed. If we had known if I could use this attack yesterday, we could have saved more lives. Kai, Lize and I understand about it, that’s why we have regrets. But considering the condition where the orcs were attacking all of a sudden, it couldn’t be helped.

More importantly, we have to focus on this battle.

Riding on Yuuri’s back, we proceeded deeper into the center of the village while I kept shooting the orcs with fire arrows.

Kai「Lize! From the side!」

Lize「Eh!? Where!?」


An orc jumped out from our blind spot on the side of a building.
I hurriedly turned to the orc and shot two fire arrows. There’s no need to chant, but I missed its fatal spot. Two arrows flew and pierced the orc’s body, but it only stopped the orc from moving. Right after, there was a fireball that wasn’t mine hit the orc and finished its life.
I turned back and saw Fiana and the other adventurers were holding bows and magic staffs.

Galdos「We’ll watch your back! You guys can go rampage as much as you like!」

With Galdos leading, the other adventurers and the soldiers join the battle and work together to kill the orcs in our back one by one.
The feudal lord was just watching from a distance. Really. Just why the heck is he coming with us?

Let’s just ignore that useless lord. More importantly, the orcs.

Finally, we reached the plaza in the center of the village.
Orcs were coming from all directions, but I kept killing them. Even if I missed some orcs, I can just leave them to the other adventurers.

Galdos, with a large battleaxe, cut an orc’s stomach in half while the woman knight cut down another orc’s leg with her sword and the other soldiers sent a finishing blow to the orc.
Meanwhile, Fiana and the other adventurers were also struggling by firing arrows and magic toward the orcs one after another.

Most of the orcs were killed by my fire arrows, and thanks to that, they were unable to coordinate with each other, so we could easily pressure them.
Indeed these monsters were much stronger than humans in terms of individual power, but their true power was probably their numbers.
That’s why, if we reduced their number steadily, they would get weaker because they couldn’t coordinate with each other.

The adventurers and the soldiers kept killing the orcs one after another.
Of course, the number I killed was overwhelmingly higher.

Suddenly, there was an orc that rushed fiercely toward us. It seems that the orc used its friend’s body as a shield and survived.


GAAARRRー! (Yuuri)

When I was about to shoot another fire arrow, Yuuri moved first and hit the orc.
Unable to resist Yuuri’s ramming attack, the orc fell, lying on the ground. Immediately, Kai jumped down onto the orc from Yuuri’s back and stuck his sword into the orc’s throat.
In the meantime, I fired another fire arrow at another orc that came close to attack us.

We were able to clear the orcs that surrounded us in a short time.
The remaining orcs seemed to be aware of their inferiority; they lost their power to fight and began to try to escape.
But… No way I’ll let them escape!
I shot fire arrows to the escaping orcs, and at the end, they became my fire arrows’ victims.


The battle ended much easier than I expected.
Before I realized, there were no orcs left in my sight.
What I could see were living humans, dead humans, and dead orcs in the middle of the ruined village.

All the dead human bodies belonged to villagers and adventurers who had been killed yesterday. So that means no one died from our subjugation squad this time, only several people were injured.
I think it’s a big victory.


Lize「Uheeー I’m so tiredー」

Kouta「You didn’t even do anything! I’m the one who did all the magic for you!」

Lize「But still! I’m also tired!」

Lize sat against the wall of a building.
From everyone’s perspective, the MVP was Lize, not me.
I’m nothing but my master’s assistance in their eyes.
That’s why everyone let Lize rest alone while they were still working to find survivors.
Hahhh….. This girl…..
I could only sigh.

Galdos「Yo. Is there anyone inside this building?」

Galdos seemed to be searching for the villagers who might still be hiding inside the buildings.

Kouta「No one inside. We confirmed it before」

I answered in Lize’s stead.
The conversation will proceed more smoothly if I’m the one who talks to Galdos instead of her.

Galdos「Okay, thank you. It seems the number of survivors isn’t that high…. We couldn’t find anyone who might be hiding inside the house so far…….」

Kouta「I see……. Dammit….!」

Galdos「No point in regretting now. We must make sure all the survivors are saved as soon as possible…………. If not…」

Galdos looked up at the sky.
It’s about noon now.

Galdos「We still have time until the sun sets… How many more fire arrows can you shoot?」

Kouta「Eh…? What do you mean?」

Galdos「The request that came to the guild was to destroy the orc’s settlement. And we better do it before dark」

I see….
I just remembered about the orc’s base. We have to do something about it.

It looks like the battle is not over yet.




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