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Chapter 24 : First Job


「Let’s collect some herbs! Even though we can’t sell them, we can store them in our storage bag for the time being」Allen


The next day, Sara and Allen only bought bread for breakfast, and after that, they went to collect herbs.

When Allen was collecting herbs while looking at the herbs catalogue, Sara told him about yesterday that she was followed by a stranger.

「Hmm. Should I kept accompanying you just in case?」Allen

「No. I think I’ll be fine alone」Sara

「Let’s prevent them from knowing the location of the herbs!」Allen

Said Allen while looking angry.

「But to be honest, I don’t mind if they find out the location」Sara

「Sara? But why!?」Allen

「Why, huh? Umm… Someday, someone would notice the herbs were growing on that roadside anyway. And it’s not just the Pharmacist Guild who is in trouble because of herbs shortage, but also the townspeople and the hunters, right?」Sara

「Sara… You’re too kind…」Allen

「I can’t sell my herbs anyway, so it doesn’t matter, right?」Sara

「…You spoke like an adult」Allen

Nelly told Sara to go to Roza Town.
That means, if Sara continues to be in this town, she will eventually meet with Nelly.
Sara didn’t want to use her head for anything other than living in this town until Nelly returned.

「Besides, I’m not giving up yet. Today, I’ll try to sell the herbs again!」Sara

「Even though you were just followed by stranger from the Pharmacist Guild yesterday?」Allen

Sara squinted and looked at Allen.

「The people from the Pharmacist Guild is doing something bad right now, right?」Sara

「Yeah… I never thought they were people like that tho!」Allen

Sara smiled.

「Well thenーLet’s go tease them! 」Sara

「H, Huh?」Allen

After that, they ran through the central gate straight to the Pharmacist Guild.

「Oーi, Teddー」Allen

「Yo, Allen !…… Cih」Tedd

Tedd greeted Allen back, but after he saw Sara, he clicked his tongue. What an unpleasant person.

Sara asked in a loud voice before Allen said anything.

「Is Chris person here todayー?」Sara

「Call him Chris-sama! He’s not here, so go home!」Tedd

Tedd looked away from Sara.

Allen approached him and arranged the herbs he collected on the counter table.

「I collected some herbs today as well!」Allen

「O, Ou… Go back a little」Tedd

After Allen stepped back, Tedd carefully checked the herbs and nodded with satisfaction.

「Herb grasses. 10 bundles of 10 each. This will be 5,000 gils」

「Eh? You will buy it properly at fair price?」Allen

「Of course. Here」Tedd

Tedd put five silver coins with holes on the counter table.

And then a person from the workshop in the back came to pick up the herbs.

As Allen approached the counter to pick up the coins, Sara also approached the counter and lined up her herbs.

「Your herbs are mixed with weeds. It’s only worth 500 gils」Tedd

Tedd didn’t even look at the herbs and said so.

「Oi Tedd! Are you kidding me!? It’s good quality herbs, you know!」Allen

「Oi! Don’t come near me! Your pressure will kill me!」Tedd

Sara then quietly put the herbs in her storage pouch, and this time, she lined up another herbs. Magic grasses.

「Y, You even have magic grass!? N, no…」Tedd

Tedd eyes said he really wanted it.
But he forced himself to looked away and saidー

「These are also weeds. I’ll pay you 1,000 gils for this and the grasses from earlier」Tedd

「…You can speak with a wall or something then」Sara

Sara immediately put the magic grasses back in her storage pouch.

「Allen, let’s go to the guild」Sara

「Aye, aye!」Allen

「Oi waitー!」Tedd

Sara ignored Tedd.
She hadn’t forgotten about yesterday’s humiliation.
The strategy is to go to the Pharmacist Guild every day to irritate Tedd and waste his time.
Sara was unexpectedly persistent.

「Phu,! Hahaha!」Sara

「Did you see Tedd’s face just now? Hahaha!」Allen

They came back to the central gate while laughing pointlessly.

「But Allen, I’m glad for you that he bought your herbs properly」Sara

「Yeah. I was surprised. I thought he wouldn’t buy my herbs as well. But with this, if I earn 10,000 more, I can register to the Hunter Guild!」Allen

「I also have to look for some random jobs!」Sara

According to Allen, the guild would help children who were not registered yet by giving them some random jobs.

「But they pay you cheap tho」Allen

「I see. Allen, it took you two months to save enough money, right?」Sara


But still, Sara has to do it.

Sara opened the door of the Hunter Guild before Allen did.

「Yo! Sara was it?」Vince

「Yes! Umm… Vince?」Sara

Vince nodded.

「Yo, Vince! Today, do you have jobs for both me and Sara? Oh, by the way, I was able to sell my herbs」Allen

「That’s good. But… you said ‘your’ herbs… that means…」Vince

「Yeah. Tedd didn’t want to buy Sara’s herbs」Allen

「I see…」Vince

But Vince didn’t feel that Sara and Allen were angry like yesterday.
Vince thought if they both were fine with it, he wouldn’t ask any further.

「Allen, you okay with the usual job, right?」Vince


「Sara, for you… come with me」Vince


Sara followed Vince.

Allen tried to follow too but he was stopped by Vince.

「Allen, you go do your job. You can leave Sara to me. She’ll be fine」Vince

Allen nodded, turned back and left them.

Vince sighed and shrugged.
He then let Sara sit on the chair in the guild dining hall.

「Alright. Sara, your meal yesterday was very delicious」Vince

Sara smiled. She was happy to hear it.

「To be honest, I think if you have a lot of that, you can make money by selling them」Vince

Then Sara tried to put out a lunch box, but Vince stopped her immediately.

「Wait. Do you really have a lot of them?」Vince

Sara nodded.

But Vince shook his head. He looked troubled.

「Honestly, I want to buy it every day, but if I do that, the hunters will see me eating it. They will be curious and buy it as well. After that, it’s obvious that no one will buy guild lunch box after they try your lunch box, and as the result, the hunters will ask the guild to sell your lunch box instead of the guild lunch box」Vince

Sara was thinking, is that really so?
Besides the food stalls she saw yesterday sold a lot of delicious food as well.
So Sara thought, if people just wanted to eat something delicious, they could just buy them from the food stalls, right?

「But, you came at the right time because we don’t have enough people in the cafeteria now. If you are interested in cooking, how about helping the cafeteria? Come every day at this time to help the cafeteria until lunchtime is over. We will pay you 3,000 gils a day」Vince

「Then if I work every day, I’ll be able to pay the registration fee in 34 days?」Sara

It was a surprisingly good offer.

「You count so fast. Yeah, that’s right」Vince

Vince was surprised. He bent his body backward a little.

「If you can count fast, you can also help the guild store after you done helping the cafeteria」Vince

「Hmm. But I’m not sure if I can do both job」Sara

「Well then, try to help the cafeteria for now. And… you look more clean than yesterday, so… do you want to start working today?」Vince





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