3-14 Tracking the Blood


After we rescued and gave treatment to the women who were caught by the orcs, the feudal lord appeared before us. It seems he has been hiding somewhere until now.

FLord「Well done everyone! Well done! You all should be proud of yourself because I, your lord, gave you compliments myself. Let’s go back to town before dark」

Galdos「Please wait. We’re not done yet. There was an orcs’ base near this village, and we don’t know how many orcs are remaining there. If we ignore them, they will attack the other village」

The feudal lord looked like he wanted to go back quickly, but we can’t leave just yet. The danger won’t disappear unless we destroy their base.

FLord「No, we return for now. Later, I’ll send my soldiers to investigate and then you can attack after that. How about that?」


It seems the feudal lord really didn’t want to be here now.
But, it’s hard to believe that this person will willingly lend us his soldiers again next time.

And it seems Galdos had the same thoughts as me to settle this problem for good today.

Galdos「But I’m sure as days go by, they will build up strength at their base. If the remaining orcs were so many, it would be dangerous later」

FLord「But aren’t all the soldiers and adventurers tired from fighting? Galdos, do you still want to force them to fight?」

The feudal lord made a face like, “How’s that? Give up already!”

Lize「We’re not tired at all! We still can fight!」

Lize suddenly came in without reading the atmosphere.

Oi. Didn’t you say you’re tired earlier!?
And don’t say “we” without looking at the people around you first!
But, good job for saying that!

Now that the MVP of the fight against the orcs earlier said that she still wants to fight, the other members seemed to be motivated to continue fighting a little bit more.

Uneasiness showed on the feudal lord’s face, but he still didn’t give up.

FLord「But you still don’t know where the orc’s base is, do you!? Can you even find it before dark!?」

Kai「No problem. We can find it」

Looking confident, Kai answered the feudal lord.

Kai「I think we can find it in a short time. If we do it now, I’m pretty sure we’ll find their base before the sun sets. First, we’ll see their number. If we are sure we can win, we’ll attack them right away, if not, we’ll withdraw….. What do you think?」

Kai’s suggestion was very logical.

Galdos「Hmm… In that case, there’s no need to have feudal lord-sama with us. We will move in a small group including Kai to look for that place first….. Feudal lord-sama, if you want to return to the town, go ahead. We, the adventurers will do it… But, can you at least lend us some of your soldiers?」

FLord「Wa, Wait! If that’s the case, I’ll stay! We can’t ignore the orcs anyway!」

Huh? What’s wrong with this man?
Suddenly he changed his mind.
I really don’t understand his intentions.
I’m sure he is hiding something.


Kai took Yuuri (human mode) to the center of the village. Lize and I accompanied as the bodyguard in case we encountered an orc during the search.
Apart from us was Galdos, the feudal lord, and the female knight.
The rest of the group were following us from a distance.

Hm. What’s this female knight’s name again? Leonaria? If I saw her closely, it looks like she was about twenty years old. Also, it seems she was the type who doesn’t talk much.
From how she fought the orcs earlier, she clearly had the courage and strength to face the orcs that were much bigger than her.
I could see her willpower was reflected on her expression.

Kai「Ah. There he is. The rascal. The first victim that we know」

Among the dead bodies that were lying in the village plaza, there was the body of the rascal who was picking up Lize and Fiana when we first came to this village.

Yuuri「Uhh… it stinks… The smell had changed too much, also I don’t wanna sniff it…」

Sniff it? Could it be, Yuuri willー

Kai「You don’t have to sniff the corpse. Do you remember? His arm was cut off when he walked here, right? You just have to follow the smell of his blood」

When I looked closely toward the direction where this guy came from, I could barely see it but indeed there were lots of blood drip marks on the ground.
Yuuri crouched down and put his nose close to it.

Kai「Yuuri is a werewolf, so his nose is sensitive to odors. Even in human form, he can fully use this ability」

Yuuri「This way」

As Yuuri led the way, we followed him from behind.

As we walked toward the direction where that guy came, we saw the signs of destruction and slaughter everywhere.
I feel like the destruction was more severe in this area. Maybe because the orcs passed this way before encountering us in the village plaza.

I wonder if that rascal stayed in one of these houses. Or maybe… he was trying to lay with a village girl in a house before the orcs came……

Yuuri「Kai. That man’s smell continues to the woods….. It seems the amount of blood shed changed on the way, so maybe he was injured in the woods, hurried back to the village, and then injured again here」

That reminds me, he wasn’t only lost his arm, there was also a sword stuck in his back.
Both were serious wounds. And he was able to walk from the woods while enduring one of the wounds? It looks like he was a pretty strong adventurer despite being a rascal.

Galdos「He was injured in the woods? That means… he went into the woods before the orcs came, right? Why?」

Kai「Let’s see….. It’s just my guess, but I think he and his two other friends were thinking about killing the orcs ahead of everyone else so that they can take all the rewards. Maybe because they were angry that they couldn’t stay at the inn. Moreover, they failed on picking up girls because of ‘someone’」

Kouta「Eh? It’s my fault!? Kai, you were the one who triggered them the most, you know!?」

Kai「Well, I can’t deny it. Anyway, they couldn’t stay at the inn, and if there’s no place to stay anyway, they tried to finish the troublesome mission that night」

In other words, they either tried to steal a march on everyone else, or tried to find the orcs’ base so that they could kill more orcs than everyone else in the next morning.
Either way, what they have done has brought chaos to this village.

Yuuri kept following the smell of that guy’s blood and finally reached the entrance of the forest.




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