Chapter 25 : Working At The Guild


Right now, Sara was facing a macho man who folded his arms.
He was the chef of the guild cafeteria, Mize.
He seemed to be at the same generation as Vince, and he had a lonely head because he shaved all of his hair.

Mize, who was staring at Sara for a while, finally opened his mouth.

「You….. Can you at least wear clothes that are the right size for you?」Mize

Sara wondered why he stared at Sara like that, but it seemed that he was curious about Sara’s clothes.

「But I only have clothes this size」Sara

「If you’re saving your money for registration fees, you don’t have any to spend on clothes, huh… Hmm…」Mize

Mize seemed to have given up on Sara’s clothes.

「Listen. It’ll be dangerous to move around in the kitchen if you wear baggy clothes like that. Roll up the sleeves and hem properly, put the excess shirt in your pants and tighten the belt tightly」Mize

「Yes, sir!」Sara

「Well then, how about you start from peeling the potatoes」Mize

Speaking of cafeteria, it must be peeling the potatoes first.

Sara was excited.

Not only peeling the potatoes, she also washed the dishes if there were plates in the sink.

The cafeteria wasn’t too crowded even at lunchtime.
It made Sara wonder what she was hired for.


「Alright. Your job is done for today」Mize

Working at the kitchen like this after a long time, Sara felt a little tired.
Still, Sara was grateful because unlike when she was in Japan, now she only felt normal ‘tiredness after working’.

「You did a great job today」Mize

Sara was happy to be useful just like she was cooking meals for Nelly in the hut.

「The busiest time in the cafeteria is at night. The hunters who came back from the dungeon will have dinner here」Mize

「I see. So that’s why it wasn’t so crowded at lunch」Sara

「Yeah. That’s why Sara’s job is mainly helping the preparation for making dinner. If you’re already registered and can live in this town, I would like to ask you to help at dinner as well. But for now, it’s only for lunchtime」Mize

After Mize said that, he handed Sara the money directly. Three silver coins with holes.

She might already have gotten money from selling the lunch boxes, but these three silver coins were her first labor rewards in this world.
Sara held the coins tightly.

「Yo. Did you work properly in the cafeteria? Then it’s time for the store」Vince


Vince appeared and took Sara to the store.

Sara still hadn’t said she would do it tho.

「The receptionist doubles as shopkeeper during the day, and it’s such a hassle」Vince

Sara was surprised when she saw all the receptionists nodded with an annoyed face after Vince said that.

「A grandpa who was in charge of the store, usually comes at 5 o’clock, so it will be 3 hours. Just sit down and keep the store for about 3 hours and we’ll pay you 1,000 gils. How’s that?」Vince

Sara worked in the cafeteria from 10:00 to 14:00.
The employees got meals for lunch, of course Sara too. So she didn’t have to spend money for lunch.
After that, she will be keeping the store from 14:00 to 17:00.
This is not bad actually.

「But first, can you show me the money. I want to see what they looks like」Sara

「Hm? The money is in the box here」Vince

Vince opened a box under the counter.

「The silver coin with a hole is 1,000 gils and the small silver coin is 100 gils, right? But I don’t know the rest of the coins」Sara


「Umm…. Actually, I’ve only seen these two types of silver coins… I don’t know about the other coins」Sara

It was very embarrassing for Sara.
She just saw the money in this world for the first time yesterday.

「A, Ahh… I see… You’ve never seen coins other than those two, huh? Well, you’re still a child, so it’s not weird at all. Un. It’s not weird… Ahem!」Vince

Vince cleared his throat for some reason and looked at the distance with empty eyes.

「Alright. Don’t worry, you just have to remember four coins more」Vince


「This round bronze coin is 10 gils. This square bronze coin is 1 gil. But 1 gil is rarely used nowadays」Vince

「The round one is 10 gils, and the square one is 1 gil. Got it」Sara

「And then, this square silver coin is 10,000 gils. And this big round silver coin is 100,000 gils」Vince

「Small silver coin is 100 gils, the silver coin with a hole is 1,000 gils, square silver coin is 10,000 gils, and the big silver coin is 100,000 gils. Got it」Sara

There were only six types of coin, so it was easy to remember for Sara.
She smiled.

「Have you memorized it?」Vince


「I see. Good. This store sells potions. Regular potions, advanced potions, antidotes, anti-paralyze, magic potions and advanced magic potions. Other than potions, the lunch box」Vince

On the shelf behind the counter, the potion bottles were lined up randomly and a bit cluttered, and there was a box below the shelf.

「What is this box?」Sara

「It’s the storage box」Vince

「So this is the storage box!?」Sara

Sara’s eyes shimmered.
She had promised to buy it with Nelly someday.

「Well, there are also people who have never seen a storage box. Un. It’s not weird at all」Vince

Vince looked at the distance with empty eyes again.

「There are lunch boxes in this storage box. Well, there are only three types of lunch box. The price is 3,000 gils each. If there are people who come to return the box, return 1,500 gils to them and put the empty lunch box in the storage box」Vince


「If you have any questions, ask me」Vince

「Do you have cleaning tools and writing tools?」Sara

Vince looked into the distance again.

「There’s a note and pens inside the counter」Vince

Sara checked inside the counter and found them.

「And the cleaning tools… Umm…」Vince

「The cleaning tools are here」receptionist

A receptionist woman told them where the cleaning tools were.

Sara only needed a bucket and a rag to wipe the counter.

「W, Well then, if you have something to ask, you can ask meー everyone here」Vince


Anyway, the guild in the daytime was kinda free.
There were no hunters shopping at the store, so Sara decided to start with organizing the money.
She rearranged the coins that were placed randomly and so messy.
After that, she checked the remaining money in the box.

「If you put the money in a storage bag, you don’t have to arrange it, right? But why don’t they do that?」Sara

Is it because not only one person who is handling the money?

While having such a question in her head, Sara took the note.

「Regular potion is 2,000 gils. Advanced potion is 10,000 gils. Antidote is 5,000 gils. Anti-paralyze is also 5,000 gils. Magic potion is 10,000 gils. Advanced magic potion is 100,000 gils. This one is expensive…」Sara

Sara looked at the small bottle of potion that could fit in her hand perfectly and sighed.
Now she knew that the potion that she was carrying around in her pouch until now was an advanced potion. She thought it was the regular one.
Come to think of it, Nelly might have said that it was an advanced potion, or… not?

「Nelly… Why didn’t you tell me properly?」Sara

Nelly cherished Sara. Maybe that’s why she gave Sara the highest quality potion.
Sara was grateful, but she hoped Nelly said it properly.

After that, she poured hot water into the bucket, wet the rag with the water, squeezed it and wiped the counter with it.
She also put out the bottles of potion from the shelf, wiped the shelf, wiped the dust-covered bottles and put the bottles into the shelf from the left while counting the bottles.

She put the bottles on the left side of the shelf because she planned to put the new stock on the right side and sell the ones on the left side first.

After she was satisfied, Sara put away the cleaning tools.

She just realized that the receptionists people were watching her with their mouths open until now.


After a while, finally, the first customer came.
He was about to go to the reception at first, but after he noticed Sara at the store, he came to the store.

「Yo. Can I have five potions?」hunter

Sara took out five regular potions from the shelf and put them on the counter.

「Here you go, sir」Sara

「Ou. Also, I want to return three lunch boxes, and give me another three of them」hunter

The man took out three empty lunch boxes from his pouch and put them on the counter.

「It will be 14,500 gils. What type of lunch box do you want, sir?」Sara

「I want each type. Here, 15,000 gils」hunter

「Here’s the change, five small silver coins. And here’s your lunch boxes」Sara

「Thank you」hunter

Sara did it smoother than she expected.

After that, many customers began to come and the guild began to get a little crowded with hunters returning from the dungeon.
And then a grandpa who was the worker in charge of the store came.
He looked friendly.

「Oh? We got a help today?」granpa

「Hello, I’m Sara. I’ll be helping from 2 to 5 o’clock」Sara

「Call me Mozz. I wish you could work a little longer tho」granpa

「But, I still don’t have an ID, so…」Sara

Sara laughed bitterly.

Without an ID, you can’t be in town at night, so Sara and Allen could only work until 5.



「Are you done?」Allen

「Yes. Wait a minute」Sara

After Sara replied to Allen who returned to the guild, she went to Vince.
The salary was paid daily.

「Hoi, 1,000 gils」Vince

「Thank you!」Sara

The goal was still far away, but if Sara did her best until the next month, she could make an ID.

Roza Town wasn’t as bad as Sara thought.




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