Chapter 26 : Fourth Day in Roza


「How was your job, Sara?」Allen

「Un. I was working in the cafeteria first, and then keeping the guild store. I earned 4,000 gils a day」Sara

For a 12-year-old, Sara was lucky to be able to make that much money per day.
The Hunter Guild was a kinder place than she expected.

「I can serve customers too if only I didn’t have this strong magical power. I can only work outside. Well, it can’t be helped」Allen

「I see」Sara

Having a lot of magical power seemed to be tough.

「But with the money from selling herbs plus today’s work, my savings will be 92,000 gils! I guess two more days… No, I don’t know if that jerk still wanna buy my herbs or not, so maybe four days more I’ll be able to register to the guild」Allen

Sara and Allen were having such a conversation while passing through the central gate.

「But, even if you already register and have an ID, it will cost money to stay in town, right?」Sara

「Yeah. Even the cheapest inn that the guild prepared costs 5,000 gils. And it will cost 10,000 gils if you want to stay in the other inn in the town」Allen

「Can you make that much money after you registered and become a hunter?」Sara

「Yes. I think it’s possible. Even a slime magic stone can sell for 1,000 gils, you know? However, I’m planning to stay outside the town and save my money for a while even after I become a hunter. Otherwise…」Allen

Allen lowered his eyebrows.

「I wouldn’t be able to do anything when it comes to the crunch…」Allen

Perhaps he remembered about his uncle.

Some bad people who would try to make use of your money might come at you.

However, Sara thought it’s good if Allen wanted to save his money.

「And if I have an ID, I can sell your herbs in your stead」Allen

「No, don’t do that. Nelly said that basically, it’s prohibited」Sara

Sara shook her head.

「Well, if you want to help me, you just have to let me borrow your tent sometimes so I can change clothes and wipe my body… But, a tent, huh… I want one…」Sara

「You know? In the royal capital, some people sell used tents cheaply」Allen

「Ahh, if only the royal capital is near. Oh well, I won’t die if I don’t have one. At least I still have food to survive」Sara

「You still have a lot of food!? Just how much that bag of yours can hold!?」Allen

「N, Not much…」Sara

Somehow, Sara didn’t want to tell that she had five months worth of food.




The next day, they also picked herbs like yesterday.

「I wonder why there’s no sign of someone else picking herbs around」Sara

「You know? For the townspeople, outside is scary. They are afraid to come out of the wall」Allen

「Even though there’s a town barrier?」Sara

「For some strong monsters, barriers have no meaning」Allen

But Sara still didn’t get how strong for a monster to be called a ‘strong monster’.

「My barrier box can repel even wyverns. Are there any monsters stronger than wyverns? 」Sara

「Hee. So your barrier box is the one that can repel wyverns, huh. You said you’re poor, but you know? That’s a first-class item you have」Allen

Allen could also be rude sometimes.

「I heard that a long time ago, Roza wall had been destroyed twice, when there was a mass migration of giant tortoises passed by the town, and when the town was attacked by a dragon. 」Allen

「Are the tortoises and the dragon in the meadow over there?」Sara

「Nope. No tortoises, no dragon」Allen

「Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?」Sara

「Well yeah. But for the townspeople, scary things are scary. Besides, not everyone in the town was strong. Most townspeople spend their whole life inside the town, because monsters outside are really dangerous for them. Ah, look over there. Those monsters for example」Allen

Allen pointed to an area outside the town barrier.

A flock of fluffy sheep could be seen in the distance.
In front of the sheep, there were horned rabbits bouncing.

What a peaceful sight. (for Sara)

「Ah, the rabbits were butting the town barrier」Sara

It seemed that the horned rabbits were aiming for Sara and Allen.

「See? If you go through the highway, you will see those monsters up close. That’s why it’s still scary even though there’s the town barrier protecting」Allen

Well, it may be scary…when it comes to numbers.
Sara wasn’t scared because they were vicious monsters. She was scared because she was worried her storage bag would be enough or not to hold dozens of horned rabbits.
They were actually quite big.

「There would be no problem if you can use body strengthening tho. However, it’s difficult to maintain body strengthening for a long time」Allen

「How about you?」Sara

「Me? I think I can maintain my body strengthening for quite some time. My uncle trained me really hard, you know?」Allen

「I see. I bet your uncle said, “alright then, let’s go to the meadow!” or something」Sara

Sara remembered Nelly’s words when she started practicing magic. (chapter 5)

「Eh? How do you know?」Allen

「Because Nelly said something similar when she trained me」Sara

Sara didn’t tell Allen that in her case, Nelly told her to be bitten by alpine wolves, but Allen could tell somehow that it must be something tough for Sara.

「By the way, Allen. Your uncle was a magician, right? So, why are you good at body strengthening then?」Sara

「Ahh, it’s because body strengthening is more suitable for me. You know? Actually, the feeling of strengthening your body is really difficult to obtain by practicing. Most of the people who can use body strengthening are the ones who have innate talent to do that」Allen

「Heeー I see」Sara

Allen’s explanation was easy to understand.

Sara thought if he was so good at body strengthening, he might be fine in the dungeon.

「Alright. Before we go to work, let’s go teasing Tedd again today!」Sara

「Sara… You…..」Allen

They went to the Pharmacist Guild, but as always, Tedd still didn’t want to buy Sara’s herbs today.
However, she was satisfied because she could show off lots of magic grasses to him today.

Moreover, there was another pharmacist that witnessed how Tedd refused to buy Sara’s herbs.
If all the pharmacists were rotten people like Tedd, it would be meaningless tho.
But Sara was optimistic that some good pharmacists would come out and buy her herbs someday.

After they were done teasing Tedd, Sara and Allen went to the Hunter Guild.

It’s time to work.
Even though it was only a part-time job, Sara had a regular job now.

「With this, if I sell my herbs tomorrow as well, I will have enough money to register tomorrow… No, no. I can’t think naively like that」Allen

「But I’m glad for you that he still wants to buy your herbs. Well, he didn’t want to buy mine like always tho」Sara

「Yeah… I wonder why he didn’t want to buy yours…」Allen


After they arrived at the guild, Sara parted with Allen in front of the guild building.

「Good morning」Sara

「Yo, Sara. Allen is not with you today?」Vince

Vince, who was sitting at the frontmost counter with a bored look, greeted Sara and asked where Allen was.
The other receptionists also greeted Sara, and it healed Sara’s tiredness from dealing with Tedd earlier.

「We parted at the front」Sara

「I see. Well, do your best again today」Vince

「Yes, sir!」Sara

Sara rolled up her sleeves and walked to the cafeteria.

「Good morning, sir!」Sara

「Ou! You forgot to put the hem of your shirt in your pants! Also, rethingten your belt!」Mize

「Yes, sir!」Sara

With Mize yelling at her, Sara started her work today as well.

This was her fourth day in Roza Town.



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