3-15 : Orcs’ Campsite


As we followed the direction where the rascal came from, we found several corpses. Some of them were orcs, and there were two human corpses wearing equipment.
It’s difficult to confirm their identity because the bodies have begun to rot, but it seems they were the two who were with the rascal.

Kai「Yuuri, can you follow the smell of the orcs from here?」

Yuuri「Un. Leave it to me」

Yuuri once again put his nose near the ground and chased after the smell of the orcs.

On the way, Kai explained his assumption about the rascal’s movement last night.
He guessed that those guys were trying to get ahead of everyone else, but because they couldn’t find the orc campsite, they ended up wandering around the forest and encountered a group of orcs. Because the number of orcs was far more than they thought, they couldn’t win. The two were killed while the other one, the rascal guy, ran away to the village while being chased by the orcs.
So, if we can trace the path where the group of orcs that encountered those guys came from, maybe we can find their camp.


In the end, Kai’s assumption was right.
We found a place like an empty lot where there were no trees growing in the area.
There were several orcs and naked women who were caught by them.

Lize「This place reminds me of the empty lot where we first met」

Kouta「Yeah, right. Maybe places like this were not that rare in the forest. More importantly…. Why aren’t there so many orcs here?」

Compared to the orcs that were attacking the village that night and the orcs we killed earlier, the number was very small.

Galdos「Maybe most of them have moved to the village and only left a little number here to guard the campsite. Besides, they also have to look for the women. But still…. It’s strange… In the first place, I’ve never heard of the orcs inhabiting this forest before」

Galdos answered my question while looking so confused.

Galdos「Also, I don’t think they moved the women from the village to here right away. So… where did those women come from?」
Orcs that shouldn’t exist in the first place, and women we didn’t know where they came from. Since it’s really odd, it seems we have to investigate what actually happened. If we leave it without knowing the cause, the orcs might appear and attack the other villages.

Lize「Then, we just have to ask those women, right? Besides, I want to help them right now! The orcs we can see from here are all of them, right?」

As usual, Lize seemed to be easy going even in a situation like this.
Well, actually, I think I can kill all those orcs in an instant, so she was right that we can help them right away.

It seems Kai and Galdos also thought that it’s better to kill them right here right now.
After seeing Kai and Galdos nodded, Lize went forward.
The femal knight was also here, but she didn’t say anything.

Lize「O’ flame, amass! Burn, thrust, pierce! Fire arrowー!」

I also chanted in my head.
Since the number of the orcs was smaller than before, I could easily lock them on, and then dozens of fire arrows flew from Lize’s hands toward the orcs. The arrows hit the orcs and killed them instantly at once.
The captured women are safe now.

The enemies were destroyed in an instant, but we still have to wait in case there are still orcs hiding.
After waiting for a moment and confirming there are no orcs left, we stepped into the camp.
Right after, the other adventurers and the soldiers who had been following us from a distance, also the feudal lord who was protected by them, caught up with us.

We gave the women clothes to hide their naked bodies as soon as we stepped into the camp.

Galdos「Are you okay? The orcs are gone now. You are safe……………………. Damn it!」

Galdos tried to talk with them, but they were just kept silent.

It seems their minds were completely destroyed because the orcs violated them countless times. They didn’t seem to be able to talk properly.

FLord「These women’s minds are already destroyed; it cannot be healed. Wouldn’t it better to kill them gracefully? I’m sure they’ll be happier that way」

The feudal lord even said such a thing after seeing the women’s miserable condition.
Well, perhaps it’s better, but still, killing them is a terrible thing to do.

It seems most of the people here also thought it was terrible; they sent gazes full of hatred and disgust toward the feudal lord.

FLord「Wa, What? It’s for these women’s sake!」

Kai「Can you please shut up for a moment. They still have home to return to and people who are still waiting for their return」

Kai stood up in front of the women as if he protected them.

Lize「Alright. Kouta. Can you blow his head off with a fireball?」

Kouta「Don’t be crazy! Well, I know how you feel tho」

Lize made a posture as if she was ready for battle. I’ll be the one who shoots the magic tho.

Fiana was also preparing her bow, and even though they were silent, the other adventurers also did the same thing.

The inhuman feudal lord became irritated.

FLord「Fools! That’s why I hate uneducated roughnecks! Why don’t you understand that it’s for the best for these women’s sake!? Enough with these fools. Leona, kill these women!」

Leonaria「Yes, my lord…………..」

The female knight, Leonaria, replied that she had accepted the order, but it seems she hesitated; she just put her hand on her sword but didn’t move. Still, she was a knight who had sworn allegiance to the feudal lord, so most likely she would make a move soon.
The adventurers were preparing their weapons all at once.

FLord「The heck are you doing, Leona!? Kill these women already! Ignore these fool adventurers! Kill them all together if they get in your way!… Oi! You guys help her!」

The feudal lord also ordered the soldier, but they seemed more hesitant than Leonaria.
However, it might be difficult for them to defy the feudal lord’s order. They pointed their spears and swords at us.

Kai「Lize, Kouta. If we end up fighting, can you kill all those soldiers?」

Kai whispered to us while the feudal lord’s army and the adventurers were glaring at each other. If they moved even a little, the fight might break out.

The question is whether we can survive when it comes to the worst case scenario or not.

Kouta「I don’t know………… I’ve never killed a person, you know!」

Kai「I see… I knew it. But, are you prepared to kill if your life is in danger?」

Kouta「If my life is in danger…… Maybe I will……」

Yes. I don’t wanna die. But, can I kill a person for that? To be honest, I still don’t know.

It became hard to endure this tension. At this rate, we can’t avoid a battle.
What should I do…………..


Galdos’s loud voice echoed and made both soldiers and adventurers twitch in surprise. Fortunately, no one started the fight.

And what Galdos said next shocked us all.

Galdos「This woman… Isn’t she Feudal Lord-sama’s wife!?」




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