Chapter 27 : Would You Like It Warmed Up?


After she was done helping the cafeteria and receiving 3,000 gils, Sara walked to the guild store.
Today, she would be keeping the store as well.

「Alright, let’s check the inventory first. Hm? The potions are not restocked yet… Will it be enough…?」Sara

She was worried, but it wasn’t Sara’s job to restock the goods.
For now, she only tidied it up and put the bottles back to the left side of the shelf.

「How about the money drawer…… It’s not that messed up. Better than yesterday」Sara

She quickly rearranged the coins

「And the lunch boxed….. Hm. It’s not restocked either, but there are still many. I think it will be enough」Sara

Because there were no customers yet, Sara left the counter and went to Vince to ask a question.

「Vince. We only have a few potions left. Will that be enough?」Sara

「Ahh. It’s late, but I think it will be delivered this evening」Vince

「Hmm. Weird. There were a lot of potion bottles in the Pharmacist Guild tho」Sara

Sara remembered a lot of potion bottles lined up on the shelves behind the counter of the Pharmacist Guild.

「Is that true? Those bastards…! They said there were not many potions that can be delivered. I wonder why. There are not many people who buy potions in the Pharmacist Guild anyway」Vince

「Indeed there were no customers every time I went there. Tedd also looked free this morning. Well, at least he bought Allen’s herbs」Sara

「Sara….. You almost got ripped off the first time you went there, didn’t you?」Vince

「Well, yes」Sara

Sara looked at the floor.
She remembered that time. It was the first time she felt malice from someone.

「Despite that, you still go there?」Vince

「Yup. And I’m going to go there again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow」Sara

As she said that, Sara made a fist in front of her chest.

「But why? If you just want to sell your herbs, you can give your herbs to Allen and let him sell it for you. It’s prohibited, but I will close my eyes for you」Vince

The other receptionist raised their eyebrows, but they turned their face away, pretending they didn’t hear what Vince was saying.

「Actually, I’m fine if Tedd didn’t want to buy my herbs. I just want to make him suffer from keep refusing my high quality herbs every day」Sara

Sara took out a bunch of magical grasses from her pouch and showed them to Vince.

Suddenly, a sound of a chair falling was heard from the reception on the other side.
A woman receptionist stood up with a surprised look on her face.

「I, Is that all magic grass!? And they look freshly picked!」Miina

「Yup. But Tedd wanted to buy them for 500 gils because there were weeds mixed in, he said」Sara

「T, Then, how about selling them in this guild!?」Miina

「Oi, Miina. Don’t you know she doesn’t have enough money to register? She doesn’t have an ID yet」Vince

「A, Aaaahh. I see, too bad…」Miina

「Actually, I have a lot of things I want to sell, but… it’s painful not to be able to register yet… A, ha ha」Sara

Sara laughed languidly.

However, Sara was happy to have a part-time job.
She also was grateful that she wasn’t alone day and night in this town.

「So you have something other than your lunch boxes that can be sell, huh?」Vince

「Yup. There are a lot of slime magic stones and horned rabbits」Sara

The guild fell into silence for a moment.

「Y, You… That’s…!」Miina

「Oi, Miina, don’t. We can’t protect anyone who didn’t join the guild yet. If she sells something that she shouldn’t be selling right now, you know what will happen? Trouble! 」Vince

Vince gave a warning to a young female receptionist who was called Miina.

Sara wondered, she showed the herbs to Vince and she answered Vince’s question about what things she wants to sell, but why was Miina the one who got excited?

Because the conversation got more and more off track, Sara tried to get into the original topic.

「So, I want to harass Tedd by trying to sell my high quality herbs every day」Sara

「Harassing the Pharmacist Guild, huh. I thought you were just a spoiled little boy at first, but you’re unexpectedly strong, aren’t you?」Vince

Vince though Sara was a boy at first because of her clothes.

Miina nodded with an impressed expression.

「Ah. Actually, I have an idea for the store」Sara

Since Vince here, Sara decided to talk to him about her idea she was thinking about.

「It’s about the guild lunch box. Can I warm it up before selling it?」Sara

「Warm it up? Well, it’s fine but,」Vince

「Then, how about charging the customers who want their lunch box warmed up for 100 gils? Is it okay?」Sara

It was regrettable for Sara that she couldn’t sell her herbs, but she was grateful that she could earn 4,000 gils every day.
But when she remembered Nelly and Allen’s surprised faces when she warmed up tea for them, she thought it would be a good business.

「Come to think of it, your lunch box I bought the other day was still warm. Hmm…」Vince

「I’ll make the soup hot and the meat more tender. So? Can I?」Sara

「Hmm. Well, your warm lunch box was really good, so yeah, it might be more delicious if the lunch box was hot. You can do it if you really wanna do that. But, I don’t know if there were people who wanna pay for it」Vince

Vince was skeptical, but he gave Sara permission anyway.

Even if there was only one person who asks to warm up their lunch box, Sara would have 200 gils in two days. It was enough to buy one black bread.

Sara returned to the store counter with full of enthusiasm.

After that, only a few customers came after all, but some of them noticed the paper『Warm up your lunch box for 100 gils』that Sara made.

「Yo. You’re keeping the store again today?」hunter

The hunter who came yesterday, came again today.

「I’m in charge of the store at this time」Sara

「I see. For today, I need two advanced potions and three lunch boxes」hunter

「Each type for each lunch box, right?」Sara

「Yup. You remember, huh」hunter

「It’ll be 24,500. And…」Sara

After Sara received three empty lunch boxes from him, she showed the paper she placed on the counter before handing him three new lunch boxes.

「Would you like me to warm them up?」Sara

「Warm the lunch boxes up? What for?」hunter

“What for”, he said?
Sara was at a loss.

「Umm… so that you can eat it deliciously…?」Sara

「But how you do it?」hunter

「Using magic」Sara

「Hmm. 100 gils, huh… Maybe I’ll try one for now」hunter

Then, Sara opened one of the lunch boxes, put her hands above it and began heating the soup, meat and bread one by one.

The steam rose. It smelled delicious.
It took less than a minute for her to heat it.

「It’s done」Sara

「Dang! It smells so good. I changed my mind. Can you warm up the other two as well?」hunter

「Yes! Thank you, sir! Then the total will be 24,800 gils. Please put it in your storage bag immediately to keep it warm」Sara

「Got it」hunter

Sara earned 300 gils from warming up that adventurer’s lunch boxes. She was happy.
She separated the money she got from warming up lunch boxes from the store money.

While the delicious smell remained in the guild, some hunters came and tried the “warm up” service.

By the time the grandpa in charge for the evening hour came, Sara managed to earn an extra 1,000 gils from warming up lunch boxes today.

「Saraー! 1,000 gils left! 1,000 gils left until I can register!」Allen

Allen ran from the entrance while making such a loud voice.

「Oi, Allen! Don’t talk about money so loudly! What if you get caught up in a trouble!」Vince

Vince scolded him at once.

「Hehe. I’m sorry. I’m just so happy」Allen

Allen stopped running and walked slowly to the store counter.

Sara turned to Grandpa Mozz.

「Don’t make your friend wait. You can go. See you tomorrow, missy」Mozz

「Yes! See you tomorrow!」Sara

The people in the guild warmly stared at the two children walking out of the guild side by side while thinking that a new hunter would be born tomorrow.




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    16 Jan 2021

    Just doesn’t make sense… the people in the guild like her and know she has enough stuff to sell to cover the membership cost so why not just lend her the money? She can then get her membership and then sell her stuff and easily pay them back… problem solved.

      17 Jan 2021


      Even for Vince and the guild master himself, this rule doesn’t make sense (chapter 31).

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      they can be flexible enough to allow “warm up service” without any kind of profit cuts….. idk

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      Might have been a past incident where they allowed someone without ID to sell and it turned out to be gotten from the hunters he attacked/KS or mixed in hazardous material with healing stuff. Could also be that the Guild will look after the hunters, but only the hunters, so if a hunter attacked a random guy that got paid from the Guild, the Guild will have to act as the middleman between them and the town/city for why a hunter attacked a civ. and they don’t want to deal with it anymore. If it was between hunters, they can intervene however they like and punish the baddy by fine/demotion/ID taken and banned (depends on what they did).

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