Chapter 39 : Fighting Together With Them!?


I was thinking about Laney while helping fix the bridge.
The person who raised me.
The person who became a mother to me.

My true parents were no longer in this world. They were killed by monsters.
I didn’t remember their name, their voice, and even their face, because I was a baby when they were alive.

But, even though I no longer have parents, I could talk about parent-child to Galle-chan because I was loved by Laney like her own daughter.
I never felt loneliness when she was with me.

Laney… I miss you.
I want to meet you and call you “Mom”…

There’s something I understand after Laney left me.
The loneliness I didn’t know when I lived with Laney, now I can feel it in my heart sometimes.

And this time, I feel the loneliness was torturing me mercilessly.
Perhaps because I saw the relationship between Galle-chan and Wise, and it made me realize just how much Laney loved me.
I’m glad the person who raised me was her.

I was trying to be absorbed in the work to distract this loneliness.




And today was my fifth day here.
Finally, the bridge was completed.

「………..I, It’s completed nowー!」
「We did it!」

The carpenters cheered even though they were exhausted.

I was also a little tired and sat on the ground.

We used wood, stone, metal, all kinds of materials to rebuild this bridge.

The base of the bridge was made of stone that remained even after the bridge was destroyed.
In the central part we used wooden materials to connect the base on this side and the base on the other side.

We made iron pillars in the part where stone and wood were switched.
And from the pillars, the chains were stretched to support the wooden part of the bridge, making a triangle shape.
This should be able to withstand the weight no matter how many carriages pass.

「Let’s drink to celebrateー!」
「Thanks to Hanna sensei it was completed so quickly this time!」

The carpenters were full of energy.

I didn’t just do all the metal processing, I also helped build the bridge itself, so I couldn’t keep up with this ‘full of energy’ people, I just sat and watched them yelling.

It was still past noon.
It seems that the monsters always appeared at night, so I still have time to chill.

When I laid down on the grass by the river, I heard footsteps approaching andー

「――Hmph. You don’t look like an adventurer at all. Did you change your job to a physical laborer?」

ーa voice that ruined my feeling of accomplishment.

I opened my eyes and found a girl with blue hair in armor and a beautiful face that I hated.

「Ck. Cecil, huh… Why do you here?」Hanna

「Hmph. My father ordered me to protect the bridge. If I knew you were here, I wouldn’t want to come. Obviously」Cecil

「Oh nice. Then, can you go away now, please? I can protect this bridge by myself」Hanna

「I doubt it. I heard that the bridge seems to have been destroyed even after you came」Cecil

「What? No! I was a little late and when I arrived, the monster already destroyed the bridge. I know you’re desperate to be praised by your beloved father, but can you just go back to Tiaret? Ms. Father Complex」Hanna




As usual, we glared at each other.

「You two, calm down. Since the alumnae of the school were gathering like this, let’s get along together, shall we?」Rozelia

And as usual, Rozelia broke in.

Alumnae!? Who is this girl talking about!? I don’t remember graduating from that trash school!
Besides, just who the heck was bullying me when I was at school if it wasn’t you!?

「Well, on second thought, maybe this is my chance, because I still think you’re the monster’s ally. If I’m not here, the bridge would have been destroyed again. Obviously」Cecil

Wow. I’m surprised by this woman’s imagination power.
Does this woman have bottomless prejudice?

「Or, you were conspiring with the monster to pretend to exterminate it!? But too bad. Now that I’m here, I won’t allow that!」Cecil

「Hah? I never thought you’re stupid enough to say something stupid like that. I can’t even speak monster language!」Hanna

「Hmph. We’ll see. When the monster appears, I’m sure you will reveal your true character. And I will get all the honor of exterminating the monster and proofing that you really are an evil god believer. Your shop will be destroyed and this case will be settled. Father will surely be pleased」Cecil

「You…! After all this time, now I know what’s inside your head! A rotten-cheese brain!」Hanna

Ignoring me, who has run out of patience, Cecil walked toward Wise’s house.
After she greets that baldy old man, I’m sure she will stay here and wait until the monster appears.

Khhhー! This is definitely the chairman’s plan!
He knew that I’m here. That’s why he sent Cecil here to steal my credit!

What a dirty old man with a rotten-cheese brain!

「Geez. It would be wonderful if you two can get along. Are the two of you at an age where you can’t be honest with yourself?」Rozelia

Hahhh… This easy-going dark elf…
This one’s brain must a cotton candy. A cotton candy that is too sweet that can make you feel sick.

「Ah. You know what? I learned a yaba~i magic! I’ll show you when the monster appears! So, let’s fight together, Hanna~♡」Rozelia

Rozelia blew a kiss to me, but I dodged it.

*/ yabai magic = awesome magic. Yabai originally means “this is dangerous”. But in Japanese slang, you can use it to describe “that’s insane!” or “oh, shoot!” or “Omg!”. In a similar way, you can use yabai to mean “amazing” or “surprising”.




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