Chapter 28 : I Won’t Sell Them So Easily!


On the way home, Sara and Allen bought bread at the food stall.

「If you buy bread now, will your money be enough to register tomorrow?」Sara

Allen smiled at Sara who was worried about him.

「It’s fine. I just need another 1,000 gils. It’ll be enough if I sell herbs tomorrow」Allen

It seems he calculated it carefully.

Sara was impressed that in the different world, children like Allen were very mature.

From the food stalls, they headed to yesterday’s spot on the edge of the residential area outside the town, and camped there.




And as usual, they were picking herbs the next morning.

「Are we gonna tease Tedd again today?」Allen

「Of course!」Sara

After picking herbs, they went to the Pharmacist Guild.

Inside the Pharmacist Guild, aside from Tedd, there were also some people who seemed to be pharmacists around today.

「Tedd. I brought herbs again today」Allen

「Y, Yo, Allen」Tedd

When Allen called out from the entrance, Tedd just greeted without looking at Allen.

And then as usual, Sara asked him in a loud voice.

「Is Chris person here todayー?」Sara

「Chris-sama isn’t here right now. He was suddenly leaving and we don’t know when he’ll be back」pharmacist

Today, another person answered Sara. He was one of the pharmacists.

Sara thought, “Today too, huh. Can’t be helped then”

「Can you check my herbs?」Allen

「You’re Allen, right? Of course. And… you are… the girl who brought magic grasses yesterday, right? I heard about you from Tedd」pharmacist

Sara and Allen looked at each other, and then they looked at Tedd.

Tedd looked away awkwardly.

Allen approached the counter and lined up his herbs.

The pharmacist carefully examined the herbs and nodded.

「These are good herbs, there’s no mistake. But why did you collect just 10 bundles?」pharmacist

The pharmacist thought Allen should collect a little more.

「I just need money to register at the Hunter Guild today」Allen

「You want to be a hunter? I see. You have strong magical power after all. But, you can collect a little more for some extra cash, right?」pharmacist

The pharmacist also seemed to have strong magical power because he didn’t step back when Allen approached him.

「No, this is enough. Once I get a Hunter ID, I’ll earn money as a hunter. Besides, Sara said we can’t take them all because they won’t be able to grow anymore, so we should leave half of it」Allen

「I see. You’re right. So… you’re Sara? Do you also bring herbs?」pharmacist

Sara silently took out the herbs from her pouch and showed them to him without approaching the counter.

She didn’t line up her herbs on the counter just in case he was a bad person and took her herbs away.

Sara had become quite cautious in these last few days.

「Oi, Tedd. Look. She was wary of me because of you….. You don’t have to worry but, I’ll move away a little. You can rest assured and line up your herbs」pharmacist

He carefully stepped back to where Tedd was on the back.
And Tedd awkwardly stepped back even further.

Sara approached the counter and gently lined up 10 bundles of herb grasses that she had just picked up, and 5 magic grasses on the counter.

「Hoo. Freshly picked. Good quality herb and magic grasses」pharmacist

After muttering like that, he placed five silver coins with holes on the counter on Allen’s side, and ten on Sara’s side.

Sara and Allen looked at each other again.

Sara was worried what if she took the money and accused of being a thief.

But Allen nodded to Sara who was cautious. Looks it would be okay if she took the money.

They both approached the counter again and quickly took the money at the same time.

「Hell yes! With this, I can be a hunter now!」Allen

「I’m glad for you!」Sara

「Let’s go to the Hunter Guild!」Allen


But when they tried to leave the Pharmacist Guildー


The pharmacist stopped us.

「You, Sara. You came here yesterday and the day before yesterday, right? Do you still have the herbs you didn’t sell before?」pharmacist

He seemed eager to buy all of Sara’s herbs.

Sara looked at the pharmacist again.
And then glanced at Tedd in the back.

Tedd was a handsome young man with slightly long golden hair and slightly drooping blue eyes.
He must be hired to be the receptionist just because he had a good face, but not with personality.

However, the pharmacist person was about thirty years old.
He had light-brown short hair and hazel eyes. He had a calm atmosphere.

「Sara, if I’m not mistaken, he’s the Vice Guild Master」Allen

Allen whispered so to Sara.

Sara was thinkingー
If he’s the Vice Guild Master, why didn’t he warn Tedd for being a jerk to me these past few days?

She involuntarily sold her herbs to him earlier, but she thought now that she had a part-time job in the Hunter Guild, she didn’t have to hurry to make money from selling herbs.

Besides, she was satisfied to have harassed Tedd for two days until yesterday.

Sara grabbed Allen’s hand and left the Pharmacist Guild without saying anything.

「Hey! Wait!」

The Vice GM chased after Sara, but she ignored him and started running toward the central gate with Allen.


When there was no sign of anyone chasing, Allen worriedly asked Sara.

「Sara, you okay you don’t sell your remaining herbs?」Allen

「It’s fine. Besides, I work at the guild now. Tedd was being a jerk, and they even sent people to tail me yesterday! I don’t like them!」Sara

「Aahー Well, I can understand」Allen

「More importantly, Allen! The registration!」Sara

「Ah, you’re right! Let’s go!」Allen

They both started running again to the Hunter Guild.

「Yo, Allen!」Vince

「Vince, I have enough money now!」Allen

「Nice! You want to register now?」Vince

「Yes, please!」Allen

Allen approached the counter. Sara also followed him.

Allen took out the money from his pouch.

Because he didn’t have any 10,000 gil coins, all the coins he took out were 1,000 gil coins.

「98,000… 99,000… 100,000. Alright. Now, fill out this form」Vince

And then, a new hunter of the Hunter Guild was born.

The guild building was wrapped in warm applause.

After he received a square card that seemed to be the ID card, Allen turned around happily toward Sara.

「Yosh! Sara! With this, I can sell your herbs in your stead!」Allen

「Don’t break the rules as soon as you get your ID! If you do it, do it in the back without us knowing!」Vince

Everyone in the guild made an awkward look, pretending they didn’t listen to what Vince said.

「No, it’s okay, Allen. I will take my time earning money」Sara

「Is that so? Alright then. I will go to the dungeon now!」Allen

Allen immediately left the guild.

「Will he be all right…?」Sara

Vince nodded to Sara who looked worried.

「He’ll be fine. Allen is actually much stronger and more cautious than hunters who were sitting around there」Vince

If Vince said so, he will probably be fine.

Sara decided not to worry about Allen and focus on her job, and then she headed to the guild cafeteria.

「Mize. Good morning!」Sara

「Sara, you forget to tighten your belt again!」Mize

Sara felt that today was a little better day than yesterday.




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