Chapter 29 : The Knights Are Coming


When Sara was peeling potatoes in the corner of the kitchen, there was a commotion in the reception area of the guild.

「Mize, Guild Master said, “Please prepare the food more than usual for this afternoon and night”」Miina

「What happened?」Mize

Miina, the receptionist, took trouble to go to the kitchen to deliver Guild Master’s message, so there must be something.

Mize peeked at the front side of the guild.

「Knights will come, huh? What will they do here? Kidnaping hunters from our town again?」Mize

Hearing the word “knights”, Sara was a little excited.
The knight Sara knew was a handsome man who pledged allegiance to the royal family.

Sara just rememberedー
There’s a royal capital, right? So is this country a kingdom or something?

Sara was dismayed with herself for not knowing that common knowledge, but she made an excuse with herself that she was busy living now.

Because the cafeteria had to prepare more food than usual, the amount of potatoes that Sara had to peel increased and she had to work an hour longer than usual.
But, she was happy because Mize gave her 1,000 gils more than usual.

After she finished her job at the cafeteria, Sara went out of the kitchen, thinking that she might not need to work at the store today because she already worked an extra hour in the cafeteria.
But, as soon as she went out of the kitchen, Miina pulled Sara’s hand and took her to the guild store.

「Our work has increased thanks to the knights! Sara, please keep the store running. It’s tough for a receptionist to do it」Miina

「O, Okay」Sara

「Just for an hour is fine, because Mozz-san will be here at 4. But we’ll still pay you the same as usual, so please」Miina


Unusually, lines were formed in front of receptionist desks.

While organizing the money and potions at the store, Sara also had to serve the customers that were coming from the receptionist.

「Five lunch boxes. Any kind. And two advanced potions」hunter

「Do you want me to warm your lunch boxes? It costs 100 gils」Sara

「Warm it? No need」hunter

「Do you have any empty boxes to return?」Sara


「Then, it’ll be 35,000 gils」Sara

The first customer didn’t want Sara to warm his lunch boxes, but then there was a customer who asked her to warm his lunch box because he was curious.
After that, lured by the smell, everyone started asking for her to warm their lunch boxes.
Thanks to that, she earned 2,000 gils from it in just one hour.

「Yo, missy. Thank you for your hard work as usual. Oh? There are a lot of customers today. What happened?」Mozz

「Mozz ojisan! I’m not sure what’s happening, so please ask the receptionist」Sara

「They don’t seem to be free enough to answer my question tho. To be honest, I want you to help me manage the store」Mozz

「I also want to stay to help you, but I…」Sara

「Don’t have an ID yet, right? Well, do your best saving up money」Mozz


Now, she just had to wait for Allen, but then she thought he might be late today.

「It’s his first dungeon after all. Besides, Allen already has an ID now…」Sara

Sara thought, now that Allen already had an ID, he could stay in the town at night. He didn’t have to sleep outside anymore.

While thinking that her night would be lonely ones from now on, Sara decided to leave the guild without waiting for Allen.
She tried to not worry about it while walking slowly toward the central gate.

When Sara was about to pass through the gate, the gatekeeper was looking at Sara longer than usual.

While walking through the gate, Sara was thinking about buying dinner at the food stalls, but she felt she didn’t have the energy to do so.


Sara raised her face and saw Allen was waiting outside the gate.


「I felt like it would be late if I went to the guild to sell the loot I got from the dungeon at this time, so I didn’t go」Allen

「But… why are you out here even though you already got your ID?」Sara

Allen sighed.

「Didn’t I tell you before? Staying in the guild inn will cost 5,000 gils. I want to save up money, so I’ll sleep outside a little longer」Allen

「Ah, that’s right. I forgot. Then, we’ll be camping together tonight?」Sara

「Of course. But starting tomorrow, I’ll go directly to the dungeon without picking herbs. And Sara, thank you very much for teaching me about herbs! I got my ID a lot faster thanks to you!」Allen

「You’re welcome!」Sara

Sara was glad that she was helpful.




The next morning.

Allen headed for the dungeon really early in the morning.

As for Sara, she was picking herbs as usual.
However, she didn’t go to the Pharmacist Guild anymore.
After she finished picking herbs, she headed to the Hunter Guild at the usual time to work.

When she opened the door of the guildー

「Uwaa… A lot of people…」Sara

The guild, which was usually quiet, and the cafeteria, which wasn’t very crowded even at lunch time, was now crowded with people.
They might be just using the guild as a resting place.

The only reason Sara could think of, was yesterday’s rumor about the knights would come from the royal capital.

「That means, these people are knights? Uwaa~」Sara

Sara’s eyes sparkled.

However, she didn’t have time to look around.


There were voices from three directions called her at once.

「Sara! Help the kitchen! Hurry!」Mize
「Sara! Can you manage the store from the morning today!?」Vince
「Sara! Give me all your herbs!」Tedd

Mize from the cafeteria, Vince from the receptionist desk, and the last one was a handsome blonde man, the man Sara hated the most in this town.

Sara was surprised that Tedd was here. It seems that they were finally running out of herbs.

Sara ignored Tedd and headed for the kitchen while shouting at Vince.

「Vince! You talk with Mize first!」Sara

「You forgot to tighten your belt again!」Mize

「Yes! I’m sorry sir!」Sara

It looks like she didn’t have time to enjoy looking at the handsome knights.


While Sara was enthusiastically peeling the potatoes, Tedd was trying to persuade Miina.
It seems he was too scared to talk to Vince.

*/ The author didn’t write it, but from here on, Sara didn’t hear the conversation. She was in the kitchen, peeling potatoes.

「Hey, can you tell Sara to give me her herbs?」Tedd

「Ara. I heard from Sara that you didn’t want to buy her herbs tho?」Miina

Miina sharpened her nails with a nail file and blew on her fingertips.

「That’s!….Because there were weeー」Tedd

「There were no weeds mixed in, right? Why did you lie?」Miina

「Khh. It was because she was so cheeky! Came all of a sudden and asked to bring Chris-sama out!」Tedd

「Because her guardian told her to meet with him immediately! You’re an adult, so please act like an adult!」Miina

Miina’s voice became louder, and they caught the attention of the people in the guild.

「Now listen! Because that girl can’t sell herbs, she can’t pay for registration! But she didn’t give up. She’s working here every day, and camping outside the town every night! She, who’s still a child, is a million times more adult than you!」Miina

「She’s 12, right? Twelve years old is not a child!」Tedd

「Hm? How do you know? Ah. The minimum age to register, huh. But thanks to SOMEONE, she might not be able to register while she’s still twelve」Miina

「Okay, okay! I’ll apologize!」Tedd

Miina stood up vigorously, causing her chair slamming to the floor.

「Then don’t just stay here! Apologize to the person directly! If you can’t make her give you her herbs, the knights won’t be able to leave, right!?」Miina


「Tedd, so you know a way to secure herbs?」Chris

「Ch, Chris-sama…」Tedd

The one who came from the back of the guild was the person who Tedd respected the most, the guild master of the Pharmacist Guild, Chris.

The long silver hair that was ponytailed in the back, and a pair of gray eyes.
If Sara saw him now, she would definitely think that this person had a winter-like atmosphere.

「Y, Yes. Probably…」Tedd

「Then, quickly get the herbs now. We’re fighting against time」Chris

Tedd looked at Miina again.
With an angry face, Miina pointed her finger toward the kitchen.

Tedd headed for the kitchen with a blue face.

While watching the situation, Guild Master complained to Chris.

「But still… If there was such a case, why didn’t they just bring potions from the royal capital? Haahh… We also need potions for the hunters here, you know?」GM

「I’m sorry. Nobody knew, even me, that Nefeltally would decline the special quest because she was raising a child」Chris

Chris made a disappointed look as if he was saying, “why didn’t she tell me about this…?”.

「A little girl left alone at the North Dungeon, on the Demon mountain. Even though I’m not the Goddess, I’m worried about that girl. Moreover, half a month has passed since she left the girl in the hut, right?」GM
*/ Nelly left Sara for 5 days. Sara walked to the town for 5 days. Sara was in town for 5 days. Yes, it’s half a month.

「I know. At least, Nefeltally won’t be rest assured until she knows what happened to the girl. In the first place, it was the knights who put Nefeltally to sleep and forcefully took her away. She was very mad when she woke up, but they managed to calm her down by sending out a search team for the girl」Chris

「So you were out of this town to following them when they took the Goddess away, huh?」GM

「Of course! They used paralytic drugs on her! There’s no way I’m not worried!」Chris

In the kitchen, Sara thought that the guild was very noisy today.
Well, it can’t be helped. There’s a lot of people today, she thought.

「Anyway, it will be a round trip to the hut on Demon Mountain. Using the shortest route, I think it will be 3 days to go, 1 day to search for the girl, and 3 days to return, 7 days, huh… I think with the current potions we have, it won’t be enough. Also, can you lend some hunters from the guild?」Chris

「Nah, sorry, it’s impossible. The royal capital already took many of them including the Goddess. Because ‘the migration of the dragons’ will be happening soon」GM

「Ah, you’re right. I see. Anyway, we’re out of herbs now, especially the fine herb grasses ones. I hope he can get them」Chris

The two looked at Tedd who was walking to the kitchen nervously.



TL : So, the Red Reaper, the Goddess, Nefelltally, was Nelly.




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    23 Jan 2021

    So, are they going to connect the dots or they going to assume that the ‘kid’ is dead and Nelly will rage in the capital?

    23 Jan 2021

    I get that they’re somehow all too stupid to put together that the “Nelly” Sara is looking for is the same as Nefeltelly, despite being identical to her in every detail except name, but are any of them going to introduce her to Chris? Everyone knows she was told to talk to him.

      24 Jan 2021

      I agree.

      They are her friends and they all know she wants to speak with Chris so it seems highly improbable that none of them would mention this to either of them. The only reason they wouldn’t meet is that the author just wants to string this along which would just be annoying.

      Anyway, I like this story more than I dislike it so I’ll continue to read it for now…

    15 May 2021

    A few points there,

    If I remember right, neither the Guild Master or Chris know that Sarah is looking for her sister Nelly. She told Tedd and Vince, but they never passed that information onto their superiors. Also we are specifically told on at least two occasions that the Guild Master is dumb. Chris has seemingly just showed up from wherever and if Tedd really respects Chris then he is not going to admit that he has been trying and failing to run a scam on a little kid.

    2. Everyone is assuming that Sarah is a boy because of the clothes that she is wearing.

    3. Everyone is assuming that it would be impossible for a small child to walk down that mountain on her own. They sent a lieral army to fight their way up the mountain to get her, and, judging by the amount of potions they seem to want, they do not expect that they are going to enjoy the experience. Sarah is a typical Isekai hero in that her existence breaks her new world’s common sense.

    4. Things seem obvious to us because we have all the information. None of the characters do.

    What really seems like it is bad plot contrivance to me is how Sarah has done almost nothing to look for Nelly. She walked down a mountain full of monsters and we only see her talk to three people or so about Nelly. The rest of the time she is just trying to earn money.

      15 May 2021

      Literal Army. Not lieral army. Sorry.

      I am not sure what a lieral army is or how it compares to your standard military force, or how well it can be expected to perform when retrieving little girls.

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