Chapter 6 : Greeting The NeighborsⅠ(part 1)


「Excuse meー Ells-sanー」Sarasa

「Yeーs, wait a minute」Ells

After I walked for about a minute to Ells-san’s house, I called her and waited for her to come out.

「Do you need any help?」Ells

「Ah, not that. I just want to ask. I need a bed, a table, chairs and cooking utensils. Where can I buy them?」Sarasa

「You can ask for beds, chairs and other furniture at the carpenter. Cooking utensils like pots are at the blacksmith. There are only a few people in this village who buy them, so it’s basically made-to-order. There is a general store, but they only sell items that are frequently bought. You have to order from the city if they don’t have items you want」Ells

I see. So that’s how it works in a small village.

In the royal capital, we can buy everything, so something like this wouldn’t be a problem.
Well, when I was there, I was just window shopping without buying anything tho.
Because I had to save my money, you know!

「I see. Can you tell me where the shops are?」Sarasa

「I can tell you, but…」Ells

Ells-san though for a second and nodded.

「It’ll be better if I guide you there. So, would you like to wait for a bit inside?」Ells

「Eh? Are you sure?」Sarasa

「Of course. Besides, it’s a small village, so you should make acquaintances here, and I can help you with that」Ells

「That will help me a lot! Thank you very much!」Sarasa

I bowed down and thanked Ells-san, who made a reliable smile and pose.

「Leave it to me! And please, come in」Ells

After I entered Ells-san’s house and sat in the living room, she served me a hot tea.

I just remembered that I hadn’t drank any water since I arrived in this village.


I enjoyed the hot tea while waiting for Ells-san to get ready.

And after a while, Ells-san returned.

「Alright, I’m ready! Let’s go!」Ells

「Yes! I’m in your care. And thank you for the tea」Sarasa

After we left the house and walked for a while, we arrived at a private house.

There were wood materials around the house, and there was a place like a workshop, but there was no signboard.

Hmm. It must be the carpenter. But, if Ells-san wasn’t with me, it would be awkward for me to call out the person inside.

「Geberg-jiisanー Are you thereー?」Ells

After she called out, Ells-san immediately opened the door and went inside the house.

Eh? Is that okay to just come in?

I reluctantly followed her inside.

「Ells, huh? What’s your business? Hm? Who’s the missy behind you? I’ve never seen her」Geberg

The person who came out from the back was an old man.
He was quite old, but for some reason, I didn’t feel that he was that old.
Maybe because he moved vigorously?

He had a sharp look and a harsh expression.
Perhaps he was a “stubborn craftsman” type of person.
For me, who wasn’t very good at communication, it would be scary if I had to talk with him alone.

「This is Sarasa-chan. She just moved here today. You know what? She is an alchemist-sama!」Ells

「Hooー! So she will be managing that old store? That’s awesome! And, could you be here to ask me to repair the store? 」Geberg

「Ah, not that. I might ask you for it next time, but today, I need furniture」Sarasa

What I really want right now is a bed.

If I’m camping, sleeping on the ground is cool, but it would be sad if I had to sleep on the floor at my own house…

I also want a table and chairs, but considering the money I have right now, maybe next time.

「Can you make me a bed, sir? As soon as possible if you can. As long as it’s sturdy enough for my body, I won’t complain about anything else」Sarasa

「Bed, huh. Indeed it will be troublesome if you don’t have one. Well, the price will beー」Geberg


Suddenly, Ells-san hit Geberg-san’s back.

「Oi, old man! A cute lady, moreover, an alchemist-sama took trouble to move to this remote village for us! Just give her a bed or two to celebrate her move, will you!?」Ells

「A, Ah. No, no. I’ll pay!」Sarasa

「But Sarasa-chan, besides you’re still a novice, you came all the way to a countryside like this. I bet you don’t have enough money right now. Am I wrong?」Ells

「U, Uhh… B, But stillー」Sarasa

「Besides, there’s no furniture at all in that house, right?」Ells

「…..Ahh. If I’m not mistaken, all the furniture in that house were taken over by Kirik young man when he set up a new house. Alright then, I’ll make the lady a bed for free」Geberg

「Ehh!? But… Are you sure, sir?」Sarasa

「Ells was right. I’m not a man if I can’t give a lady, who was much younger than my own grandchild, a present to celebrate her move!」Geberg

「Th, Thank you very much! Thank you very much!」Sarasa

To be honest, I didn’t have enough money to use as capital for my store, so it was very very helpful.

The old man who I thought was scary, smiled at me.
I bowed in gratitude to him.




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