Chapter 30 : ID Card


「I’m sorry! Please forgive me!」Tedd

In front of Sara, who was peeling potatoes, there was Tedd who was doing a dogeza.

「The knights need advanced potions to go to the North Dungeon. You have fine herb grasses, right?」Tedd
*/ Btw, Sara didn’t know that Demon Mountain was also known as North Dungeon.

Tedd raised his face and showed a desperate expression.

Next to him, the chef, Mize, made an annoyed face while busily cooking.

「Yeah, I have」Sara

「Please! Sell them to me!」Tedd

Actually, Sara has managed to live for the past few days because she had prepared a lot of food in her storage bag thanks to her cautious personality.

If not, she would have been in serious trouble. Because Tedd didn’t want to buy her herbs, so she couldn’t make money.

Yes, what Tedd did to her was evil, but Sara believed that she, herself, wasn’t a bad person who will repay evil deeds with evil deeds.
Besides, if she ignored Tedd, he would get in the way if he stayed dogeza-ing here in the kitchen.

Sara looked at Mize.


「I understand. Go finish your business and return immediately」Mize

「Yes, sir!」Sara

It wasn’t possible to do the trade in the small kitchen.

Sara signaled Tedd to get up and came out of the kitchen.
Tedd followed her awkwardly.

When Sara wondered where they could do the trade, Guild Master beckoned Sara.
Sara wondered, who is this man? But she remembered immediately.

「Ah! The uncle who bought my lunch box with Vince the other day!」Sara

「I’m the guild master, you know…」GM

Sara didn’t even know the person who employed her working here.

「Can you spread your herbs here?」Chris

A person with a winter-like impression who Sara didn’t know pointed to the guild counter.

「How many should I took out?」Sara

「Huh…? How many you say…?」Chris

Said the winter-like person in a low tune.

「Of course, all of themー!」Chris

Sara looked at Vince.
Sara couldn’t help but feel distrust when she dealt with the people from the Pharmacist Guild.
This winter-like person’s intimidating attitude also made Sara uneasy.

At the reception counter on the other side, Vince nodded to Sara.

Then, Sara took all the herbs she had along with the basket from her storage pouch.

Sara had been feeling uneasy these five days. And she always picked herbs to divert her uneasiness.
As a result, the basket was packed with herbs that she picked in this town, plus the herbs she picked on the Demon Mountain, from high magical grasses to ordinary herb grasses.

「This is!」Chris

The three who saw the basket, raised amazed voices.

「Sorry, we’ll borrow your basket. Tedd! Go now!」Chris

「Yes, sir!」Tedd

Tedd took Sara’s basket and ran out of the guild.

It seems they were in a hurry.
Tedd disappeared before Sara could even say ‘wait’.

「We’ll count the purchase and deliver the money here later. Well then, excuse me」Chris

After he said that, the winter-like person left the guild, chasing after Tedd.

「What was that person! Maybe Nelly was right. Roza Town is full of cold people and hard to live in」Sara

「Sara, actually he was…」Vince

Vince, at the other counter, didn’t know what to say, he just raised and lowered his hand.

「Sara, don’t worry. They are fighting against time right now, so he’s in a hurry like that, but Chris is a man who keeps his promise, he will surely pay for your herbs properly」Miina

「Eh? Chris…? That cold person was Chris!? No, no… Is there any other Chris in this town?」Sara

Sara was surprised and looked back at Miina.

「Hm? If you talk about Chris of the Pharmacist Guild, he was that person」Miina

Sara was shocked, knowing that the person she had been waiting for was such a cold person.

It didn’t matter anymore if Nelly told her to rely on him, because Sara decided not to.
She didn’t want to rely on such a cold person.

Sara thought she would be fine, because she had encountered kind people who she could trust in this town.
Allen, Vince, Miina, Mize, and Mozz. They helped Sara a lot.

Sara looked at Guild Master.

「Hm? I’m the guild master, you know?」GM

And also Guild Master.

Sara spoke to Nelly in her mind, “It didn’t go exactly as Nelly said, but I’m living well in Roza thanks to these kind people”.

「Oーi ! Saraー! The potatoes are waiting for you!」Mize

「Yeーs! Comiーng!」Sara

Sara felt like she would be working overtime again today.


「Here. Today is also 4,000 gils」Mize

「Thank very much!」Sara

Sara was steadily making money.

When she went out of the kitchen while wondering how the store would be today, she saw Allen at Vince’s reception counter.


Seeing Allen’s face shining, Sara thought, “Ahh. ‘Friends’ is really nice!”
Even though there were cold adults around… Even though she had to sleep outside the town at night… She was happy that she had a friend to spend time with.

「I was waiting for you. Because I wanted to show my first prey to you!」Allen

「Really? I’m kind of happy」Sara

「Seeing monster corpses make you happy? What a weird girl」Vince

Vince calmly made a tsukkomi.

「Well then. Let’s start with Sara first. Allen, can you wait?」Vince

「Of course」Allen

「Eh? Me?」Sara

Sara was confused.

「Oi oi. Do you forget?」Vince

Vince shrugged.
Sara wondered, “do I have business with Vince?”

「You sold herbs didn’t you? I received money from the Pharmacist Guild when you were still working in the kitchen」Vince

「Ahh! That’s right!」Sara

It was too quick, so she felt like she was donating the herbs or something, but it was certainly a sale.

「Ahem. So you sold 500 herb grasses, 50 fine herb grassesー」Vince

At that time, people in the guild raised a “Hooー” voice.
Perhaps because advanced potion was the most needed item.

「ー20 paralyze grasses, 20 poison grasses, 30 magic grasses, and 2 fine magic grasses」Vince

This time, people were quiet.

「I thought it was a joke when you said you would register after you sold your herbs on your first day here. You were serious, huh. The total money you got is 160,000 gils. You can register with this, you know?」Vince

「E, Eh…Wh」Sara

Sara was frozen.
Then Allen slapped her back.

「Sara! Registration! ID card! Don’t you wanna make it!?」Allen

「O, Of course I want! Vince, please!」Sara

Said Sara excitedly with a big smile on her face.

She then excitingly filled out the form and received an ID card.

「Sara, I’m glad for you!」Allen


Sara raised her ID card with both hands. She looked so happy.

「Well, it’s Allen’s turn next, but…」Vince

Allen removed the pouch from his waist with an excited face.

But Vince’s eyes were looking at Sara.

「Wait Allen. Umm, Sara?」Vince


「The other day you said there are a lot of things you want to sell, right?」Vince

「Ah. Yes!」Sara

Sara also put down her storage backpack.

「Wait. Both of you, wait. Alright… Suuuu, haaaaー」Vince

Vince took a deep breath for some reason.

「There’s a lot… right?」Vince


After hearing the two of them answer, Vince dropped his shoulders.

「OK. Come with me to another room」Vince

Then Vince took Sara and Allen to the room where Guild Master usually came out from.




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    I’m starting to think she’s going to die of stupidity. But I guess luck is a skill.

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    Wait, what?

    She finally finds the person she is looking for and decides ‘Nevermind.’???

    I could understand if she waited to see if she really got paid what her herbs were worth to see if the guy could be trusted, but her just deciding not to bother because he seems unfriendly seems to go against her entire reason for being in that town.

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