Chapter 42 : The Monster’s True Identity


「I, I’m sorry… Master…」Galle

Galle-chan looked so depressed.

Her cheek, which was hit by Wize, turned red. It looked painful.

「And? Did you properly destroy the bridge?」Wize

「T, That’s…」Galle

「That’s… what? Don’t tell me, you didn’t destroy it!? I ordered you not to come back until you destroy it! Did you forget!?」Wize

「B, But, the bridge has a gimmick this time. Also, Hanna-san and her friends were very strong… If I stayed any longer, they would beat me to a pulp…」Galle


Wize kicked Galle-chan’s body.


When Galle-chan crouched down to the ground painfully, Wize spat on her.

「Cuih! Like I care if they beat you! Don’t you even have a sense of duty, huh!? Now go back there and destroy that f******g bridge!」Wize

Even though she was yelled so hard, Galle-chan didn’t stand up, and started crying.

「I… don’t want to destroy the bridge anymore… Everyone worked so hard to build it… I don’t want to destroy it…」Galle

「You…! So you started to dare to show a rebellious attitude toward me now, huh!? This must be because that hammer brat has influenced you. Did you forget who freed you from that dirty jar and took care of you so far!?」Wize

「B, Butー」Galle

「It was me! You owe me your life! Yet you dare to disobey me, huh!?」Wize

As he said that, Wize raised his fist up.

I couldn’t see Galle-chan getting hurt anymore.
I jumped out of my hiding and shouted.

「Oi! Bald old man over there! That’s enough!」Hanna

「Huh…? Y, You!? Why the heck are you here!?」Wize

He opened his eyes wide in surprise.

He might be wondering, to what extent I heard their conversation.


「Galle-chan, don’t worry, you’re gonna be okay now. I won’t let this bald hurt you anymore」Hanna

When I looked at Galle-chan, I saw scales of Hydra still remaining on her skin.
It seems that she has not completely returned to her original form.
Just who is Galle-chan exactly?

That bald old man said that he freed her from a jar…
Is that jar the same as the jar that sealed the Rock Dragon and the mycelia of tolf mushroom?
*/Yes. The true monster was the mycelia, not the giant beetles

If so… Galle-chan is a monster…? Even though she’s so cute…?

「Hey, bald old man, you forced Galle-chan to destroy the bridge, don’t you? You can’t make excuses anymore!」Hanna

「Khh!………..Yeah, indeed I was the one who ordered her, but it was her who actually destroyed the bridge! And if you reveal the truth, you know what the country will do to your beloved Galle?」Wize

He made a dirty laugh as he said that after he knew that I cared about Galle-chan.

「She’s not my daughter. She’s not even a human. She was a rare monster that can transform into another monster by eating its magic stone. If the country knows that she was the monster that has destroyed the bridge so far, they will definitely kill her or use her for experiment or sacrifice her for black magic!」Wize

What an excuse.
I’m sure he always told Galle-chan about this. About what would happen if the country found her, and made her think that she can live so far thanks to him.

「If you don’t want Galle to die, you better keep quiet! Then, you will also become an accomplice in this crime! Khahahaha!」Wize

「…………Don’t get cocky, old man. You make me angry」Hanna


My anger had reached its peak.
Even an extremely insensitive man like him could feel my killing intent.

「You force her to do that, so this is your crime. Galle-chan has no sin」Hanna

I let my anger take control of me.
I didn’t even care whether this man was an aristocrat or not, I just wanted to crush his head with my hammer so bad.

「I’ll let you choose. You want me to crush your head with this big hammer or this small hammer? Don’t worry, whichever you choose, I’ll destroy your brainless head for good」Hanna

「I, If you really want to kill me, I have a plan too, you know!」Wize

While still trembling by my murderous intent, Wize took a small bag out of his pocket and threw it at Galle-chan.

「That’s the strongest beastーFenrir magic stone! Eat it and protect me!」Wize

I thought “no way she will hear his order anymore”, but for some reason, Galle-chan was staring at the small bag.

「Galle-chan, you don’t have to listen to his order anymore. It doesn’t make sense to be grateful to such a terrible man」Hanna

「You’re maybe right….. But, I’m just as terrible as him. I knew that everyone was working very hard to build the bridge, and they all treated me very kindly. And yet… I’ve destroyed the bridge over and over again…」Galle

Galle-chan opened the bag and took out a piece of magic stone.

And then the blunt weapon gods (the bears) who resided in my hammers, started making noise.

『No good. The cells of Hydra still hasn’t disappeared from her body, if she took new cellsー』
『That【Gross Eater】girl will lose her ego and her body will not be able to return to normal』

I should stop her!

「Galle-chan! Don’t eat it! If you eat itー」Hanna

「I know, Hanna-san…」Galle

It seems that Galle-chan herself knew that it was a dangerous act, but she told me that she knew while smiling sadly.

「I’m sorry, Hanna-san… I already hate myself, so please, Hanna-san. Will you subjugate this bad girl as a monster?」Galle

「No! Galle-chan is not a bad girl!」Hanna

「As my last request, please keep a secret that I was the monster from the carpenters…」Galle

After that, she immediately swallowed the silver magic stone.


I ran toward her and tried to make her spit out the magic stone.

But it was too late…

Galle-chan’s golden brown skin was instantly wrapped in silver hair.

「Ugh! GaaAAaAAAaAAAー!」Galle

It was just a roar, but the impact blew my body backwards.

Galle-chan’s round eyes became sharp.
Her nose and chin sticking out.
Her arms, her legs, her entire body grew really huge.

「Galle… chan…」Hanna

It was no longer a cute and cheerful girl who was standing there.

It was a beautiful and scary giant wolf.

The mighty beastー Silver Wolf Fenrir.




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