Chapter 31 : Slime, Slime, Horned Rabbit


After Vince opened the door, there was a corridor, and at the end of the corridor, was the guild master’s room.

「Ou. Why are you guys here?」GM

「Guild Master, can we use this place for a minute?」Vince

「No problem, but can I see it too? It looks like it’ll be interesting」GM

「Of course」Vince

Inside the room, there were chairs, a table, and Guild Master who was sitting at his desk.

Vince took a deep breath once again.

「Alright. Allen first. Take out all you got」Vince

All Sara had were only horned rabbits and slime magic stones, so first, she would enjoy watching what kind of loots Allen would take out.

Allen would take out his dungeon loots from his pouch and put them on the table, and then Vince would appraise them.

First loot wasー

「Hoo. Slime magic stones, huh. Classic loot on the first floor of the dungeon… Hm? Oi, wait! Just how many you will take out!?」Vince

「Ah, I hunted them during the journey with my uncle, so there are so many」Allen

「Oh, well. And? This is it? Fiuh… Alright, next」Vince

Guild Master was watching them interestedly with his arms folded from his desk.

Next, Allen took out round things larger than basketball one after another.

「This is… Metal Armadillo!? They are the monsters the beginners should avoid because you would get serious injury if you were hit by them, right!?」Vince

「I have body strengthening, you know?」Allen

「I know, but… Oi, oi, seriously!?」Vince

Watching them, Sara spontaneously let out a “Phu,!”
She thought Allen was just like Nelly who did everything with body strengthening.

「Next… Flame Bat!? These guys are flying, right? They spit out flames from the air, right!?」Vince

「Flames, huh. I have body strengthening, so I was fine. I hit them when they came near me」Allen

「It flames, you know!? No way you will be fine!」Vince

Sara desperately stifled a laugh.

「Alright, next! …….Silk Rat, huh. Fiuh… this one is common… But….. Oi, oi! Just how many you have!?」Vince

It seems that there were so many this time.
The guild master’s room was filled with fluffy stuff and roll-ly stuff, while the table of the room was almost covered by slime magic stones.

In the end, Vince gave up and called an employee to appraise them and tidy up the room.

「Guild Master, I think our system to sell dungeon loots is strange. You saw it right? Even though Allen has this many monsters, he can’t sell them until he registered with the guild… Isn’t it strange?」Vince

「Well, I think it’s strange too, but I… don’t really understand that kinda stuff…」GM

That reminded Sara, Nelly once said something about Guild Master.

『Well, the guild master is alsoー No, wait. I forgot that person was kinda dumb…』Nelly in chapter 14

Sara looked at Guild Master and thenー

「Phu,! Fu fu!」Sara

ーshe let out a laugh.

Vince looked at Sara.

「Hm? Sara, it’s your turn now」Vince

「Ah, okay」Sara

The slime magic stones were small so it’s okay, but the horned rabbits were taking so much space in the storage bag, so Sara would be happy if she could sell all the rabbits.

Sara took out the horned rabbits from her storage backpack.

「Horned Rabbitー!?」Vince

「There were many of them when I was on my way to this town」Sara

「Yeah, I know! But… come on!」Vince

Sara remembered, there were more than ten rabbits attacking her that time.

「And… This is all. Fifteen rabbits」Sara

「Uwooh! That Horned Rabbit… fifteen!?」Vince

「And the next is…」Sara

「You still have others!?」Vince

Seeing Vince’s reaction, Sara gently put back the bag of slime magic stones she had taken out, into her pouch.

「A, Ahh. My bad. Don’t worry about me. Just take them out」Vince

Sara decided to put out only one bag for now.
She then opened the bag and poured the magic stones on the table.

「Fiuh… Just slime magic stones, huh… Indeed there are many of them even in places other than dungeons. But still, slimes are dangerous tho. Hm? ….Wait a minute! This is!」Vince

Vince shouted.
Guild Master also stood up all of a sudden.

「That is…!」GM

「Stray slime… magic stones…?」Vince

Vince’s hands and voice were trembling.

Sara nodded.

「…Sara, how did you…」Vince

「Sometimes I found them in the rocky areas on the hill」Sara

「Well, yeah, they sometimes appeared in the rocky hills. But…」Vince

Vince nodded with a smile.

「Wasn’t it hard to hunt them?」Vince

As he asked Sara so, Vince picked up the stray slime magic stone and looked closely at it while smiling.

「I tried not to look at them so they didn’t run, and then using magic, just whooshー shuuー Simple」Sara

「A, Ahh… Magic, right? Whoosh shuuー, right? Simple, right? Yes, yes…」Vince

「Yup. Once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy to hunt them」Sara

Said Sara while smiling as if it was truly easy.

「In reality, it shouldn’t be easy tho…」Vince

Because she hunted them easily, she never reported to Nelly, but it looks like normally, it shouldn’t be that easy.

「Sara… You still have more?」Vince


Sara took another bag full of stray slime magic stones.

「That bag… all of them are stray slime magic stones?」Vince


There were more than 20 in one bag. And she still had several bags.
The size of magic stones varied. Big and small.

「Just open the bag and show them to me without pouring them」Vince

「Okay. Here」Sara

Vince looked into the bag.
Then he leaned on her seat and looked up at the ceiling.

「All of them are stray slime magic stones… Haha… Hahaha…」Vince

「Vince… Are you okay?」Sara

「Sara, listen. Please keep a secret that you have a lot of stray slime magic stones. You will sell them to the guild through me secretly once a month little by little. If you sell all of them at once, the economic balance will crumble…」Vince


Magic stones didn’t use much space, so Sara was fine if she couldn’t sell them right away.

「Alright… Allen, you got 2,000,000 gils from selling loots you have accumulated until now. And Sara, you got 700,000 from the horned rabbits. You guys have made enough money to live in the town, you know? How about you rent rooms in the guild inn from today? We still have plenty of empty rooms」Vince

Sara and Allen looked at each other.

For Sara, she was still fine if she had to sleep outside the town at night.
Besides, there were no bad people outside unlike in the town.

「I planned to stay outside the town for a while. But Sara is…」Allen

「I also want to stay outside. But, since I had money, there’s something I want to do…」Sara

Sara looked at Allen, and Allen was like “Ah!”

「「Buying a tent!」」

Then they laughed together.

「Looks like they are having fun on the outside」GM

「Well, I’m sure they will be just fine outside. I never expected they were this strong」Vince

Vince waited for them to stop laughing, and then askedー

「So, Allen. What are you gonna do tomorrow?」Vince

「Of course. I’m going to the dungeon!」Allen

「With Sara?」Vince

「Me? No. I’m not going to the dungeon」Sara

Sara had no intention of entering the dungeon from the beginning.

「Since I can sell my herbs now, I will continue collecting herbs. Also, I want to continue working in the guild cafeteria and store while waiting for Nelly to come back」Sara

「I see」Vince

「If you feel like going into the dungeon, tell me! I’ll take you with me!」Allen

「Yes. Thank you, Allen!」Sara




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      Yeah, that’s really irritating me now. Misunderstandings don’t make enjoyable storylines, author!

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