Chapter 43 : A Battle That Cannot Be Lost



The most powerful monster among the wolf-type monsters.

You could find packs of them in the Demon Land, but it was impossible to come across this monster inside the kingdom.


Galle-chan, who had turned into Fenrir, howled toward the full moon.

I couldn’t feel Galle-chan’s presence in that monster anymore.
It had the eyes of a predator that would follow its instincts to hunt for prey.

「This is dangerous, Hanna sensei…! Let’s run away!」young carpenter

The young carpenter called out to me while still hiding behind a tree.

Wize noticed him and ordered the wolf.

「There’s a witness over there too! Galle, kill all those who know the truth!」Wize


Responding to his voice… No. Perhaps it was instinctively aiming for the person who was most afraid in this place.
The wolf rushed toward the young carpenter.

「Blunt Weapon Skill【Air Stakes】! 」Hanna

When I swung my hammer, several invisible stakes pierced into the ground and instantly created a fence to stop the wolf.

However, it didn’t help at all.
The wolf easily broke through the fence of air stakes.


I had no choice but to jump up and hit the wolf’s head with my hammer.

However, it didn’t do much damage because I didn’t hit that hard considering the wolf was Galle-chan.
After staggering for a second, the wolf fixed its footing and immediately opened its mouth then blew fire.

「Blunt Weapon Skill【Earth Wall】! 」Hanna

I stood in front of the young carpenter, hit the ground and created a wall of soil in front of us.

「Hot! Hot, hot hot!」young carpenter

The hot air that blew through the left and right sides of the wall made the young carpenter scream.

I was glad I managed to protect him in time, otherwise that fire would have turned him into ashes.

The trees on our left and right sides were burned by the fire breath.

「Khahahaha! Good, Good! Burn everything!」Wize

Wize rejoiced like a mad man.

But, this flame is bad…
If I keep inhaling the smoke and heat, I will eventually lose consciousness.

And above all, this flame stood out.
The smoke and the howling just before was more than enough to attract people here.

「Dance, dance, O’ flame dance at my will!【Fire Wall】! 」

The flames that were burning the trees were united as if they had a will, and created a wall of flame in front of Fenrir that was trying to rush toward us again.

There was only one person here who could do such a trick.

「Yada, yada! Yabaaaiiー! It’s a Fenrir! This is my first time seeing it!」Rozelia

「Hoo. What kind of day is this? A monster festival? I’ll turn them all into rust on my sword!」Cecil

Aa-Aahh! This is the worst!

Cecil and Rozelia who don’t know the circumstances will definitely try to kill Fenrir.

「You two! Wait! This monster is not evil!」Hanna

I might be able to convince Rozelia, but the other one is just…

「It’s not evil? Hmph. There’s no good or bad for monsters. I will just defeat any monsters in front of me. That’s my policy.」Cecil

Ck! I knew she wouldn’t listen!

Cecil pointed the tip of her rapier at Fenrir, which stopped moving due to the wall of fire.

「Sword Skill【Holyー」Cecil

「I won’t let youー!」Hanna

I hit Cecil’s rapier with my hammer and stopped the skill from being activated.

「I won’t let you hurt her!」Hanna

Even though she became a beast and lost her will completely, this wolf is still Galle-chan no matter what.

She asked me to subjugate her as a bad monster.
But, there’s no way I can fulfill such a wish.
And I can’t let other people do it either!

「Hanna Falsett! I knew it! You protect that monster because you made a contract with the evil god, didn’t you!?」Cecil

Cecil glared at me with more hatred than ever before.

「The one who destroyed the bridge, and also who protected it, it was all you! You made all this drama with your monster friends from the beginning! You devil!」Cecil

Yeah. Naturally, this insensitive dumb idiot girl would be thinking like that.

Hahh….. Enough with this girl’s talent to easily misunderstand.

I don’t even care now if the misunderstanding grows worse.

「…I made a promise… I made a promise with myself to protect not only the bridge, but also this girl’s smile!」Hanna

I held my hammer tightly and confronted Cecil.

「Thereforeー if you’re going to kill this girl, I’ll defeat you first!」Hanna

「You? Defeat me? Hah! Did you forget who was the one who beat you a year ago!?」Cecil

Right. That time I was just a weak girl who longed to become an adventurer.

But now it’s different.

With a hammer in my hand and desire to save Galle-chan in my heart, I won’t lose to anyone!

A genius swordswoman? So what!?

No matter how strong Cecil is, I can’t lose this fight!



Author :
Finally! Hanna vs Cecil began!




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