Chapter 32 : Raise A Toast With Juice


「Now I know why those childs really wanted to make an ID… So that they can sell them, huh…」GM

After Sara and Allen were out of the room, the guild master said so while staring at the door.

「Sara was it? I never thought that she was strong. For being able to hunt stray slimes easily, I’m sure she will become a skillful magician. I really want to see how she hunted the stray slimes tho」GM

「But wait. Look at these horned rabbits. Their necks are broken, and there are no scratches on the fur, so I think she’s not a magician. It seemed she used body strengthening or some kind of physical attack」Vince

「Huhh? What does that mean?」GM

Guild Master tilted his head, confused.

「Well, fortunately, it looks like she’s going to continue working here, so we can watch her. Maybe someday, she will be going to the dungeon with Allen」Vince

「Yeah, you’re right」GM

「More importantly, Guild Master…」Vince

They were still curious about Sara, but there was a more serious problem that made Guild Master’s and Vince’s head hurt.

「Ah. The search team for the girl, huh. There’s no way such a weak platoon can go to the Demon Mountain. They will become snacks for the alpine wolves before they reach the hut」GM

「Moreover, the knights are the aristocratic boys who don’t need to join the dragon extermination team to fight when the migration of the dragons began… That means they are weak knights…」Vince

「Yeah. It would be impossible for them to successfully find the girl. But now that I’m free, maybe I should help them」GM

「‘Free’ you say!? You still have a lot of job to do, you know!」Vince

「Geez, I know. But at this rate, it would be difficult with only Christ alone, so I’ll join him」GM

While staring at the employee who cleaned up the horn rabbits, Vince was thinking for a moment.

「Hahh… Alright, I understand. But, please hold your emotion and don’t hurt the knights during the search. If possible, bring back the Goddess’s foster child who has a weird name safely」Vince

Guild Master took a paper at his table and read it.

「Ichi… Ichinooku Rasaarasa… What a weird name. Her age was around 12. A cute black-haired girl, huh. She was a fragile girl who couldn’t even fight, so she always hid inside the hut」GM
*/Sara’s real name is Ichinokura Sarasa (chapter 3)

「Hmm. There is a barrier around the hut, right? She will be safe as long as she stays inside the hut, but…」Vince

They both wondered what if the girl recklessly went outside, but they didn’t say it.

「Tomorrow, I’ll be going in the morning. Vince, I leave the guild to you for a while」GM

「I understand. Guild Master too, be careー Ah, never mind」Vince

Vince shook his head because he knew that he didn’t need to worry about Guild Master.
Even though he was dumb, he was one of the strongest hunters in the country.

「I’m not that dumb, okay?」GM



「Hey, Sara. Now that we have an ID card, how about we eat somewhere to celebrate it before going home?」Allen

「Nice idea! Besides, I only eat at the food stalls and the guild cafeteria until now. I want to eat somewhere else!」Sara

「There is a restaurant that I used to go to with my uncle. Let’s go there!」Allen

「Yes! Let’s go!」Sara

It’s the first eating-out in another world!
Sara was excited.

Guided by Allen, they headed toward the inside of the town.

But, what caught Sara’s eyes wasn’t the busy streets or shops.

「Allen, what is that?」Sara

「Hm? Ah it’s the ‘second’」Allen

「The second? Come to think of it, the person at the East Gate said, “go along the third” to me when I just arrived at this town」Sara
*/ chapter 16
Sara was interested in a wall at a distance in front of them.
It wasn’t as high as the wall on the outside, but it was still high.

「Sara, you don’t know? That’s the second defense wall. This wall was made just in case the third defense wall was broken. Inside the second is a residential area」Allen

Sara opened her mouth.
She really didn’t know anything.

「Then, is there the ‘first’ too?」Sara

「Of course. The town mayor and other elite people live inside the first. I’ve never been there tho」Allen

Apparently, the people and the hunters of the guild who often went to the dungeon, lived inside the third or outside the town.

「That’s a huge difference」Sara

「Nah. It’s normal here」Allen

Allen shrugged, and then he pointed at a store.

「That’s the restaurant. The Orely. Meat there is delicious!」Allen

「Heeー Let’s go!」Sara

They walked through the crowd to the restaurant.

「Welcome! Oh? Isn’t it Allen?」

「Oba-san! I was able to register to the guild!」Allen

「That’s good! I’m glad for you! You can sit over there」oba-san

An oba-san wearing an apron, who looked so busy, pointed to a table at the edge of the restaurant.

Sara followed Allen from behind to the two-people table oba-san pointed at, and then they sat facing each other.

「The recommendation here is orc meat or horned rabbit. But the rabbit is more expensive」Allen

「Like the price of skewer in the food stall, huh」Sara

「Yes. Moreover, the rabbit meat is smaller compared to the orc meat, so it makes you feel it’s even more expensive」Allen

「Is that so?」Sara

Sara was curious about what the rabbits, that were attacking her in the grassland that time, would taste.

「Have you guys decided your order?」oba-san

Sara and Allen looked at each other and nodded.

「「Horned rabbit!」」

「Alright. Two sets of horned rabbit meals. But, it will be 2,000 gils each. Isn’t it too expensive for you?」oba-san

Concerned about them, the oba-san asked them with a small voice.

「Don’t worry, oba-san. Both of us just sold our items in the guild, so we have a lot of money」Allen

Allen answered with a small voice too, and then he gave a signal to Sara.

Sara, who looked at Allen, took out two silver coins with holes (2,000) from her pouch.

「I see. But here, you pay after the food comes. Please wait a moment」oba-san

The oba-san then returned to the kitchen.

The restaurant was quite large, and most of the tables were two-people tables, but some people put the table together to make a four-people table.
They were not only eating but also drinking alcohol.

「Most of the people who come here are hunters, you know?」Allen

「I see. So they are hunters」Sara

Sara was looking around.

There were people from around their late ten’s to forties.
Most of them were men, but also there were a few women.

「There are various people who became hunters. It seems like everyone can be a hunter」Sara

「Well, people who have magical power often become hunters. Men and women don’t really matter as long as you can fight. Aside from that is… experience?」Allen

「The thing that we don’t have yet」Sara

「Haha. You’re right」Allen

After a while of waiting.

「Thank you for waiting. Here’s your meals」oba-san

What was placed on the table were bread and two large bowls of stew with meat and vegetables.

「And this is a service from me to celebrate you becoming a hunter」oba-san

「Eh?? Ale!?」Allen

「It’s not ale! It’s a yabu-ichigo* juice. You guys are still a child, so it suits you better」oba-san

*/ Maybe it’s some kind of raspberry or something.

The oba-san winked as she said that, and then took the money that Sara and Allen put on the table, then returned to the counter of the restaurant.

「Juice! I’m happy!」Sara

「Me too!」Allen

Sara loved juice.
She would gratefully drink it.

「Well then. Cheersー!」Allen


They felt like the more they drank the juice the more the tiredness of the day went away.


After that, they started eating the horned rabbit stew.

They looked at each other and smiled.





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