Hi guys, it’s been a while.
Since the author decided to finish this series at chapter 81, I think I’ll finish it too.

Previously, after Mallow kicked Hamgoro’s butt, she went to a mine with Hamgoro and Buncho to collect the material for making a guitar.
But, a giant spider appeared all of a sudden, and Mallow was forced to log out by the system.
The day after, she met Soufflé, a mysterious girl wearing a patissiere’s clothes, at Gun City in area 3.


Chapter 63 : The Future Shown On The Cards


They walked a little to a bench in the fountain square and sat there.
Although it was called the fountain square, there was no fountain coming out. The water was dry and the atmosphere was sorrowful.

「I got separated from a friend I was playing with」Soufflé

Began to trust Mallow, Soufflé talked about what happened to her.

「My friend was good to me. Even though this is a game where you fight monsters, but that person always play with me who only makes sweets all the time」Soufflé

「I see. You have a good friend」Mallow

「Yes. Today, my friend listened to my selfish request and came to this Area 3 with me. But, because I was wandering around we got separated…」Soufflé

「I see. Well, for now, let’s just wait for your friend here」Mallow

「Isn’t it better if we look around the city?」Soufflé

「We might pass each other without us noticing, so it’s better not to move around」Mallow

「Umm…. Okay. Maybe you’re right」Soufflé

Soufflé nodded. She agreed with Mallow to stay.

「By the way, what brought you to this area? I don’t have any knowledge about making sweets or crafting, so I have no idea what you can do here」Mallow

「Umm. Actually, I heard information that you can buy special cooking utensils and seasonings for making sweets at an NPC shop in this area, so I came to buy them」Soufflé

「Heeー I see」Mallow

「It’s called ”Red-Copper Pot” and “Star Sugar”. I can make new kind of sweets with this」Soufflé

As she said that, Soufflé took out the items that she just bought and showed them to Mallow.

The [Red-Copper Pot] was literally a pot that glowed red.

And a vial containing [Star Sugar] was shining like stardust. Mallow thought it might be good to use as interior decoration.
Well, Mallow didn’t have a guild house to put any interior decoration tho.

A few minutes later.

「……It’s awkward to just do nothing while waiting, so… Mallow-san, you want some?」Soufflé

Saying that, Soufflé took out a jar of chocolate chip cookies.

「Waahー Thank you!」Mallow

Mallow ate the cookies deliciously.

When she thought it would be even more delicious if she ate it with milk, she heard a voice calling for Soufflé.


The two moved their gaze to the direction of the voice.

There was a player with a red-haired avatar that could be a girl or a boy (unknown gender) breathing heavily.

She? / He? ran toward Soufflé.

「I’m glad I found you. I knew you’d be here」???

「U, Un… I’m sorry, Puty」Soufflé

「Nah, it’s fine. As long as you’re safe, running around the city is nothing for me……. But, umm…」???

That player looked at Mallow who was eating a full mouth of cookies next to Soufflé.

「I never thought that Soufflé was with you, Mallow-san」???

「Homu? (her mouth is full of cookies)」Mallow

Mallow tilted her head.

(Why does this player know my name?)

「Haha. Why do you look so confused? Of course, I know you. You’re a famous player from the last battle royale event」???

「Nggu (swallowing the cookies). Am I that famous?」Mallow

「There’s even a rumor saying that you’re planning to take over the Dark Night Round Table Guild….. Well, it doesn’t matter right now. More importantlyー」???

The player scratched the back of the head and then bowed to Mallow.

「Thank you for accompanying Soufflé」???

「It was my pleasure. And you are…..」Mallow

「Call me Empty. Soufflé call me Puty, but I’d like you to call me Empty」Empty

「I see. Say, Emptyー」Mallow

Mallow tightened her expression a little and saidー

「Soufflé-chan was really confused in the middle of the street alone, you know? If you’re accompanying her, you have to watch her properly」Mallow

「Yes, I know. It was my bad. I’ll be careful from now on」Empty

「Un! You’re her friend after all. A friend of a good girl like Soufflé-chan must be a good person too」Mallow

「Ma, Mallow-san, you embarrass me…」Soufflé

Soufflé blushed and her mouth was shaking.

Seeing such a situation, Empty muttered 「Heeー」

「For being trusted by Soufflé so quickly. What kind of trick did you use?」Empty

「Trick? No. It’s not that I treat Soufflé-chan as if she was a hard-to-approach animal. I think it’s the result of us facing each other honestly」Mallow

「I see… Well, Soufflé is very cautious, so I was a little surprised seeing her talking with you intimately」Empty

「Pu, Puty. Don’t say something about me like that to Mallow-san…! It’s embarrassing」Soufflé

「But it’s true, right?」Empty

「Well, I have a friend who is similar to Soufflé-chan, so I can understand her」Mallow

A friend Mallow was talking about is a girl with dark green hair. Akari.
She always looked anxious for some reason.
At first, Mallow never thought of having a relationship with such a girl, but then she realized that Akari was a good girl, and they became friends before they realized.

Mallow thought that the two people in front of her must also have a mysterious relationship and finally became friends like Mallow and Akari.

「But, really. Thank you very much, Mallow-san」Empty

「I didn’t do anything tho?」Mallow

「No, no. You’ve been talking with Soufflé, accompanying her until I came. I’m happy you did that for her. So let me show you something as my gratitude」Empty

「Show me something?」Mallow

「Mallow-san, do you have something you want right now? I’ll foresee its whereabouts for you」Empty


Mallow looked at Empty with suspicious eyes, but Empty gave Mallow a bitter smile.

「Mallow-san. It’s a skill that is implemented in this game. So it has a high accuracy, you know?」Empty

「Mallow-san. Puty might look suspicious, but Puty’s fortune-telling is very accurate, so please try it for once」Soufflé

「Oi, Soufflé. What do you mean by “Puty might look suspicious”, huh?」Empty

「It’s literally like I said, you look suspicious」Soufflé

「What did you say!?」Empty

「Ahaha. Well, if Soufflé-chan said that, I would like to try it」Mallow

While smiling at how the two were interacting with each other, Mallow decided to try Empty’s fortune-telling.

「Alright then」Empty

Empty took out a deck of cards from her pocket.

It seemed that Empty would be using the cards for fortune-telling.

「Mallow-san, please tell me what you want the most right now」Empty

「Okay… I want to know where I can find the finest string material to make a guitar」Mallow

「Understood… The whereabouts of the finest string material… 」Empty

Empty input the information to the display that appeared in front her.

After Empty was done inputting the information, the cards were floating from Empty’s hand and then lined up in front of Mallow by itself.

There were letters written on the card, and Mallow slowly read it aloud.

「Umm… Flower garden of relaxation?」Mallow

「That place, huh?」Empty

「Does this means, the string material is in that place?」Mallow

「Yup… But, Flower Garden of Relaxation, huh… How should I put it… It’s somewhat a troublesome place」Empty

「Is that so, Puty?」Soufflé


「Hee… I see…」Mallow

「……It’s normal if Soufflé don’t know about it, but Mallow-san, you don’t know about that place too?」Empty

Empty wondered if Mallow really knew nothing about it.

And after Empty saw Mallow tilted her headー

「So you really don’t know, huh? Could it be, you just started playing right after ‘that event’? If that true, you’re amazing to be able to fight with Bolg and Grey in the battle royale event, then!」Empty

「W, Well… Yeah, something like that…」Mallow

Mallow decided to just put it that way.

「And… What is ‘that event’ you talked about」Mallow

「That event…」Empty

After made a little exaggerated gesture, Empty answeredー

「Flower Garden of Relaxation. It was a dungeon with the lowest difficulty level in Area 1 at that time. And it was also the battlefield for the『World End Quest : Evil』」Empty




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