Chapter 33 : Sara and The Guild


The next day, Sara was able to collect herb grasses, fine herb grasses and magic grasses by herself and still had time to go to the guild at the usual time.
She could collect herbs quickly because she didn’t do it while teaching Allen this time.

「Eh? There are fewer people than usual today」Sara

The guild was somewhat quiet, and the receptionists were also free.

「Good morning」Sara

「Yo, Sara」Vince

「Sara! Congratulations on guild registration! Sorry, I couldn’t say it yesterday」Miina

Vince greeted Sara casually, but Miina gave her a warm congratulations.

「Thank you. By the way, why there only a few people today?」Sara

「Ah. Today Chris and Guild Master will be leading the knight to the north dungeon. The hunter didn’t want to get involved, so they entered the dungeon early today」Miina

Chris, who Sara wanted to meet so badly, had become a nobody to Sara after he showed his cold attitude to Sara yesterday, so Sara didn’t care even though that person went out of town once again.

At that time, Mize came out from the cafeteria.

「Still, the hunters will come back as usual at dinner. Today’s potatoes are waiting for you, hurry up!」Mize

「Yes, sir!」Sara

「Don’t forget to tighten your belt!」Mize

And today’s job at the guild began.

Before noon, Tedd came to buy herbs from Sara. She earned 10,000 gils from selling him herbs she picked in the morning.

Because the knights were already gone, she didn’t have to work overtime today.
She only worked at the cafeteria and the store as usual.

The amount of guild lunch boxes that were sold has been increasing little by little since the first day.
The reason isー “I don’t wanna eat cold lunch boxes anymore. Why are you only available at this time?”
Yes. The hunters who were captivated by the lunch boxes that Sara warmed up, had increased.

Sara could have just warmed up all the lunch boxes in the storage boxes, but she couldn’t really ask Granpa Mozz to separate Sara’s earnings every time he sold them.
Therefore, those who wanted a warm lunch box, had no choice but to come when Sara was available.

Sara’s work didn’t change even after she got an ID, but now that she could sell herbs stably, she could earn 15,000 gils every day.
By the time Nelly returned, not only would she be able to live, but she could also save a lot of money.

By the time Sara’s working time was about to end, Miina came to the store counter and talked to her.

「I bet Sara earned a lot more money than beginner hunters. Well, there were no beginner hunters in Roza tho」Miina

「There were no beginners here?」Sara

「The dungeon for the beginners is far south from here. Because it’s for beginners, even a 12-year-old child like you can enter, you know?」Miina

「But unfortunately, Sara doesn’t want to be a hunter… right?」Vince

Vince jumped in from the side.

「Ara. Is that so? I thought you are going to team up with Allen」Miina

「I won’t be a hunter. I’m just waiting for Nelly here」Sara

「I, I see…」Miina

In Roza, usually, if an adult woman wanted to work, she had no choice but to dive in a dungeon as a hunter, work at the entertainment district, or work in a cafeteria or something.
Everyone in the guild thought that Nelly person probably couldn’t make much money here and decided to go south to the royal capital.
But, once people experienced living in the royal capital, most likely they wouldn’t want to return to Roza.

And because it wasn’t easy to earn money in Roza, from the perspective of everyone in the guild, Sara was really a strong girl, because she managed to live alone while staying outside the town.
In the first place, the guild hired her only to help her at least to survive, but they never thought Sara could make it this far.

Sara had become an indispensable worker in the cafeteria and the store.
Thanks to her, some hunters were even willing to change their usual time to come to the guild just to buy lunch boxes warmed by her.

Therefore, it’s fine if Sara continued working at the guild.

It’s fine, but still, everyone in the guild was sympathetic to Sara, who was waiting for a person named Nelly who probably would never come back.

Everyone thought it would be better if Sara teamed up with Allen to dive the dungeon, make money, and make a living in this town.

Because for the guild, Sara and Allen were still a child, everyone in the guild wanted to help them to live properly in this town.






Days had passed.
Sara finally bought a tent and could live more comfortably outside the town.
She also felt that the guild had become her home.


One day, after Sara’s working time was over, and Grandpa Mozz was about to take Sara’s place, that time, the door of the guild slammed wildly all of a sudden.

「Please help! Our friends got injured! Call the people from pharmacist guild!」

About 10 hunters barged into the guild.

No. Hunters had different armor, but these people were all wearing matching armor.
Their hair was sticky with sweat and looked tired, but still Sara thought they were quite handsome for some reason.

「They are knights」Vince


Sara then opened her eyes wide and stared at those handsome knights.

Some parts of their armor were broken, and there were blood stains in their armor, but they were still standing on their own feet while supporting each other.

They asked people in the guild to call the people from the Pharmacist Guild, that probably means that they haven’t fully recovered.

Sara looked at the store inventory.
Because she always sold fine herb grasses to the Pharmacist Guild everyday, the guild could purchase advanced potions every day.
Therefore, even though there were only a few left, there were still advanced potions in the store shelf.

While Vince asked the guild employee to call the people from the Pharmacist Guild, the knights looked so tired and were about to collapse.

Sara looked at the cafeteria that wasn’t too crowded.
She checked the number of chairs, and then ran toward Vince.


「What, Sara? We’re busy right now」Vince

Vince looked at the knights as if he said, “ahh, what a pain in the butt”.

「There are seven advanced potions and thirty regular potionst left in the store. And since there are still empty chairs in the cafeteria, we should let them sit first」Sara

「I don’t know if potions can help. They asked us to call a pharmacist, so it means they can’t be healed only by potions. But, yeah, we should move them to the cafeteria. They will get in people’s way if they are just standing there. Ahh… what a pain」Vince

Vince acted like a slacker even though there were people injured in front of him.
Sara thought he was a bit cruel.

But, Vince acted like that because they were the knights from the royal capital.

「And what the heck happened to Chris and Guild Master who accompanied them? Why only the knights returns?」Vince

There seemed to be something happening, but since Sara didn’t know the circumstances, she didn’t care about it and only focused on helping the knights to sit on the chairs in the cafeteria.




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