Chapter 34 : It’s Not That I Admire Knights


「I already sent an employee to bring the pharmacist, but first, can you tell me what happened? Where is Chris and our guild master?」Vince

The knight who was shouting, asking for the pharmacist, seemed to be the one leading these knights to withdraw.

While caring about his companions, he answered Vince’s question.

「Thanks to the town barrier along the highway, we went smoothly until we reached the grasslands, but after that, we had trouble getting into the north dungeon」knight

「I know the monsters in the northern dungeon are strong. And Nefeltally managed to control those monsters… until you, the royal capital people took her away」Vince

Said Vince cynically.
He wondered if the monsters became even fiercer than before because Nefeltally wasn’t there.
Still, it was still only a few months since her absence, he didn’t think that it would have such a big impact on the monsters. Besides, when Nefeltally usually went to the royal capital for several months, there was no one managing the northern dungeon called the Demon Mountain.
Then, why do the monsters become fiercer now?

「Guild Master also said that it was weird. When we arrived at the entrance of the dungeon, a pack of alpine wolves were wandering around there」knight

「Impossible. The alpine wolves’ habitat should be in a high part of the northern dungeon, and should be separated from the forest wolves’ habitat」Vince

「But they were really there! The wolves attacked us, and half of the members were seriously injured. The injured member drank the advanced potions and got healed, but we decided to leave them because we think they are too weak to continue since they almost got killed by the wolves. We left them and entered the dungeon, but then we got attacked by a flock of Cockatrice」knight

「Huh? Cockatrices don’t move in groups」Vince

「But they did! We are quite confident with our body strengthening, but some of us were panicked, and they were paralyzed by the cockatrices」knight

The knight made a regretful look and looked down at the floor.

「Of course, we used anti-paralyze on them, but the curse was too strong, they could only move a little. Then, Chris-sama said, “The knights should go back to Roza and ask the pharmacists from my guild to handle those who are paralyzed.” We separated with Chris-sama, Guild Master, several hunters, and also our captain. We walked while carrying those who were paralyzed and somehow managed to go back here」knight

Normally, it would take three days to get to the north dungeon, a.k.a Demon Mountain.
Even if you use a carriage, it can only speed you up a little.
If all goes well, Guild Master and the others would return tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

「What exactly ‘is’ Nefeltally? She can arrive at the dungeon in one day while normally it takes three days. Moreover, she lives in that dungeon with cockatrices and alpine wolves」knight

「Yeah, she’s strong, right? And you people, the royal capital, want that power, so you took her even though you still have strong knights. What a greedy people」Vince


The knight could only remain silent hearing Vince’s sarcasm.

Vince knew that the knights only carried out orders, and the knights who took Nefeltally away weren’t the knights in front of him right now, still, he hates knights.

「Where’s the injured people!?」pharmachist

At that time, the people from the Pharmacist Guild including the Deputy Guild Master, rushed in.

「Here! We got some people paralyzed by cockatrice here」knight

「I understand. Vince, we need some bed」pharmachist

「Hahh. Can’t be helped. Move them to the room on the back. And Sara, you can go home now」Vince

「Eh? But…」Sara

Actually, Sara still wanted to look after the knights, but now that the pharmacists were here, she thought they didn’t need her.

In the room on the back of the guild, Vince sighed while watching the pharmacists treating the knights.

The effects of anti-paralyze and antidote could be dramatically improved when combined with advanced potions.
But, there was a side effect.
The person who received the potion would lose their physical strength drastically, and it could be life threatening.

The pharmacist’s job was to examine the patient, and adjust the potion according to the condition of the patient.

Actually, there’s no way Chris can’t do that.
He didn’t treat the knights but sent them back because he just wanted to get rid of the nuisances.

「To be honest, you guys are excellent pharmacists. But why did you make Sara so upset that time?」Vince

「I’m sorry about that. It was the first time that Chris-sama was absent. I was in a bad mood that time, so…」Tedd

The deputy guild master of the Pharmacist Guild sighed.

「Hahh… Actually, I wanted her to become our member. She collected so many rare herbs by herself. Would be good if she eventually became a pharmacist in our guild tho」deputy GM

「Nah. Now that she has zero trust on you guys, I don’t think it will happen」Vince

「I know… And her stubbornness was as hard as metal armadillos」deputy GM

Vince said in his head, “serve you right”.




The next day, Sara was excited to see the handsome knights from yesterday, but after she opened the door of the guild, she was disappointed, because the guild looked like usual.

「Ara. Sara, why you look so down?」Miina

「Good morning, Miina. I didn’t see the knights yesterday, so I thought I can see them today, but they’re not here」Sara

「Eh? Didn’t you guide them to the chairs in cafeteria yesterday?」Miina

「Yeah, but I’m not looking at them enough!」Sara

「I, I see… Well, I remember when I was a child, I also admired the knights」Miina

「Geh! What so good about those weaklings? Admiring our dumb Guild Master is one million times better!」Vince

Vince interrupted all of a sudden from the counter on the other side.

Miina laughed a little.

「Because the knights are guests from the royal capital, the town mayor had prepared their lodging in ‘the second’. So maybe you won’t be able to see them」Miina

「I see… That’s too bad. Well then, I’ll start working as usual」Sara

Allen was having fun entering the dungeon lately, so he wasn’t interested in knights.
Sara couldn’t talk to Allen about knights, so she was happy knowing that she could talk about it with Miina.


When Sara’s morning work was almost over, Mize talked to Sara.



While peeling the potatoes smoothly, Sara looked up at Mize.

「There are some knights in the cafeteria」Mize


「You wanna see them, right? The knights you admire」Mize

It wasn’t that she admired them, but it seems that everyone in the guild thought that Sara admired the knights.

「You can take a break. Come here」Mize

Mize beckoned Sara from the entrance of the kitchen.


They both poked their head out of the kitchen entrance and looked at the cafeteria.

The knights took off their armor and showed their rough body.
Their hair was also neatly arranged, giving a refreshing impression.

「I wanted to see them wearing their knight clothes and shining armor tho」Sara

「Yeah, you’re right. If they take off their armor, they just look like a normal onii-san」Mize

They saw the waitress onee-san was talking with the knights.

「That’s knight-sama for you! Your smile is so refreshing」waitress

「Hah! How can they smile like that after they ran away from the northern dungeon?」Mize

Said Mize with a low voice.

「Mize-san, Sara. What are you doing at the entrance peeking out like that? 」waitress

The waitress onee-san came back and looked at Sara and Mize suspiciously.

「She said, she wants to look at the knights she admires」Mize

Sara wasn’t admiring them, but it was a pain to correct Mize.

「They should eat their lunch at a fine restaurant at ‘the second’, not here」Mize

「Ah, they said that the guild atmosphere makes them feel relieved. Maybe because when they came here yesterday, they were healed by this air」waitress

Sara and Mize looked at each other, and then they looked around at the guild.
The air was normal for them tho.

「Well, they grew up in the city. Maybe they just want to eat at a simple place like this sometimes」Mize

「You may be right」Sara

After she satisfied looking at the knights, Sara returned to her job.

Today was just a peaceful day like the other days, and Sara thought tomorrow would be the same…


She didn’t know that her peaceful days would be ruined in the next several days.




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