Chapter 35 : The Girl’s Whereabouts


The next day.
As usual, Sara picked herbs and went to work in the guild.
Again, as usual, Tedd came to buy Sara’s herbs.

After Sara finished working in the cafeteria and started working in the store, that time, the guild door slammed open.
Chris, Guild Master, a person with knight armor, and several hunters came in.

Vince stood up and immediately approached the guild master.

「Guild Master! …….Wait, where is the girl?」Vince

Guild Master shook his head languidly, while Chris was looking down with a dark face.

「…I see….. Anyway, please get some rest at the room on the back」Vince

「That room is my room tho…」GM

Now that the guild master and the others came back safely, an atmosphere of relief filled the guild.

Sara turned back and looked at the store shelf.

Because Tedd regularly bought Sara’s herbs now, the guild store never ran out of potions.
This much would be enough for those people to use it, Sara thought.

She was curious about what happened, but she didn’t want to get involved because Chris person was in it.

When Grandpa Mozz came, Sara left the store to him and immediately left the guild.



「Here’s the meals」Mize

Mize and the waitress delivered hot meals and drinks to Guild Master’s room.
It was really quiet there.

Mize could tell whether their mission to pick up the girl from the northern dungeon was a success or not from their depressed face.

Thinking that she was a girl of the same generation as Sara and Allen who were desperately living in this cruel world, Mize felt sorry for the girl.
But since Mize had retired from being a hunter, all he could do now was doing his best to watch over people around him and protect their happiness.
There was no choice for him but to leave the girl to these people.

「But, you didn’t find clear evidence that the girl was killed by monsters there, right? So there’s a possibility that the girl is still alive」Vince

Hearing Vince’s words, Mize, who was arranging drinks and meals on the table, stopped his hands for a second.

「But, we couldn’t find her. The hut door wasn’t locked, and there was a storage bag with a month’s worth of food」Chris

Said Chris with a weak voice.

「The fact that the food was left behind and the door was unlocked meant that she was going to go out for a while and come back, right? The room was neat, so there really was someone other than Nef who lived there since Nef never cleaned up her room. That must be the girl who cleaned the room. But, the furniture and tables were lightly dusty, and the room was cold somehow. Even if the girl was there, she must have left the hut many days ago. But…」Chris

Chris made a confused look.

「I wonder how the girls came out… Outside the hut, there were alpine wolves wandering around. They even didn’t try to run away after they saw us coming. I’m sure if the weak knights, who ran away at the entrance of the dungeon, entered the hut, they didn’t want to get out of the hut anymore」Chris

「They didn’t run away! Chris, you sent them to return to this town!」captain

「Because they would definitely die! You know that」Chris


Chris and the young captain of the knight corps were glaring at each other.

Mize sighed looking at them.

The people in this place have a lot of magical power, including Mize.
However, people can adjust the amount of magical power that they emitted to some extent if they trained and concentrated enough.
Chris was particularly good at it. He could adjust the pressure as little as possible that the other people could hardly notice that he had a lot of magical power.

But now, either out of anger or exhaustion, Chris emitted his pressure to the fullest.
The captain, who had relatively little magic compared to people here, was under pressure.

「Oi, Chris. Hold it down a little, will you?」GM

Warned by Guild Master, who was sitting at his own desk, Chris immediately suppressed the pressure.

The air in the room felt so much better than before.

The captain took a breath of relief.

Chris turned his face away.

「Ahh… I wonder what should I say to Nef….」Chris

Chris covered his face with both hands.

「It’s not our fault that she was gone. In the first place, Chris, it’s not your duty to report to her, right? The one who should report was the captain of the knight corps who sits over there」GM

The captain’s face tensed.

Mize looked at the waitress and nodded, then they quietly left Guild Master’s room.

「What a poor girl」Mize

「She was the same age as Sara, right? Ah, I wish I didn’t hear that…」waitress

They only delivered food, but those two ended up hearing a heavy story.

「But…like the knights said yesterday. The air of the guild is somewhat refreshing even though there are so many people with a lot of magical power」waitress

「Ahh, come to think of it. You’re right. I wonder why… Oh, well, we just have to work as usual. Let’s do our best until dinner!」Mize

「Yes, sir!」waitress




The next day.
When Sara came to the guild, the atmosphere was somewhat laid-back, because the knights had already left for the royal capital.

Sara felt a little disappointed that the exciting days where she could see handsome knights was over.
But, since she already saw the knights up close once, she was quite satisfied.

However, instead of having such exciting days here, Sara wanted Nelly to come back and lived a mediocre life with her in the hut again.
She even missed the voice of the alpine wolves.


One year.
She decided if Nelly didn’t come back in one year, she would go to the royal capital to find her.
But, what if she still couldn’t find her?

「If I still can’t find her, I’ll search all over the country and keep walking until I know what happened to Nelly」

But, she would need a lot of money for that.

「Let’s do my best to make money. I’ll even sell more herbs to the Pharmacist Guild if needed. That’s why, wait for me, Nelly. I’ll definitely find you」

In the corner of the guild, Sara quitely solidified her determination.




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