Chapter 36 : The Boy Who Hunts Stray Slime


Sara lived her daily life as usual.

One thing that changed in her daily life was the Pharmacist Guild.

The one who bought herbs Sara picked every morning was Tedd, Deputy Guild Master, and sometimes Chris.

And every time they came to the guild to buy her herbs, she would be askedー

「Would you like to join the Pharmacist Guild?」Chris

And Sara would made a smile and answeredー

「No way~」Sara

When Chris came to the guild to buy her herbs in the morning, Sara was confused at first.
Because from the first impression when she met him, she thought he was cold, but now he was like a different person.

「I see… By the way, I heard you were looking for me」Chris

Chris now spoke calmly to Sara.
Now Sara knew why he was loved by people around him.

「Yes, I was. But now I don’t need you anymore」Sara

When Sara answered Chris so flatly, the people around them were a little panicked.

「I see. So you already found a place where you belong by yourself. What a strong child. Nelly was it? The person you are waiting for」Chris


Chris heard about Nelly from Tedd.

「Red hair and green eyes are common here, but you said she was very beautiful, right? I have a friend. She’s beautiful and has red hair and green eyes too. But, she is…」Chris

「She is?」Sara

「She’s the same age as me, close to 40. Nelly you’re looking for is…」Chris

「She is in her late 20s…」Sara

So that person wasn’t Nelly, huh. Is Nelly really not in this town…?

「We got to know each other too late, but I think this is fate, so let me take care of you… in place of the lost adopted child of Nefeltally…」Chris

Sara didn’t understand what he was talking about in the last sentence, but as Chris said that, Sara saw Vince stood up all of a sudden.

「No, you don’t need to. I will just wait for Nelly here. If she didn’t come back in a year, I’ll go look for her. That’s it」Sara

Hearing what Sara said, Chris frowned.

「Sara, listen… That Nelly person is most likely…」Chris

「Wait! Chris!」Vince

Vince hurriedly stopped Chris who tried to say something.

「I don’t know what you wanted to say. But Nelly is strong. I’m sure she’s living somewhere right now. And I’m sure she also wants to see me」Sara


Everyone thought that the person named Nelly abandoned Sara and lived in the royal capital.

Sara gave her herbs to Chris, and went to the kitchen to work.

No matter what people think, she will always do her job as usual.

「Sara, your belt!」Mize

「Yes, sir!」Sara

Sara’s day started as usual.

Sara and Allen’s busy days continued.

The persistence invitations from the Pharmacist Guild also continued.

A year had passed, and by the time there was a sign of spring would come, a person came to the Hunter Guild.

「Nefeltally! You finally come back!」Vince

Hearing Vince’s loud voice, Sara stopped her hands from arranging the potions on the store shelf.

「Nefeltally? I heard that name so many times, but I wonder who that person is」Sara

Sara, who had normal days without any interesting things happening recently, looked at the entrance with interest.

There was a female hunter with a red-haired ponytail who looked very tired, but she walked briskly toward Vince who was standing up at the reception.

「We thought you wouldn’t come back」Vince

「Vince. Call Guild Master」Nefeltally

She talked to Vince with a manly voice.


Vince gave a signal to a guild staff member, and then the staff member ran to Guild Master’s room.

「I want to hear about what happened in the Demon Mountain from the person who actually went there. I don’t believe it… I don’t believe that she was gone!」Nefeltally


Guild Master slammed open the back door and came out.

「You come back!」GM

「You have proof?」Nefeltally

Without greeting, the hunter named Nefeltally said that to Guild Master.

Guild Master sighed and explained.

「It seems that the hut has been empty for a long time. The door was left open. There was no one. A pack of alpine wolves were wandering around the hut. Do you even need proof?」

「How about the food stock?」Nefeltally

「There was a lot of food stock left. If she went somewhere, she should have brought the food, right?」GM

Guild Master made a face as if he said, “Just give up already, she’s gone”.

「How much was left?」Nefeltally

「How much you ask? There was a lot of food. Guild bento boxes, bread, and many more」GM

「How many months worth!?」Nefeltally

The woman grabbed Guild Master’s collar strongly.

「W, Wait, calm down. I’ll die before I can remember!」GM


She let go of Guild Master. She was really strong.

「If i’m not mistaken. Umm… it’s about three months worth of food for one person」GM

「Aah… Thanks god…」Nefeltally

The red-haired woman kneeled on the floor.

At first glance, it seemed like she was in despair, but that person immediately stood up.

「Thank you! Thank you! She’s alive! She’s alive!!」Nefeltally

Everyone in the guild looked at the red-haired woman in confusion.

「Originally, me and that girl, each of us always had three months worth of food, so it would be six month for the two of us. The fact that there was only three months worth of food, means that she went to this town bringing her own food. That child was kind, so I’m sure she left me food and left for the town. The food that Guild Master found in the hut, was the food she left for me」Nefeltally

Feeling sorry after hearing that, Vince shook his head, and Guild Master gently put his hand to the woman’s shoulder.

「Nefeltally. Even the knights were badly injured by the alpine wolves. It’s impossible for a 12-year-old child to come out」GM

「You don’t know! My Sara is strong!」Nefeltally

「「Sara!?」」Vince & GM

Right at that moment, the guild door opened.

「Sara! I got out early from the dungeon today! Let’s go to the Orely to eat!」Allen

Allen ran toward Sara at the store counter, but then he stopped after seeing Sara’s face.

「S, Sara? Why are you crying?」Allen

「Hiks… hiks…. I told you… I told you that Nelly is strong… I always believed she was alive…」Sara


Allen worriedly tried to reach his hand to Sara, but then he stopped.

The red-haired woman looked at the guild store where Allen and Sara were, and made a surprised look.

Sara also looked at the woman, and she was sure… that woman was her beloved Nelly.

Sara took a deep breath andー

「Nellyー! Welcome baaackー!」Sara


Sara and Nelly ran toward each other, and then they hugged each other tightly.

Sara buried her face that was full of tears into Nelly’s belly.

「Nelly, why are you so late?」Sara

「I’m sorry…」Nelly

「Nelly, you know? It really took me five days to come to town like you said!」Sara

「Haha. I see…」Nelly

「I couldn’t take a bath for days after I arrived」Sara

「That must be tough…」Nelly

「The people in the Pharmacist Guild were mean to me」Sara

「Can’t be forgiven then…」Nelly

Nelly gently let go of Sara from her arms.

「Sara, let me see your face」Nelly


Nelly and Sara looked at each other’s eyes that were full of tears.

「Sara. I’m home」Nelly

「Un. Welcome back, Nelly!」Sara

The people around didn’t understand what happened at first.

But after they saw Nelly and Sara’s smiling face, they finally understood.

「The child who easily hunted stray slime was actually Nefeltally’s foster child…? Then, it’s natural that she could come to this town by herself」Vince

「Of course I wouldn’t know! I thought Sara was a boy!」GM

Saying that, Guild Master got hit by Vince on the head.




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