Chapter 37 : Beautiful Black-haired Girl




Suddenly, Chris opened the guild door and immediately rushed to Nelly.
He was out of breath.
Perhaps he ran all the way from the Pharmacist Guild after hearing about Nelly from the guild staff who was ordered by Vince to tell Chris.

「How are you feeling? Are there any aftereffects from the paralysis drug they gave you?」Chris

Without looking at Sara who was next to Nelly, Chris put his hands on Nelly’s cheeks and looked at her eyes.

While Chris thought that Nelly would let him check her condition like this, Nelly shook Chris’s hands off.

「Geez. You’re such a worrywart. I’m grateful that you followed me to the royal capital and treated me, but I’m already healed」Nelly

「I see… ahh, thank god.」Chris

Not worrying about his hands being shaken off, Chris smiled at Nelly.

Looking at them, Sara remembered Chris once said he had a beautiful friend with red hair and green eyes.

「Your beautiful friend you were talking about was Nelly?」Sara

「Ah, Sara. You were here?」Chris

Chris was worried about Nelly. He didn’t even notice Sara.

「Yeah. She’s the friend of mine I told you about before.」Chris

「But, you told me that she was at the same age as you… Don’t tell me… Nelly…」Sara

「Yes, Sara?」Nelly

Nelly replied to Sara with a gentle voice, unlike Chris.

「I know it’s rude to ask a woman her age, but… how old are you actually?」Sara

「Hmm… I think I’ll be 40 soon… Maybe?」Nelly

「Are you a beautiful witch who doesn’t age or something!? Also, why are you not sure about your own age!?」Sara

「S, Sorry…」Nelly

Nelly didn’t know why Sara was mad at her, but she apologized anyway.

Sara also regretted that she didn’t ask Nelly her age properly back then.
If she knew Nelly’s actual age, she would have guessed that Chris’ friend was Nelly when Chris told her about his friend.

「Oi, Sara. It’s not only age, right? Do you remember how you explained about the person named Nelly to us?」Vince

Vince talked as he made a “good grief” expression.

「Umm… Strong, gentle, a little shy but fun to talk to, reliable but a little dumb…」Sara

Sara thought she didn’t say anything wrong.

「Haahh….. Sara, can you say it again after seeing Nefeltally a moment ago?」Vince

A moment ago, Nelly suddenly rushed to Vince and grabbed Guild Master’s collar while shouting.

Well, she looked strong and reliable that time.
But, when asked if Nelly was gentle, shy, funny, or a little dumb after seeing Nelly like that, Sara wasn’t sure what to answer.

「Sara, answer him that you still can say it!」Nelly

「U, Ummm……」Sara


Nelly let out a pitiful voice.

Sara thought she had to say something.

「S, See? She’s funny, right? Ha, ha…」Sara

The entire guild building fell into silence…

After a moment, Chris broke the awkward silence.

「A, Ahem. So, the person named Nelly who Sara was talking about was Nef, huh…?」Chris

After looking at Sara and Nelly, Chris was convinced, but then he changed his expression.

「Wait… That means… the girl Nef left in the northern dungeon was…」Chris

「Yup. She came to this town by herself, but Sara was the girl I lived with in that hut.」Nelly

Said Nelly as she put her arm around Sara’s shoulder.

The people in the guild have never seen Sara fighting, but since she defeated many horned rabbits and stray slimes, they thought that Sara was probably as strong as Allen.
That’s why, from the previous conversation, they were convinced that Sara must be Nefeltally’s foster child.

However, Chris wasn’t convinced yet.

「Nef. In the royal capital, you said she was a 12-year-old beautiful girl with black hair. She was fragile and couldn’t even attack. She was scared of monsters and rarely got out of the hut. But…」Chris

「I didn’t say anything wrong tho…」Nelly


Chris then looked at Sara awkwardly.

「S, Sara is a… girl…?」Chris

「Of course she’s a girl!」Allen

Allen shouted at Chris all of a sudden.

「You can tell she’s a girl from the way she’s speaking and her behavior, right?」Allen

Miina, who was standing, watching them from the counter, nodded deeply.
Vince stared into the distance.
Guild Master looked away awkwardly with his face full of sweat.

And Mize, who had been watching them from the kitchen entrance, hid behind the kitchen wall in a panic when Sara looked at him.

Sara thoughtー Mize too, huh…?

「W, Well… Certainly, she kinda looks like a girl…」Chris

What’s with that “kinda”!?
The way Chris was talking pissed Sara off.

「When we went to the northern dungeon, many knights were almost killed by monsters there. But… Sara, how did you get here from there?」Chris

Even though she was asked ‘how’, Sara was a little confused, didn’t know how to answer.

「Umm. By walking? It took me five days to get to the town on foot.」Sara

「Not that! I mean, Nef told me that you were a girl who can’t attack, so how in the world did a girl who can’t even attack get past the monsters!?」Chris

No, Nelly said that Sara was a BEAUTIFUL girl who can’t attack.
Sara became even more irritated because Chris skipped ‘beautiful’ and only said ‘girl’.

Well, it was natural for him to have this question.

However, Sara was troubled.
She was really just walking normally.
Indeed she had to pick up the poor monsters that died along the way, but she just kept walking until she got to this town.
Sara wondered, maybe normally, people used a different way to get to the town?

「Sara. It’s normal that Chris is very curious. Normally, average hunters would be killed by the alpine wolves there, you know?」Nelly

Yes. Sara knew that the alpine wolves were scary.

「Thanks to them, many knights were injured so badly…… And Nef, so you say this girl can easily pass through the wolves?」Chris

Chris asked Nelly as he made a face like, “No way. It’s impossible”.

「Of course she can.」Nelly


The people in the guild made the same reaction as Chris.

「…Could she be good at body strengthening?」Chris

「Well, Sara can also use body strengthening, but in her case, she has the ability to create a strong barrier.」Nelly


「As I thought. She’s a magician…」Vince

Vince murmured.

「Her barrier has the power to repel all magic and physical attacks, you know?」Nelly

Said Nelly proudly as if it was her own ability.

「If she’s strong, then you didn’t have to worry, right?」GM

Said Guild Master languidly.

「Indeed she has a strong defense, but you don’t understand my feelings of leaving my beloved girl on Demon Mountain alone!」Nelly

「I do understand, but… at least you can tell us she’s strong, right?」GM

「That’s….. Sorry….」Nelly

Nelly obediently bowed at Guild Master.

「That time. After the royal capital bastards took me away, I was mad and couldn’t think clearly.」Nelly

「Yeah, that was terrible…」Chris

Chris, who was there at the time, nodded, while Nelly shrugged her shoulders.

「In the first place, I was thinking of accepting the special quest if I could take Sara along to the royal capital.」Nelly

「I see. So it was a big misunderstanding from the beginning, huh.」Vince

What Vince said was everything.


Sara looked at Allen who suddenly called her with a weak voice.

「Now that you found your older sister, are you going to leave this town…?」Allen

Sara was happy that Nelly was back.


That means her fun days living in this town with Allen would come to an end…




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