Chapter 38 : Allen is…


Allen looked down for a moment, but immediately he raised his face and smiled at Sara.

「But Sara, I’m glad you found your older sister! I’m going to get stronger and I’ll definitely visit your place someday!」Allen

However, in reality, the place where Sara lived was a place where even knights almost got killed going there.

On the other hand, even though Allen was good at body strengthening, he was still at a level where he was steadily training on the lower floors of the dungeon.

That means, he would rarely meet Sara if she returned to the Demon Mountain.

Nelly looked at Allen, then she looked at Sara.


「Nelly… This is Allen. He was the one who was supporting me while I was in this town. We live together outside the town, and he always. . . . . . . 」Sara

Sara tried her best to tell everything to Nelly.
About the days she spent with Allen.
About Allen teaching her everything about this town.
About how she did her best with Allen to get an ID.
About everything.

「I see… Allen.」Nelly

「Y, Yes!」Allen

Allen replied nervously with a stiff voice.
Rather than because she was a stranger to Allen, it was probably because Nelly was kind of intimidating.

Everyone in the guild felt tension in the air.

「You’re good at body strengthening, right?」Nelly

Sara had a bad feeling about this.

Don’t tell me, Nelly will…..

「Go ahead and use your body strengthening.」Nelly

Nelly took out her sword.

「Oi, Nefeltallyー!」Vince

Ignoring Vince who tried to stop her, Nelly swung her sword down at Allen.



Allen was surprised, but he hurriedly strengthened his arms and managed to block Nelly’s sword.

「Oi, oi! Private fighting is prohibited in the guild, you know!?」Vince

「It’s not a fight. It’s training.」Nelly


「Hmm, I see. You blocked my sword that can pierce a dragon. You’re quite strong, aren’t you?」Nelly

「Nelly, what are you doing!? What if he couldn’t block your sword!?」Sara

「But, we have to put it into practice, right?」Nelly

Sara remembered what she experienced when she practiced magic on Demon Mountain with Nelly.

「Geez. Why do you always attack all of a sudden like that for practice!?」Sara

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry… And, Allen. If you can use body strengthening this well, I’m sure you won’t get hurt easily by the alpine wolves. It seems you can also withstand my magical power pressure. So… wanna come to Demon Mountain with us?」Nelly

Nelly is a good person.
Sara was sure that she would say this.

「Eh…? I.. I…」Allen

Allen was confused.

Well, of course, because he never thought about anything other than going to the dungeon, earning money, and becoming independent.

「No. I will take care of Allen. He will stay here as a hunter of the guild」GM

「Guild Master…?」Allen

Allen was surprised and turned to Guild Master.

「Originally, I was planning to take care of both of them. They are strong children who can do everything themselves, so I was only watching over them until now.」GM

「Nah… knowing you, you will definitely forget about taking care of them when they can live normally by themselves.」Vince

Vince launched a sharp tsukkomi at Guild Master.

「Not only Guild Master, I also intended to take care of Sara at first, but Allen, if you’re okay with me, I’ll also take care of you. I can’t teach you how to use a sword, but I can teach you how to control your magic power.」Chris

Not wanting to lose, Chris also said that he wanted to take care of them.

But, Sara sent a cold gaze at Chris.
Then, why didn’t you do that from the beginning!?

For Sara, Chris was a good-for-nothing who only had eyes for Nelly.


Allen clenched his hands, looked down at the floor, and thought for a moment.

He tried his best to live independently until now, so he wasn’t sure whose hand he should take.
However, one thing that he was sure ofー he didn’t want to show Sara his lame side.

He could just follow Nelly and Sara to Demon Mountain.
Nelly was a strong hunter who defeated dragons when the migration of the dragons occurred in the royal capital, so if he trained under her, there’s no doubt that he would become stronger.
Training on the Demon Mountain while spending his days with Sara would be fun.


Allen looked at his hands.
He had already realized that he was much stronger than beginner hunters at the same age.
But still, he was a newcomer who was just about to get used to the dungeon.

Nelly said he was strong enough, but in order to fight the alpine wolves and cockatrices on Demon Mountain properly, he had to train and get stronger than he was now.

For that purpose, he had to get strong enough to clear the lower floors of the dungeon in Roza Town.

In that case, Allen thought it should be better if he stayed in Roza.

Everyone said Guild Master was dumb, but Allen respected him.
He was a strong and respected hunter who was able to gather many hunters in this guild.
At first glance, it looked like it was Vince who was gathering the hunters, but he actually only worked under Guild Master.


Allen recalled his days with Saraー

Eating dinner together with her under the starry sky every night.
Taking turns using the tent to wipe our body.
Chatting with her until we were sleepy
Sleeping together side by side.
Saying good night to her.
Saying good morning to her.
….That was fun…..
And I’m sure… The next time we meet, we can spend our days together like that again.


Allen raised his face and saidー

「I’m going to stay here. Guild Master will take care of me.」Allen

Allen decided to get stronger first before he went to the Demon Mountain to see Sara.

Sara looked down for a moment, but then she smiled.
She thought it might be the best for Allen.



「Alright, alright. What is this? A soap opera?」Vince

Vince broke in between Sara and Allen who looked at each other with sad looks.

「Sara, do you intend not to visit this town again once you return to the north dungeon?」Vince

Sara was only thinking about living together again with Nelly, she didn’t even realize she could visit Roza anytime now.

「Vince is right. Now that you can walk to Roza, when I’m going to sell my loot to the guild, we can go together while hunting monsters along the way.」Nelly

「Nelly… Yes, you’re right! We can go to this town together from now on!」Sara

「And it will be safer because I’m with you, right?」Nelly


Sara turned to Allen, but this time, with a bright smile.

「Then, Sara, how about we compete to see who is stronger every time you come to visit? It’ll be fun!」Allen

「Eehhー I’m not interested.」Sara

「I, I see….」Allen

Seeing two of them, everyone in the guild laughed.
They were relieved it ended well.

Happily ever after.

「By the way, Chris…」Nelly

「What is it, Nef?」Chris

「I told Sara to rely on you but….」Nelly

The laughter stopped instantly.

「Ah, I remember, before Nelly went, she told me to rely on Chris of the Pharmacist Guild because he was the only person I could trust in this town.」Sara

「Really!? Nef, I didn’t know you trust me so much! I’m happy!」Chris

「Nefeltally! Why you didn’t tell her to trust me instead!?」GM

「Huh? Guild Master, it’s because you’re dumー Ahem. Oi, Chris, I entrusted her to you, but why did Sara live with a boy I don’t even know?」Nelly

「Th, That’s… because….」Chris

「Because what…? Hahh!?」Nelly

「Well then, I still have work to do~」GM

「Ahh, I just remembered, I also have something to do~」Vince

Vince and Guild Master ran away.




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