Chapter 39 : The One Who Will Protect Nelly Is Me!


-The next day-

Guild Master said if Nelly was away from Demon Mountain any longer, the monsters would get even more violent.
Therefore, Nelly decided to return to Demon Mountain with Sara today.

「Sara, be careful on your way!」Allen

By the way, last night, Nelly, Sara and Allen slept together outside the town.
Chris also said he wanted to join them, but then got kicked in the stomach by Nelly.

「Un. Don’t worry. My barrier can even repel a wyvern, you know?」Sara

「Heeー That’s amazing!」Allen

「Hahhh…. Really? If only you told us that from the beginning…..」GM

Guild Master shrugged his shoulders.

「I can always hire you to work at the guild anytime.」Vince

「The potatoes in the kitchen will always be yours to peel.」Mize

「You can always work at the store, so come back anytime!」Miina

「Vince… Mize… Miina…」Sara

「The Pharmacist Guild will always be waiting for you.」Chris

「No thanks.」Sara

「Alright. Sara, let’s go.」Nelly

「Un. Everyone, thank you for everything!」Sara

「Guys, thank you.」Nelly

Nelly bowed her head as she said so and immediately headed for the central gate.
Sara walked next to her while wondering if Nelly always bowed to everyone like that every time she left this town.
However, Nelly suddenly stopped walking.

「Ck. Those guys are really persistent.」Nelly


Sara followed Nelly’s line of sight.
There were people in knight clothes at a distance in front of them.
However, Sara had never seen them, so apparently these knights were different from the knights who had come to this town a year ago.

「Nefeltally. You still don’t have permission to leave the royal capital. Please return immediately.」knight

「There should only be a few dragons left by now. You should be able to handle them even without me. If the royal capital can send you guys just to send me back, why didn’t they order you guys to get rid of the remaining dragons instead?」Nelly

After they saw Sara and Nelly stopped by the knights, Guild Master and the others ran toward them.

「She’s right. It’s weird for them to have sent 10 knights just to tell her to return. It would be better if they used all of you to handle the dragons.」Vince

Vince immediately said that as he approached Nelly and Sara.

「The quest has not been completed yet!」knight

「Huh? I don’t even remember accepting it. I just cooperated for a while just because I’m a good person, you know?」Nelly

「Cih. No choice then…」knight

When the knight gave some kind of signal, the other knight took a small bottle out of his pocket and gave it to him.

「Hmph. You wanna use a paralytic drug again, huh? But, I wonder how you will make me drink it this time~」Nelly

Nelly laughed, mocking the knights.

「I have received wisdom from the ‘invited person’! This is how we’ll do it!」knight

He threw the bottle high to the air, and one of the knights used earth magic to shoot a pebble at it.
The bottle shattered in the air and the paralyzing drug in the form of powder spread out.
The other knight immediately used wind magic and blew the fog of paralyzing drug powder toward Nelly.

「Even if you don’t drink it, it will still be effective if you inhale it! Gyahahaha!」knight

Looking at the handsome knight who laughed like a villain, Sara was disappointed.

「Hey! Seriously!? Can’t they see there’s a little girl next to her!?」Chris

Chris shouted from behind.

Nelly didn’t move from there. She looked at Sara andー


「Okay. Barrier!」Sara

At that moment, Sara made a barrier wide enough to protect not just Nelly, but also the guild people around them.

After touching Sara’s barrier, the fog of paralyzing drug powder was repelled back toward the knights.

「Hah? What the hell!? The drug is coming over here!?」knight

The knight who threw the drug was quick and he was able to dodge the fog.
However, the rest of the knights couldn’t dodge it. They inhaled the fog and collapsed.

「Hey, you. Did you say “invited person” just now?」Sara

「Hah? Who the heck are you!?」knight

「I heard you said something about an ‘invited person’. Did that person tell you to throw a dangerous drug like that?」Sara

「T, That’s right! So what!? He said it would work more efficiently if we do that!」knight

「Hee… What a jerk that person is.」Sara

Sara remembered Nelly said there were several ‘invited people’ like Sara in the royal capital.
But apparently, they wanted to hurt Nelly.
That means, for Sara, they were no allies. They were enemies.

「Were you the one who sent the fog back at us!? What kind of trick did you use!?」knight

「I won’t tell you~ Well, Nelly, let’s go home!」Sara

「Haha. Alright, let’s go, Sara.」Nelly

Nelly nodded in satisfaction and walked away with Sara, ignoring the knights as if they were just air.

「Oi, waitー!」knight

The knight drew his sword and ran toward Sara and Nelly, but then was bounced off by the barrier before he could even attack and fell to the ground.

「Guhh!? The heck just happened!?」knight

「Hey, you.」Sara

While he was still confused, the knight heard a girl’s voice, and then he looked at Sara.

「I won’t let you touch Nelly. You hear me?」Sara

The knight looked at Nefeltally. She hadn’t even moved her fingertips since he tried to stop her.
So that means the one who attacked him just now was the girl next to her.
When he realized that, he looked back at Sara with his eyes wide open.

「Your attacks will never even scratch my barrier. And my barrier will never expire, so give up already.」Sara

「Barrier…? Don’t be kidding! No magician has magical power enough to maintain a powerful barrier like this! …..Wait……… Don’t tell me, you are…..」knight

「Well, I will never run out of magical power. Becauseー」Sara

Sara glared at the knight.

「I’m an ‘invited person’.」Sara

Nelly and Sara then walked toward the gate, leaving behind the knight who lost all of his will to fight after hearing that.

「W, Wooahhー Sara, she’s so cool!!! But I won’t lose to her!」Allen

Allen looked at Sara’s back with glittering eyes.

「Haahhh… if only she told us she was strong from the beginning… It’s important, you know!」GM

Guild Master shrugged his shoulders again.


♦ ♦ ♦


The knights had no choice but to return to the royal capital and report what happened.

「The wisdom I received from you was defeated…」knight

「Did she said “barrier’?」boy

「Y, Yes…」knight

「Heeー I wonder what her true age was before she reincarnated in this world. I bet she was an old hag. Because… what kind of ‘invited person’ just wants to live peacefully with a hunter?」

「N, No. She lives in the northern dungeon, so I don’t think it’s a ‘peaceful’ life…」knight

「Oh, well. You can go.」boy

「U, Understood.」knight

The knight who came to report withdrew after being told to by a young boy.

「Just what the hell was she reincarnated for? Invited people can use infinite magical power freely, yet she chose a slow life route? So lame!」boy

「But she’s free to choose, right? 」older boy

A slightly older boy talked to the boy.
Apparently they were friends.

「Well yeah, but, I just don’t like it. Hmm~ Roza was it? The name of the town. Since I’m tired of the royal capital, maybe I’ll go visit her~ Khu khu khu khuー」boy

The boy laughed like a villain.


♦ ♦ ♦


Meanwhile, Sara and Nelly lived peacefully in the hut on the Demon Mountain like before.

「Sara, I’m going hunting now」Nelly

「Un. Be careful, Nelly.」Sara

「Make me a delicious dinner, okay?」Nelly

「Leave it to me!」Sara

Sara waved at Nelly who left the hut to go hunting monsters as usual.


「I don’t need the wolves~」Sara




Vol 1. “The Girl Who Fell Into Another World” is completed.




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