Chapter 45 : Merchant Guild


After lunch, we headed to the vacant lot.
Nicola, who had plenty of sleep, was also with me.

「Sorry about last night」Mark

「If you give me your share of snack Gill will bring today, I’ll forgive you」Nicola

「Haha… okay」Mark

Well, it’s cheap if it can get her back into a good mood.

When we arrived at the vacant lot, Delica and the other Wolf Team members were just about to go to patrol around the town.

「Ah, Nicola, Mark. You’ve come at a good time! Let’s patrol together!」Delica

「Nah. Today I have business with Gill oji-san. Invite me again next time」Mark

「Can’t be helped. Alright then, everyone let’s go!」Delica

It wasn’t the first time I refused to join the patrol, so Delica gave up easily.
After Delica gave a command, they lined up and left the vacant lot with Delica on the lead.

Hmm. Delica is already 10 years old, right?
I think it’s about time she would be embarrassed to be called ‘boss’.
She was an ‘energetic girl’ right now, but I wonder when she would job-change to ‘caring onee-san’?

After seeing off the Wolf Team, I decided to take care of the field while waiting for Gill.

I looked around the tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbages on the field.
Hoo, it seems the first harvest of cabbage is about to come.

Thinking that I could eat delicious cabbage soon, I wanted to eat ‘that’.
Yes. Speaking of cabbage, it would be that dish! Okonomiyaki!

There might be similar dishes somewhere in this world, but at least I’ve never seen or heard about a dish like that.

While taking care of the cabbages in the field, I unintentionally saidー

「Ahh~ I wanna eat okonomiyaki」Mark

「You can just ask Papa to make it, right?」Nicola

「……..Wouldn’t it be weird if I suddenly taught Dad an unknown menu?」Mark

「You can just say, “An adventurer oji-san taught me” or something like that. You lied to Mama like that when you made a bathtub, right? In the first place, no one cares about onii-chan’s eccentric behavior now」Nicola

Eccentric behavior, huh…
I don’t think I’ve done something too weird tho.
But, she’s right, I can just say that.
Lying to parents is not good, but it can’t be helped.

「You’re right. Alright, let’s bring the best cabbage as soon as we can harvest them, and ask Dad to make okonomiyaki!」Mark

「Okonomiyaki~ Mufufufu~ Papa’s okonomiyaki must be really delicious. I can’t wait to eat it… *slurp*」Nicola

Nicola was grinning with a little bit of saliva came out of her mouth.
That’s a glutton for you.
Her head must be full of okonomiyaki right now.

After waiting for a while, Gill came and gave us snacks as usual.
I gave Nicola my share of snacks.


「Boy, you don’t want that?」Gill

「No, it’s just… I dusturbed her sleep last night, so it’s an apology」Mark

「Hahaha. I see」Gill

After that, I took out the potion I made this morning from the item box and showed it to Gill.

「Hooー Did you make it? Let me see」Gill

Gill took out the potion from my hand, looked at it closely, and sniffed the content.

「….This is… segilia, huh」Gill

「Yes, that’s right. You can tell? Gill oji-san you’re amazing!」Mark

「Haha. You fail as a merchant if you can’t tell what it is. Well, if you want to examine in detail, you have to use chemistry tools and magic tools tho」Gill

He had retired but he was once a skilled merchant. As expected from Gill.

As he closed the lid of the bottle, he continued talking.

「Ointment is good, but potion is even better. If it made from segilia grass, it will be grade-E」Gill

「Yes, I also think it’s grade-E. I’ve never seen grade-E potion in a shop, but how much is this?」Mark

「Hmm… It can heal a cut or bruise quickly, and cure a cold instantly. It is often sold for one gold coin」Gill

「One gold!?」Mark

I was surprised.

A small bottle of grade-E potion is one gold?
That’s the price for 25 goblin ears!

「It took days for a wound or cold to be cured, but with this, it can be cured in an instant. That’s how precious magical medicine is」Gill

Now that he mentioned it, there’s a point.
If the pain and illness could be solved quickly with money, many people wouldn’t hesitate to spend a gold coin.

「Also, there aren’t many makers. You can only find grade-E potions at the shops on the main street in the middle of this town」Gill

「There aren’t many makers? If it’s about light attribute mana, even Lina sensei can use it, you know?」Mark

「Oh, that young sister from the church, huh? You know? She usually sells grade-F potions to the merchant guild. But, that sister said she can only make ten bottles of grade-F potions a week at best…. Wait……..」Gill

Gill tilted his head as if something bothered him.
He then asked me suspiciously.

「Boy. How long did it take you to inject mana in this potion?」Gill

「Umm, 3 minutes or so?」Mark

「………I see… Well, if it’s you, I’m not surprised anymore now」Gill

Gill sighed as he rubbed his eyebrow.

It seems making a potion in just 3 minutes is not normal…

「Listen, Boy. People who can use light attribute mana are rare. There are only three people, including the sister, who usually sell potions to the merchant guild in this town, you know?」Gill

「That rare…?」Mark

「To make grade-E potions, you need to inject mana a lot more than grade-F and it’s a lot more difficult to do. Therefore, no one wants to make grade-E potions in this town. The ones that are sold on the main street are purchased from another town by the way….. Now you know how difficult it is to make grade-E potion. And you made it so easily? What a boy」Gill

「A, Aha, ha…」Mark

Apparently, the higher the grade, the higher the difficulty and the amount of mana needed to make it.

I see.
So that means the ordinary herb grass can only contain less mana compared to the segilia grass, right?
I don’t know about the difficulty tho. Because it wasn’t difficult at all when I made this potion.

Well, Gill said I made it easily, but the ‘gori gori’ part was tough you know…
*/mashing the grass part

「Then, can I sell this potion?」Mark

I pointed to the potion Gill held as I said that.

「You can’t」Gill

「Eh? Why?」Mark

「If you want to sell it, you have to sell it through the Merchant Guild. And, Boy, you’re still 6 years old, right? You can’t register at the Merchant Guild until you’re 10」Gill

「So I can’t sell it without registering at the Merchant Guild?」Mark

「Well, no one wants to buy an expensive item like magical potions whose quality is not guaranteed. That’s why you wholesale it to the guild, and the guild will sell it to the customers after checking its quality. The magic medicine is precious, so the profit share the makers will get from the guild is high. So, you don’t have to bother selling them yourself」Gill

He got a point.
Indeed no one will be willing to buy an expensive medicine from someone they don’t know.
That’s why selling it through the guild is important, huh.

「Well, you will be 10 before you realize it. You know? I was peddling around with my father from town to town, and when I realized it, I had become an old man like this. Hahaha」Gill

Gill laughed as he rubbed his chin.

「Maybe you’re right. I made it just because I wanted to try making it, also, I thought it would be a good magic practice, so it doesn’t matter if I can’t sell it now」Mark

「I see. But, Boy… growing vegetables, going to the forest, making potions, and doing many other things at that age… You are really an amazing child」Gill

Well, I’m aware that it’s overkill for a 6-year-old to be able to do such things, but…

「But, Gill oji-san. Since I can use magic this good, it will be a waste if I’m not using it, right? And I’m trying various things so I know many things that might be useful for my future」Mark

『And don’t forget to provide for your cute little sister in the future』Nicola

While eating the snacks from Gill, Nicola sent such a telepathy.
Ignore it, ignore it.

「Hahaha, I see, I see. You even think about your future properly, eh?」Gill

After that, as usual, I spent my day at the vacant lot, went home, helped the inn, and slept.

My days passed without anything particular happening.
Other than taking care of the field, making potions had become my daily magic practice routine.
I stored all the potions I had made in my item box.

And two years later, when I was 8 years old, the herbs began to change.

One day, as usual, I picked the segilia grass to make potions.
But, when I put it in the item box, there was a little change on the item name of the segilia grass.

『Segilia Grass +1』



What does it mean?




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