Chapter 40 : Let’s Return To Demon Mountain!


Leaving the knight who lost all of his will to fight, Sara and Nelly left Roza Town through the central gate.

「Actually, I rarely went in and out of the town through the central gate. I usually use the east gate because it’s closer to the Pharmacist Guild and I don’t have to go around the town to go to the Hunter Guild.」Nelly

「But when I came here, the east gate was closed. The gatekeepers didn’t let me pass. I had no choice but to walk to the central gate and camped outside for a night, you know?」Sara

Nelly looked at Sara and tilted her head.

「Hmm. That’s weird. Every time I come to Roza, the east gate will always open for me.」Nelly

「Maybe because I didn’t have an ID at that time, so they didn’t open it for me.」Sara

「Is that so?」Nelly

Sara knew that it was probably not the case.
Perhaps, they wouldn’t open the east gate for anyone except important people.
And Nelly was one of them, but she didn’t seem to be aware.

「Nelly, you should have told me more about this town. Not having general knowledge was tough, you know? I was lucky I met with Allen. He told me everything.」Sara

「A, Ahh, you’re right. I’m sorry…」Nelly

Nelly regretted that she didn’t talk much about common sense in this world.

「So, from now onー」Sara

The matter of which gate Nelly went in and out the town was really trivial compared to the fact that Nelly, no, Nefeltally was the daughter of an aristocrat, and was being taken to the royal capital.
However, because Nelly didn’t talk much even about trivial things, Sara didn’t know her really well.
As a result, they had involved everyone in a big misunderstanding.

That’s why from now on, Sara decidedー

「I will ask you anything without hesitation!」Sara

「Yes. Please do. I’ve lived without telling others too much about myself, so I don’t know what to talk about in the first place, but if you ask, I’ll answer.」Nelly

「Un. Ah, by the way, Nelly…」Sara

Sara remembered the first trouble she had when she came to Roza.

「The money! Because you never showed me money, I didn’t know the value, no, I didn’t even know what it looked like!」Sara

「A, Ahh…. money, huh…」Nelly

Nelly looked into the distance for some reason.

「Money is… how should I put it… You can do almost anything with just a single 100,000 gils coin.」Nelly

「What kind of explanation is that…..? In the first place, a 12-year-old child normally doesn’t have a 100,000 gils coin!」Sara

「I, Is that so?」Nelly

「Nelly… You can do math, right? But why do you always spend money like it’s nothing? Is it because you’re the young lady of an aristocratic family?」Sara

「Young lady, huh… Phu,! Ahaha!」Nelly

Nelly laughed all of a sudden.

「Indeed, when I was a girl, I was a young lady who never went shopping by herself. All I was doing was training my sword technique and body strengthening」Nelly

「Heeー Did you also practice dancing?」Sara

If she was a daughter of an aristocrat, she might have danced before.

「Of course. But, because I had no partner, I practiced with my father and brother. And of course, I was wearing a dress and behaving like a young lady.」Nelly

Nelly, who scratched her nose as she said that, didn’t look like a young lady at all.


「Really!? That’s wonderful!」Sara

Sara looked at Nelly with sparkling eyes.

Even if she never did chores properly.
Even if she always threw the bones or fruit stems carelessly on the floor after she ate.
Even if she grabbed Guild Master’s collar roughly.
Nelly was once the young lady of an aristocratic family.

In short, she was strong, but when necessary, she could behave like a proper lady.
Isn’t it a nice thing?

「Still, no one wants to propose to me. I’m still single even though I’m already this old.」Nelly

「This old? Just how old are you actually?」Sara

「Mmm…. Wait, I’m trying to remember… hmmm….. I remember if i’ll be 40 soon, so maybe I’m 37 now?」Nelly


Sara was quiet.
She still wondered why Nelly looked so young as if she was still in her late 20s.

Sara decided to leave the matter of age aside for now.

「Nelly, you said no one wants to propose to you, but I think there’s one.」Sara

Sara was thinking about Chris.

He seemed to be popular among women… No, not only women, he was worshiped by men as well.

Thinking that, Tedd’s face popped into Sara’s mind.
It irritated her.

Chris might not directly be at fault, but because he irresponsibly left the Pharmacist Guild to Tedd, he caused Sara a lot of trouble.

However, Sara didn’t know the hardships of a popular person who was worshiped by many people.
She thought that it must be tough for Chris too because Tedd worshiped him too much.

And that popular person, Chris, only had eyes for Nelly.

「For example, Chris.」Sara

「Chris? Well, I can say that he’s my friend. But honestly, I was disappointed in him this time. I entrusted you to him but he was absent.」Nelly

It looked like Nelly didn’t even realize Chris’s feelings.
What a poor guy.
Even though he did his best for Nelly, Nelly’s evaluation of him went down even more.

Certainly Sara didn’t like Chris.
However, she felt sorry for him somehow.

「Nelly, listen.」Sara


「First of all, who accompanied you when you were paralyzed and taken by the knights to the royal capital?」Sara


「Who was the one who came back from the royal capital and led the search team to look for me after you told him you left me on Demon Mountain alone?」Sara

「Chris. But he couldn’t find you, though.」Nelly

Said Nelly, a little angry.
Sara sighed.

「Of course he couldn’t find me. I was in Roza all the time. If you don’t recognize his efforts, he won’t be able to rest in peace, you know?」Sara

「Sara… Unfortunately, Chris is still alive.」Nelly

「Geez. That’s not what I mean.」Sara

*/浮かばれない has two meanings : “rest in peace” and “efforts didn’t pay off / fruitless”
What Sara was trying to say isー “If you don’t recognize his efforts, all he did would be fruitless”.

Maybe for Nelly, a person like Chris, who had straightforward feelings for her, was rare.
That’s why ‘at least’ Nelly thought Chris as a ‘friend’.

Sara was never thinking about wanting Nelly to get married.
She just wanted Nelly to realize that she wasn’t alone, that many people like her.
At least people in the Hunter Guild didn’t have a bad impression of Nelly.

As they talked, they arrived at the place where they slept together last night.
Yes. The place where Sara and Allen have lived so far.

「Nelly. This place…」Sara

「Yeah. Three of us slept together here last night. So this is how it looks like in the daytime, huh….. I’m sorry you had to live in a place like this. You must have been lonely, right?」Nelly

「Not at all. Because Allen was with me.」Sara

「Ah, I see.」Nelly

Nelly seemed to like Allen even more.

「By the way, he really has a lot of magical power. Although I didn’t swing my sword with full power, he was able to block it yesterday. Even adult hunters who can block my sword with body strengthening are rare, you know? What a boy.」Nelly


「What? You still mad at me about that? Don’t worry. Even if Allen couldn’t block my sword, we could just use poー」Nelly

「Even if we can use potions, what is bad is bad! Don’t do it again!」Sara


Sara scolded her firmly, hoping she wouldn’t be doing something reckless again next time.




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