Chapter 41 : Don’t Worry. It Will Be Easy


「I don’t know why but somehow I feel like I have met Allen a long time ago. Maybe because of his appearance?」Nelly

Nelly racked her brain, trying to remember something.

「His sand-colored hair and grayish blue eyes?」Sara

「Yes. Sara, you really did pay attention to him, huh.」Nelly

Nelly looked impressed.
But to be impressed over a normal thing, Sara wasn’t happy at all.

「But his face… its nuance… That boy had a sharp look, but the one who is in my memory doesn’t.」Nelly

「Maybe it was Allen’s uncle. He once told me he had a magician uncle.」Sara

「Magician… Ah!」Nelly

Looks like Nelly remembered something.

「I remember long ago I used to be in a party with a wizard who looked like Allen.」Nelly

「Eh? So you knew Allen’s uncle? If only you remembered it yesterday, you could have told Allen about that.」Sara

「Yeah. Well, it was a long time ago. I remember he was a strange wizard.」Nelly

「But… Too bad. Allen said he died in Roza Town’s dungeon.」Sara

「I see… He’s no longer in this world, huh…」Nelly

Nelly closed her eyes and was silent for a moment.

「Un. It was a long time ago. He was deceived and ended up shouldering a big debt.」Sara

「I see. He was a very honest person after all. By the way, I taught him a training method to train body strengthening. He enthusiastically learned it even though he was a magician.」Nelly

「Heeー…… Eh?」Sara

Sara felt that it was something she couldn’t ignore.

「Don’t tell me…」Sara


「Did you teach Allen’s uncle by telling him, “Now that you can use it, it’s time to put it into practice! Go try to get attacked by monsters!” or something like that?」Sara

「Yeah. There’s no other way to practice body strengthening except to try to get attacked, right?」Nelly

Sara looked up at the sky.
Now she knew the fact that Nelly taught Allen’s uncle body strengthening, and then Allen’s uncle taught Allen.

「I was wondering why Allen has a habit of depending too much on body strengthening like you. So it wasー」Sara

「It was thanks to me?」Nelly

「No. It was your ‘fault’!」Sara

Sara quickly denied.
She thought it was Nelly’s fault Allen had such a habit.

「Well, indeed it was thanks to you Allen has become a strong child. But, Nelly, the way you train someone is bad. Swinging your sword all of a sudden at someone you want to train is very dangerous, you know.」Sara

「That’s why I always prepare a potioー」Nelly

「That’s why I told you it’s not good!」Sara

While having a usual conversation, Sara and Nelly kept walking toward the east gate.

When they got to the east gate, unusually, a lot of people called out to Nelly.

「Hmm. This is weird. Normally, the gatekeepers at the east gate rarely call out to me.」Nelly

「Is that so?」Sara

「Yeah. Usually, they immediately open the gate silently when I want to pass through. Maybe because I’m walking with Sara today?」Nelly

Perhaps the gatekeepers usually felt the pressure from Nelly, but they didn’t today.

「Alright, Sara. How about we start a training session from here?」Nelly



Sara wondered why Nelly suggested to do a training session all of a sudden.

「Sara, you can maintain a barrier and body strengthening at the same time, right?」Nelly

「Un. I’ve practiced doing that on Demon Mountain. But honestly, I don’t like it because I have to keep concentrating on maintaining both skills and it’s kinda exhausting.」Sara

Hearing Sara’s answer, Nelly nodded slightly.

「That’s the problem. Sara, so far, you have only aimed to get out of the hut and go to Roza. But, it will be different from now on, right?」Nelly

「Indeed I can now go to Roza, but what do you mean by ‘from now on’?」Sara

Because Sara was too excited about going back to Demon Mountain with Nelly, she didn’t think about what she should do after that.
But then she realized.

「Ah… What should I do from now on…?」Sara

「Picking herbs like you always do is good, I think. You can make a living with that.」Nelly

Sara started picking herbs to pay her debts to Nelly at first, but that debt had been paid off long ago.
She thought she would probably make good money if she collected herbs more seriously.

「Actually, I was thinking about paying rent to live at the hut from now on if I could make some money myself.」Sara

「Don’t be stupid! We’re like…. umm… family… right?」Nelly

Nelly turned her face away.
Her face and ears became red.

「In a family, usually the parents pay the rent, so it should be me who pays. But, I don’t have to pay rent for the hut.」Nelly

「Because it was given to you so that you can work as the ‘manager’ of Demon Mountain?」Sara


If that’s the case, Sara was thinking about depending on Nelly until she got a little bigger.

「Back to the topic. Sara, if you collect herbs, how are you going to sell them?」Nelly

Nelly turned her face back to Sara.

「Ahh. Until now, you always went to Roza to sell my herbs, but now I can go sell them myself.」Sara

Sara imagined what her life might be like once she starts selling herbs by herself.
She got excited.

「Let’s say, I will be picking herbs for ten days, spend five days going to Roza, meet with Allen and the others in the town and stay overnight, then return home for another five days. Wait…」Sara

The working time was the same as the traveling time.
No. Because Sara would be staying overnight, the traveling time would be 11 days.
A day longer than the working time.

「Your storage pouch isn’t full of monsters, right? So let’s say you will be picking herbs for twenty days, not ten days. But still, with ten days of traveling time, it will be inefficient.」Nelly

「Yeah… I like camping, but if I will be doing it regularly, I’m sure I will hate it eventually」Sara

Sara finally realized why Nelly suggested she train all of a sudden.

「So I’ll be training to keep walking while strengthening my body so that I can go to Roza and back to the hut in three days like you, right?」Sara

「Exactly. But if three days is too tough for you now, how about starting it with five days?」Nelly

Five days…
Sara thought that reducing the travel time from 11 days to only 5 days would be tough, because that meant she had to walk from the hut to town in only 2 days.

「But, Nelly, I think it’s still impossible for me to walk to the town in two days. If I’m strengthening my body while walking the entire day, I might get tired and have to rest the next day. So it will probably take three days for me to walk to the town」Sara

「Anyway, you don’t have to increase the number of days to walk.」Nelly

While they were talking, they finally reached the grassland, and as usual, the sound of horned rabbits hitting Sara’s barrier became the BGM while they were walking.


Some of them were blown away by Nelly’s punch.

And while they were moving, they picked up the rabbits’ corpses properly.

「Nelly, what do you mean ‘I don’t have to increase the number of days to walk’?」Sara

「I mean you just have to think about speeding up the pace」Nelly

「That’s why I said ‘it’s still impossible for me’, didn’t you listen to me earlier? Besides, shortening five days to one day is just too tough for me now.」Sara

「Hmm. I see. If only there’s a potion that can boost your physical strength…」Nelly

Sara thought it seemed that Nelly understood and didn’t say anything unreasonable this time.


No, Sara was wrong.
Thinking that Nelly would say something unreasonable, Sara became a little wary.

「Let’s say if you use body strengthening, you can walk two days’ distance in just one day.」Nelly

「Un. And then?」Sara

「In other words, all you have to do is to walk for two and a half days with body strengthening. If you can do that, you will be able to walk five days’ distance, right?」Nelly


Sara tilted her head.

Certainly, reducing the traveling time from 5 days to 1 day seems very tough, but when she thought that she just had to reduce 5 days to 2.5 days, Sara felt she would be able to do it.

「No, wait. I told you earlier that if I walked while maintaining body strengthening for a whole day, I will be tired the next day and won’t be able to move.」Sara

The conversation returned to the previous problem.

「Hmm. You will be fine if you reach town on the day you get tired, right? So you just have to walk there in a day.」Nelly

「I wonder if I can do it…」Sara

Sara somehow felt that she would be able to do it.

「For now, it’s okay if you spend two days walking to Roza. Eventually, you will be able to do it in one day.」Nelly

「Un. I feel like I can do it!」Sara

But somehow, Sara felt that there’s something wrong with the calculation.



TL note:
(In case you’re confused)
Nelly wanted Sara to be able to walk to Roza in just one day, but Sara whined that it was impossible for her.
So, Nelly was trying to make Sara feel confident that she can do it by deceiving her with numbers.




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