Prologue Ⅱ


Remembering everything all of a sudden, Mylia blinked repeatedly while lying in her bed.

In the westernmost part of the Kingdom of Adrashelm, there was the house of a poor aristocrat family called the Atwoods.

The youngest of seven sisters in the house was Mylia de la Atwood, 8 years old.
She had an easygoing personality but was ostracized by her family.

She was in a panic when she realized that she, who was a Japanese person, had become the daughter of a poor aristocrat in the Kingdom of Adrashelm.

(For real…? Could this be… a different world…? I’m shocked… *Otamageー!)
*/ Oh My Gosh!

Due to her grandmother’s influence, Mylia made an old-fashioned reaction of astonishment.
Then, she kicked the blanket that wrapped her body, and jumped off the bed.

She realized her sight had become lower.
She was short now.
And because she had become a little girl, her big boobs were gone.

She realized that she was no longer a Japanese highschool girl,Kanami Miria, but the daughter of a poor aristocrat, Mylia.

「That time… I was hit by a car and… died…?」

Apparently, she had died in an accident and reincarnated in this world.
And Mylia de la Atwood had a high fever last night, and recalled the memories from her previous life.

「Uwaah… Is this the “reincarnated in another world” thing…?」

She knew about it because other than listening to her favorite comedy program, she also used her cheap internet plan to read some web novels sometimes since reading novels didn’t use much data.

She looked at her whole body.
Small hands, thin arms, an old dress, and white legs extending from the hem of her dress.
Her pale lilac-colored hair was gently waving.

(Hoo… My hair is so smooth…)

When she finger-combed her hair, her fingers went through it smoothly.

She approached the window and saw her face.

(Uwa… what a muddy window… Hmm. My face looks just like before… Wait. My eyes are… dark purple?)

After she calmly checked her appearance, she slammed her head against the window.

(It hurts… So this really isn’t a dream…)

She let out a sigh of relief because she realized that she would never meet her father again, and was released from her suffocating school life.

She lifted her head off the window and folded her arms.

「Really… I’m very lucky to be able to reincarnate in another world. Thank you, God! Thank you for giving me another chance!」

She decided to move on and make a fresh start in this world.

(I don’t want to live a worse life than before… I want to live a peaceful life without worrying about money. If possible, I also want to have an all-you-can-eat yakiniku life!)

All-you-can-eat yakiniku was the highest luxury she ever wanted.
She got excited imagining that she could eat it every day.

(Also, I want cute friends…)

For the sake of her deceased mother, she wanted to spend her life with friends.
She really didn’t want to be a loner again.

(Hmm. But if I become very rich, I feel like things like human relationships will be troublesome. Besides, I think with my talent, becoming rich would be difficult)

Mylia was a hard-worker type rather than a genius type.
When at school, she was able to break into the top grades because she studied until midnight.

(Yosh. The goal will be ‘a little’ rich, then.)

After she decided her goal, next would be to decide things she had to avoid.

When she was thinking, his good-for-nothing father’s laughter popped in her mind.

(……I definitely don’t want to get married. I’ll avoid it no matter what.)

Yakiniku : YES
Marriage : NO

It wasn’t that all the men in the world were useless like her less-than-a-maggot father, but Mylia couldn’t imagine living with a man in the future.

(For now, I’ll go with the『Yakiniku : YES, Marriage : NO』plan)

While wandering around her cheaply-built room, she decided to draw out the memories of when she was Mylia.
It was important to know her situation and position in this world after all.

Mylia started with trying to remember calmly, but then…

… she dropped to her knee.

(Awawawa……. Thi… This is bad…… This is really bad……!)

The Atwood Family where Mylia was born was a very poor aristocratic family.
Its title of nobility was ‘Knight’. It was the title with the lowest rank.
The house was located in the westernmost part of the Adrashelm Kingdom where much lavender grew, and the family barely managed to make money by shipping the native lavender to other regions.

The biggest problem was Mylia’s father, the lord of the Atwood Family, Aaron de la Atwood, and her six sisters.

First, her father, Aaron, was trying to marry his daughter to the neighboring house so that he could obtain the right to use the forest which belonged to that house.
The reason was because he was a stupid muscle-brain who was only interested in hunting.

Because he was that kind of person, it was no exaggeration to say that the Atwood Family was poor because of him.

And then, her sisters.

The second daughter, Robin de la Atwood, had returned home from her husband’s house.
The reason was… because she cheated on him…

(Get married, have an affair, and then go back to her family… what the heck was she doing!?)

Remembering that, Mylia hit the floor with her hand.
Because the second daughter cheated on her husband, the Atwood Family’s reputation fell.
And in order to restore the reputation of his family, the patriarch, Aaron, planned to marry off all of his daughters.
He didn’t discriminate and sent letters of goodwill randomly to every house around the region.

The youngest of the seven sisters, Mylia, ended up being engaged to the eldest son of a merchant in the region.
Maybe it was because she always spaced out, her father thought of her as a failure, so he forced her to get married as well even though she was still very young.

The『Yakiniku : YES, Marriage : NO』plan was ruined before she could even execute it.

(A merchant, huh… In a super-rural region like this…? I bet his business was a *dagashiya or something…)
*/ Candy store. Usually in a rural area. If you watch Non Non Biyori or Dagashi Kashi, you will know.

The merchant’s house in my memory was a run-down house that was even below the level of a horse’s stable.
And there weren’t many things that could be sold in a remote area.
If Mylia got married, she would definitely live in poverty.

(No… I absolutely don’t want to get married… I have to do something…)

Mylia stood up with the determination to run away from this house, from this region, from her father.

Being a poor aristocrat’s daughter.
Living in a remote area.
On the verge of being engaged to a poor merchant.

Mylia’s second life began with her trying to escape those fates.




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7 Thoughts on Reborn Girl Starting a New Life In Another World As a Seventh Daughter – Prologue Ⅱ
    5 Mar 2021

    like it so far!!

    5 Mar 2021

    Why run away when just 8 yrs old? It’s not like they’re going to marry her off at such a young age… It’s better to stay in that house, plan out her future, and make preparations for the day she runs away (like a month or so before the wedding day) thereby increasing her chances of success.

      8 Mar 2021

      Here from the future. Yeah…. Staying is NO GOOD.

      4 May 2021

      WE don’t marry them off at such a “young” age. They might. Remember, in the Middle Ages, life expectancy was only about 30-40, if you don’t have kids by then your family is basically gone. Halve all our “common” values to see what they would consider “normal” since we live up to around 80.

        21 Jul 2021

        Not *quite* accurate. The real contributor to the “average” life expectancy being so low was the childhood mortality rate (CMR).

        Prior to about 1840, the CMR for pretty much as far back as we have records for was about 45% (basically a coin toss on whether you’d live past 5). Because of so many deaths as such a young age, the *average* life expectancy was in the 30-40 year range, but that’s a bit like a couple people ruining the curve for the class because they’re at one end of the grade spectrum. For anyone who made it past the age of 5, the average life expectancy was somewhere over 60.

        That’s also why there are a lot of childhood festivals and naming ceremonies around when children reach the age of 7-8. By that point they’re actually likely to live a full life.

        Of course, that’s also why families tended to be so large. You needed 5 children just to have a pretty good chance of reaching population replacement levels (2 children replacing 2 parents), and maybe grow the population a sliver (as long as you didn’t get into any wars). That in turn promotes women having children at younger ages, so that they have enough time to give birth to all those children. (Even though that was backwards thinking, since the women were more likely to survive if they waited til 18+. Of course it’s *also* more hazardous to have children later in life, in an era without modern medicine, so there’s all sorts of balancing going on.)

    5 Mar 2021

    YES, i sure love that plan… the smell of yuri is drifting in the air

    7 Mar 2021

    Tanks for the chapter

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