Chapter 42 : They Won’t Let Us Go So Easily


There’s no way Sara would be able to do it so quickly.
Even it took about 3 days for adult knights to go to the Demon Mountain from Roza.
But now that Sara was motivated to train, she forgot about that fact.

「This grassland is full of horned rabbits. It’s hard to get through. Sara, can you run until we get to the foot of the Demon Mountain? You may get tired and take a rest for a whole day tomorrow, though.」Nelly

「You’re right. These rabbits are really troublesome. Alright, let’s go, Nelly!」Sara


Nelly sped up as if she was pulling Sara, and Sara also sped up as if she was pulled by Nelly.

Because they were running quite fast, they dodged all the attacks from the horned rabbits.

Sara was wondering how they could pick up the rabbits’ corpses if they were running, but since the attack didn’t hit them, they didn’t have to collect anything.

After a while of running, Nelly stopped all of a sudden.

「Let’s take a break here」Nelly

Sara raised her face and looked at the scenery in front of her.

「Eh? The Demon Mountain is already this close? I never thought I could run this far.」Sara

「If we can maintain this pace, we may be able to enter the mountain by the end of today.」Nelly

Sara felt that the endless grassland was a lot shorter than when she was heading to Roza.
She never thought she would be able to run this fast by just strengthening her body.

「I see. So this is why Nelly can go to Roza in only a day…」Sara

「Well, not only that, it’s also because I wanted to get home quickly.」Nelly

「That’s Nelly for you」Sara

「But Sara. You really get stronger than before, aren’t you? You even have enough stamina to run like that now.」Nelly

「Un. I thought so too. I wonder if it was because I always picked herbs outside the town every morning and then worked at the guild until evening.」Sara

The place where the herbs were growing was quite far from the central gate.
And sometimes she had to run from there to the guild so that she wasn’t late to work.

「And by the way, that boy also seems to have a lot of stamina. Maybe it’s also because you always go with him.」Nelly

「Yeah, maybe you’re right.」Sara

Sara thought that Allen might be happy if he knew that Nelly had a good impression toward him.

「By the way, when I was picking herbs every morning, I realized that the town barrier covered all the roads outside the town, but it didn’t reach this grassland, huh.」Sara

「Well, the town barrier was basically the same thing as the box barrier. They put a lot of magic stones at equal distances around the town and along the road. However, the effect of the magic stone is not eternal. If it’s not regularly maintained, it would be useless eventually. By the way, if I found magic stones that were not working, I had to report it.」Nelly

「I see. If the barrier wasn’t working, people would be in trouble.」Sara

「Yeah. Well, there are not many people using this path, but after the knights used this road, maybe they will do something about it in the future.」Nelly

The knights who came to the Demon Mountain to look for Sara, were injured after being attacked by monsters on the road without barrier.

The only barrier that was still active in the grassland was the one at the open space where Sara camped when she was heading to Roza. (chapter 15)

「Stronger magic stones were used in some resting places. It will be effective for a long time even if it’s not maintained regularly. So, you can sleep without worries there.」Nelly

「I see」Sara

Nelly and Sara didn’t need those barriers, but it would be useful for people who wanted to come to the Demon Mountain for some reason.

「Are there even people who come to Demon Mountain?」Sara

「Hmm. When I first came here to move to the hut, Guild Master and Vince were the ones who guided me. After that, Chris often came to the hut. He said he came to pick herbs.」Nelly

「Heeー He came to ‘pick herbs’, huh…?」Sara

Sara knew that picking herbs was just an excuse so that Chris could see Nelly.

「But then he was busy with the Pharmacist Guild so he never comes to visit again now.」Nelly

Indeed, Chris had never visited since Sara started living in the hut.

「Well, I go to town once every ten days, so I’m fine if there’s no one coming to visit. Besides, I have Sara with me now.」Nelly


After they finished their lunch, they continued running again.

They reached the entrance to the Demon Mountain before evening.

「So fast….」Sara

「Are you tired?」Nelly

「Yes, but I think I still have stamina for tomorrow.」Sara

「Nice. Maybe because you met various people in Roza, you got a little better at absorbing magical power around you.」Nelly

Sara didn’t think she had met that many people, but then she realized that she had been working near the people who had a lot of magical power.

「So, I have learned it without knowing?」Sara

「Yeah, perhaps.」Nelly

「Then, there was a benefit for going to Roza.」Sara

「Yeah. It turned out well after all.」Nelly

They looked at each other and nodded.
It’s time to enter the Demon Mountain.

「W, Wait a minute… Nelly…」Sara

「Hm? Are you tired after all?」Nelly

「No… Not that….」Sara

Sara looked around.
The grassland that should be green, was now covered in grayish color.

Sara sighed.

「Hahh….. So many horned rabbits…..」Sara

「Hooー Looks like they really want to hunt us. Well, they are the top class monster in the grassland after all.」Nelly

Nelly shrugged her shoulders as she said that.

「Then, we should hurry to the mountaー Eh!?」Sara

When Sara looked at the entrance of the mountain, a lot of forest wolves were waiting for them.

Nelly put her hand on her chin as if she was impressed.

「Heeー Sara sure is popular among the monsters, huh」Nelly

「I don’t need that kind of popularity!」Sara

Sara wondered, “Do I really look delicious…?”




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