Chapter 43 : Welcome Home


Being annoyed with monsters, Sara stepped forward.

「Nelly, leave this to me.」Sara

「Hohoー Well then, I’m counting on you.」Nelly

Nelly stepped back.


Sara made a fist and hit the air in front of her.
There was no meaning. She did it just to get fired up to make a barrier.


Sara slowly widened her barriers until it wide enough to push back the horned rabbits and the forest wolves.
They attacked the barrier at first, but then they ran away one by one.

With this, Sara and Nelly didn’t have to worry about monsters around.

「I just have to prevent them from coming to us. Easy.」Sara

Sara snorted with a smug face.


Nelly found Sara’s act was funny and laughed.

「I thought you would kick those monsters in the butt. But, well, I understand why Sara didn’t do that.」Nelly

Sara smiled at Nelly.

「So I’m also inside Sara’s barrier, huh? Alright, I’ll be following you from here on.」Nelly

After that, they went straight to the entrance of the Demon Mountain.

「By the way, I didn’t know that this mountain was a dungeon. I mean, shouldn’t a dungeon be underground? Isn’t it strange to call an open area like a mountain a dungeon?」Sara

「…..I know, right?」Nelly


From Nelly’s reaction, Sara could tell that Nelly also didn’t know.
However, Nelly didn’t think it was strange at first, until Sara asked the question.

Sara was sure she wouldn’t hear a rational explanation from her.

「When we’re going to Roza next time, let’s ask Vince…… No, wait…」Sara

Sara crinkled up her nose.

「I feel like Vince will say, “Is there a problem with calling it ‘dungeon’?”, and Guild Master will say, “What’s the point if you know the reason?”. So maybe it’s better to ask Miina, then.」Sara

「How about Chris? Maybe he knows.」Nelly

「I don’t want to see his face.」Sara

「I see…」Nelly

Sara was just annoyed because Chris persistently invited her to become a member of the Pharmacist Guild.
However, if Sara wanted to sell herbs, she had no choice but to sell them to the Pharmacist Guild, so she would see Chris even though she didn’t want to.

When both of them stepped into the Demon Mountain, outside Sara’s barrier, the forest wolves could only look at them regretfully without being able to do anything.


Sara was watching the wolves with a face as if saying, “serve you right!”

「But… because it’s a forest, it’s hard to walk with this big barrier… Will it be okay if I make it smaller but big enough for both of us?」Sara

「Yeah. Maybe there will be no problem.」Nelly

Sara adjusted the width of her barrier as she kept walking.
Because it was for two people, it was still quite large, though.

「Nelly, you know what?」Sara


「When I was going to Roza, the alpine wolves were following me all the way here.」Sara (chapter 15)

「From our hut? Heeー They must be really eager to eat you.」Nelly

「Ughh… I know…」Sara



「W, What!?」Sara


The sound of wings flapping was heard from above.

Sara was stiffened and didn’t want to look up.

「Sara, don’t worry. It’s just a wyvern.」Nelly

「Hahhh… just a wyvern, huh? It’s been a long time since I saw them.」Sara

Sara dropped her shoulders.

「Why did a wyvern come all the way down to this forest?」Sara

「Maybe because it misses you? You’re popular among monsters, right?」Nelly


Sara squinted her eyes expressionlessly.




「W, What is that!? … A bat? I don’t remember having a bat fan!」Sara

「Hoo. That’s a forest flying fox. They only live in the foot of Demon Mountain. They rarely come out in the daytime, though… Sara, I never thought you’re this popular.」Nelly
*/ flying fox is a species of bat. Also known as “fruit bat”.

「But they only eat fruit, right?」Sara

Sara remembered that in her previous world, flying foxes’ food was fruit.

「Nope. They suck blood.」Nelly

「No wayー!」Sara

When Sara was going to Roza, it seemed that the monsters that fell after hitting Sara’s barrier, and were eaten by the alpine wolves were forest flying foxes. (also chapter 15)

「Because they only live in this forest, they can be sold at a fairly good price. The skin is a good material that can repel water.」Nelly

「I see. I’ll remember it for now.」Sara

However, the bat that hit Sara’s barrier just now didn’t die. It flew away flutteringly.
Nelly could only watch it with a regrettable face.


「What is it this time!?」Sara

Something like a big rock rolled down from the mountain road.

「What the heck is that!?」Sara

「Didn’t you meet that monster when you went to Roza? It’s a steel pangolin. They live in the lower part of Demon Mountain. Its scales are good materials because they are hard and sharp, by the way.」Nelly

Indeed it looked really hard.
The forest wolves didn’t seem to be able to defeat it. They were just silently watching it roll past them.

「Alpine wolves can eat steel pangolins easily, but it seems forest wolves can’t eat them.」Nelly

「It seems so…」Sara


The steel pangolin hit Sara’s barrier, then rolled away.

「Anyway, thanks to your barrier, we don’t have to worry about anything. Let’s get out of this forest quickly.」Nelly

「Un. At least, let’s reach an open area. I feel uncomfortable in this forest.」Sara

They kept walking, but the night came before they passed through the forest.

They decided to camp at a relatively open area in the forest.

「Hehe~ Nelly, look~」Sara

「Yes, yes. A tent, right? I saw it yesterday, but Sara, you really like your tent, huh?」Nelly


Actually, Sara didn’t need to set up a tent and use her box barrier instead.
However, although it was a second hand tent, she bought it with the money she earned from working hard, and she wanted to show it off to Nelly.

After she was done setting it upー

「Tadaaaー! …..Alright, let’s put it away.」Sara

「Eehh!? I thought you will sleep in that tonight.」Nelly

「It’s a tent for one person, you know?」Sara

「I know, but why do you put it away?」Nelly

「If I sleep in this tent, I can’t sleep alongside Nelly, right?」Sara

「Ahh, I see… So… why did you set it up in the first place?」Nelly

「I just want to show it off~」Sara

「…..Phu! Hahaha!」Nelly

After putting away the tent and setting up her box barrier, Sara took out two guild bento boxes and two cups.
Then, she poured hot water into the cups using magic, and put tea leaves into them.

It was the usual procedure when she was camping with Nelly.

Normally, she used her portable stove to boil water, but today Sara was a bit tired after running all the way from Roza.

「You know what? I really missed Sara’s cooking while I was in the royal capital.」Nelly


Sara smiled. She was happy to hear that.

「I was happy when Allen, Vince, and Guild Master said my cooking was delicious. But I’m most happy if Nelly was the one who said that.」Sara

「Haha. Well, because it really is delicious. But Sara, when we’re going to Roza next time, let’s try various foods around the town! I’m sure there are many delicious foods you haven’t try there.」Nelly

「Un! I’m looking forward to it. By the way, I learned how to cook horned rabbit from Mize. I’ll make it for you next time.」Sara

「Hooー Horned rabbit is a high-class food, you know?」Nelly

「Speaking of high-class food.」Sara

Sara remembered the moment when she ate cockatrice meat with Allen.

「Allen said people rarely eat cockatrice meat. Is it also a high-class food?」Sara

「Y, Yeah…」Nelly

Nelly turned her face away for some reason.

「Well, it’s a suuuuuper luxury food, you know?」Nelly

「H, Heeー Is that so?」Sara


「Hm? Nelly, you hear that? I feel like I’ve heard something very familiar.」Sara

「Ahh, Sara, you have guests.」Nelly

Garrrー! (Yo. Long time no see!)

「Ehh!? Why are you guys here!?」Sara

Garr, garr (We’re coming to pick you up.)

Before Sara realized, the pack of forest wolves was gone and replaced by a pack of alpine wolves.

「How did they know I’m here?」Sara

「Hahaha! Maybe they heard about you from the wyvern that attacked us at noon.」Nelly

Garr (Something like that.)

「Right? Hahaha!」Nelly

「Geez. Nelly, you’re laughing too much!」Sara

Gar, Garrrr (Anyway, welcome home our cute prey.)




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