Chapter 44 : To Roza Once Again


「Uwaa… We really make it to town in two days…」Sara

Sara looked at the east gate of Roza with an amazed face.
Next to her, Nelly nodded in satisfaction.

It’s been 25 days since they left Roza, and now, they came back to sell stuff, buy groceries, and of course, meet with people in the guild.

「The next time we come here, you might be able to make it in just a day.」Nelly

「I don’t know… I think I need more time to be able to do that.」Sara

In front of Sara and Nelly, the east gate slowly opened.

「Heeー They really open the gate for you, huh?」Sara

「Well, it’s a usual thing.」Nelly

Nelly raised her right hand and silently greeted the gatekeeper soldiers on top of the gate.
After the soldiers raised their hand back at Nelly, Sara and Nelly began to walk toward the gate.

And the gate slowly closed when they entered the town.

「This is the first time I’m in this part of town.」Sara

「I see. You know what? I also haven’t fully explored this town. There’s a part of this town that I haven’t been to.」Nelly

「Is that so? Which part?」Sara

「Because I always head straight to the guild from here, I’ve never been in the northern half of this town. I was once invited to the mayor’s house, but it was right in the center.」Nelly

「I see. Well, not everyone who lives in this town has explored the entire town either, right? Moreover, we just come here once in a while.」Sara

「Haha. You’re right. By the way, do you want to go straight to the Pharmacist Guild to sell your herbs first? Or…」Nelly

「No. Let’s go to the Hunter Guild first.」Sara

Usually, Nelly was the one who sold Sara’s herbs, but from now on, Sara would sell them herself.

Unlike the area around the town, Sara didn’t have to worry about anyone else taking herbs in Demon Mountain.
That’s why she could collect a lot more herbs these past 20 days.

But before she went to sell herbs she had collected, there was something she wanted to do:
Giving ‘the souvenir’ to people who have taken good care of her in the Hunter Guild.
Especially, Mize.

Other than dried meat, Sara had only eaten weird monster meat such as cockatrice and gargoyle.
The one who told her about the other meats in this world, and taught her how to cook them was Mize.

「I wonder if they will be happy with this “Golden Trout”.」Sara

「They will be overjoyed for sure.」Nelly

「You can say that because you like it, right?」Sara

Golden Trout was a monster that could be caught in the dungeon.


Several days ago, Sara and Nelly went to a river that was only a day walk to the west from their hut.
The river was so big that they had a little hard time crossing it.
When Sara saw it for the first time, she saidー

「I want to swim!」Sara

But when she was about to jump into it, Nelly immediately stopped her.

「Don’t, Sara. There are monsters inside the water.」Nelly

「Eehhー Why are there so many monsters here!?」Sara

「Well, even though Demon Mountain looks like a normal mountain, it’s a dungeon after all.」Nelly

「Oh, right…」Sara

Nelly stared at the surface of the water with a regretful look and saidー

「This river is the habitat of Golden Trouts, but since they are swimming deeply into the water, we can’t catch them by hand or using a sword. Ahh… if we cut them into fillets, baked them, and eat them with a sauce, they taste really delicious, though… but they are really hard to catch.」Nelly

Sara wasn’t sure what kind of dish Nelly said, but it was probably a meunière style of dish.

From its name, Sara could tell that it was probably the same as trout or salmon in Japan, so she had confidence that she would be able to cook it.
Moreover, it seemed that Nelly really wanted to eat it.

「Nelly, leave it to me!」Sara

Normally, Sara didn’t feel comfortable hunting monsters, but Golden Trout was just a fish for her, so it’s all good.

「You can catch them?」Nelly

「I’ll try. Besides, I also want to eat fish!」Sara

「Haha! I see.」Nelly

Sara was thinking about how to catch them for a moment.

Magic that can be used in water…

「Ahh! Electric shock!」Sara

Sara felt like she would be able to imagine electric shock because she had seen it in anime and games.

「Nelly, please step back.」Sara

「O, Okay.」Nelly

Sara put her hands into the river and began to imagine high voltage electric shock coming out from her hands.

Bzzzttttー! Bzzzzzztttー!

A dazzling light was coming out from Sara’s hands several times, and then a mysterious scent was drifting from the stream direction.

「Sa, Sara. Are you okay?」Nelly

「Ssstt. Nelly, please be quiet.」Sara


Sara put her index finger in front of her mouth and told Nelly to be quiet.

Well, they didn’t have to be quiet actually.
Sara just wanted to act cool.

「….. I can feel it….. It’s coming……」Sara


After a while of waiting nervouslyー

「Nelly, look!」Sara

Several fishes, big and small, floated on the surface of the water one after another.
Actually, there were also weird creatures that were not fish, but Sara pretended not to see them.

Among the fishes, there was a big one with scales that was shining in black and gold.

「Go, Golden Trout…!」Nelly

「That one? Yes! I did it!」Sara

Sara was very happy that she could get the target fish.

She used her barrier to hold it so it wasn’t carried away by the currents, and then stored it in her storage pouch.

After that, Sara moved to another spot and did it again several times.
In the end, she got 6 big Golden Trouts.
One for her and Nelly to eat, and 5 as a souvenir for the people in the guild.

「They are big, so five will be enough for everyone in the guild, right?」Sara

「I think it’s more than enough.」Nelly

While having such a conversation, they arrived at the guild.

「Hello, everyone!」Sara

Sara opened the door vigorously and greeted cheerfully.

「Yo, Sara! It’s been a while. Looks like you’re doing well, eh?」Vince

Seeing Sara entered the building, Vince immediately stood up and greeted her with a smile from his reception desk.

Following him, the other receptionists also greeted her with a smile.

「Yes, I am! I’ve been collecting herbs every day and joining Nelly hunting sometimes.」Sara

「Nelly, huh…?」Vince

When Vince was mumbling like that, Nelly entered the guild.

「Yo, Nefeltally. You can come more often if you want, you know?」Vince

「I know, but because I’m going with Sara, coming here once every twenty days is more convenient.」Nelly

「Considering the traveling time, she has a point.」Mize

Suddenly, Mize and the waitress onee-san came to the guild counter.
Perhaps, they heard Sara coming.

「Mize! I brought a souvenir! Guess what it is.」Sara

「Hmm… cockatrice meat?」Mize

「Puu puu! It’s Golden Trout!」Sara

「Go, Golden Trout, you say!?」Vince

The one who was surprised wasn’t Mize, it was Vince.

Wasn’t expecting it, Sara looked back at Vince.

「Yeah. There are quite a lot in the mountain river.」Sara

「Aahー Yes, yes. There are a lot of them… in a river… especially in Demon Mountain…」Vince

Vince made a strained face.

This pattern…
Sara remembered the last time she saw Vince made this kind of face.

「But they are swimming so deeply into the water, right? They are really hard to catch, right?」Vince

「Ahh, Nelly also said they were very difficult for a swordsman to catch.」Sara

「No, no. Not only swordsmen. Even magicians have a hard time to catch them, you know?」Vince

「Is that so? It was easy, though?」Sara

And as usual, amazed by Sara, Vince let out a big sigh.




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