Chapter 45 : Yes, It’s Big, But It’s Just a Fish!



「I know.」Mize

Vince and Mize nodded at each other.

Sara tilted her head.

「Sara, let’s go to the back.」Vince

When Vince wanted to appraise a lot of monsters, or made a secret deal, he always used the back room, Guild Master’s room.

「Wait, you want to appraise them? Why? We can just eat them now, right?」Sara

「It’s not just a normal fish. It’s a Golden Trout!」Vince

「Fish is fish. What so different about them?」Sara

「Vince will also appraise my stuff after yours, so let’s just go.」Nelly

「If Nelly said so…」Sara

Sara reluctantly followed Vince and Nelly to the Guild Master’s room.

「Guild Master.」Vince

Vince opened the door without hesitation.

「Oi, oi. I’m working, you know?」GM

Nope. He was just relaxing on his seat.

When Sara entered the room, Guild Master opened his eyes wide and greeted her.

「Yo, Sara! Nefeltally too, what’s up?」GM

After he greeted them, he made an impressed look.

「Sara, you really walked from the Demon Mountain, huh?」GM

Even though Sara was going with Nelly, it was impossible to go to Roza if she couldn’t protect herself from monsters along the way.

「I’m going to appraise Sara’s prey here.」Vince

「Waaait, wait! You don’t have to do it here, do you?」GM

「It’s a fish monster, so it’ll be dirty and stinky. I can’t do it somewhere else.」Vince

「So you think you can appraise stinky monsters in my room, huh!?」GM

「Sara, take it out.」Vince

「Oi, don’t ignore me!」GM

Sara reluctantly took out the Golden Trout from her storage pouch to the floor.

The fish was really big. It was about one and a half meters.
For Sara and Nelly, one fish could last for days.

「Go, Golden Trout!?」GM

Guild Master half-lifted his hips from his seat.

「There are quite a lot of them in the river on Demon Mountain.」Sara

「I see… So you want to sell it to us?」GM


Sara shook her head.

「This is my gratitude to everyone in the guild for taking care of me. I caught several of them.」Sara

「Wait wait waaait! It’s not only one!?」Vince

「I have five of them.」Sara

Vince opened his eyes and mouth wide, and looked up at the ceiling.

「The rare fish, Golden Trouts that are hard to find even in the royal capital….. There are five of them here… A..Ahahahahaー! Five rare fishes! Gaahahaha!」Vince

Everyone in the room silently stared at Vince with disgusted eyes.

After acting like a mad man, he suddenly looked at Sara with a serious face.

「Sara, one is more than enough for everyone here. So, would you like to sell the remaining four to the guild?」Vince

「Eh? I doubt one would be enough, though…」Sara

Sara wanted everyone to eat a full stomach.

「One is enough for 20 people, you know? So it will be enough for everyone in the kitchen and reception, and also Allen.」Vince

Vince also counted Allen in as well.
But actually, Sara already made some lunch boxes with fried Golden Trout in them special for Allen.

「If you sell the remaining four, two of them will be delivered to the royal capital, and for the other two… I think there will be rich men in this town who want to buy them. One is 500,000 gils, so four will be 2,000,000 gils. How’s that?」Vince

「Umm… But…」Sara

Sara made a troubled face and looked at Nelly.

「Compared to a wyvern, its price is not that high, right? You can just sell them if you want.」Nelly

「Ah, you’re right!」Sara

It’s not good to compare everything with ‘one wyvern’, though.
But Sara was easily convinced.

「Alright then. I’ll sell them.」Sara

「Really? Thank you!」Vince

「It’s a rare ingredient, so if only guild staff who eat it, there might be people who are noisy, saying that we’re abusing our authority…」GM

「I see…」Sara

After listening to Guild Master’s slightly weak voice, Sara dropped the remaining three on the floor from her storage pouch.

「Well then, I’m going to the kitchen.」Sara

Sara nodded at Nelly and left the room.


After handing over the Golden Trout to Mize, Sara helped the kitchen with peeling potatoes as usual.
It wasn’t that she was working, she just wanted to do it.

「You know? I thought you’re poor because you couldn’t register with the guild at that time.」waitress

Seeing Sara peeling potatoes, two waitresses talked to her.

「Ah, I just happened to have no money at that time. There’s no shop in the Demon Mountain after all, so I can’t sell things.」Sara

「I see. Indeed there’s no shop in a place full of monsters」
「But I bet the scenery is nice there! Right?」waitresses

「Well, yeah… kinda…」Sara

Wherever you look, there are wolves and wyvers, though.

「By the way, do you guys know how Allen is doing?」Sara

It was already afternoon, so it was about time the hunters returned from the dungeon.

「Ah, Allen…」
「Allen, huh…?」waitresses

They looked away for some reason.

「Speaking of him, Guild Master once said that he would take care of him, right?」
「Yeah, I heard it too. Maybe he wants to take care of him because Guild Master is also a physical strength type fighter and has similar personalities with Allen.」waitresses

Sara felt like she heard something she couldn’t ignore.

They have similar personalities? No way.
At least Allen is not dumb.

「By the way, you know? Allen is getting stronger these past three weeks because Guild Master always trains him everyday.」waitress

「Really? But, Guild Master is in his room right now, though?」Sara

「Aah, that’s…」waitress

Again, for some reason, everyone turned their faces away.

「Umm. How should I put it… Allen has join a party, or should I say… he was made to join a party…?」waitress

「A party?」Sara

Even though Allen was still a boy, he had strong magical power, so there were a lot of people who wanted to form a party with him.
But Sara remembered that there was no child around his age in Roza.

「Is he joining a kind senior hunter’s party?」Sara

「Umm… it’s not the case, but…」waitress

The waitress looked at a distance.

At that moment, someone called Sara with a loud voice from the kitchen entrance.


「Allen! It’s been a long time!」Sara

Allen came to the kitchen, approaching Sara with a big smile.


「You can go. And thank you for the souvenir, by the way.」Mize


Sara left the kitchen with Allen.

She had a lot to talk about with him.




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