Previously, Empty told Mallow if she wanted to get string materials to make a guitar, she should go to the Flower Garden of Relaxation, which was the battlefield for the『World End Quest : Evil』a year ago.


Chapter 64 : The Record of Past Event【Evil】


【Event : Evil】Genesis Frontier (This event seems impossible)

78) Nameless Adventurer
I’m dead again.

79) Nameless Adventurer
Me too.

80) Nameless Adventurer
Same fate here.

81) Nameless Adventurer
Are you guys dying already? I mean, in real life.

82) Nameless Adventurer
The event just started, but it’s really tough.

83) Nameless Adventurer
Will it get nerfed later?

84) Nameless Adventurer
In the first place, this event is structured so that the players have a hard time, so I don’t think they’ll nerf it.

85) Nameless Adventurer
The heck is this shitty game?

86) Nameless Adventurer
By the way, what is the condition for the players to lose?

87) Nameless Adventurer
Currently, Evil is slowly progressing from The Flower Garden of Relaxation.
If it reaches the Flower Garden in Area 1, we lose.

88) Nameless Adventurer
By the way, if we, the players, lose, it will destroy the Flower Garden and the name of the town will turn into “Ruined Town”. Also, all the NPCs who live in the Flower Garden will die.

89) Nameless Adventurer

90) Nameless Adventurer
Oi, oi. Seriously?

91) Nameless Adventurer
I don’t care about the NPCs but I feel sorry for the craftsman class players who have stores there.

92) Nameless Adventurer
That’s why all the craftsman players were supporting by handing out items to fighter players for free.
Thanks to that, the players were excited, but I never thought it would be so tough.

93) Nameless Adventurer
It will shoot a thick beam if we’re far away, and will launch a large number of floating swords if we get close. It has a really high killing ability.

94) Nameless Adventurer
Unlike the usual event, this time, everyone must cooperate to defeat that huge enemy, so it’s kinda hard for the melee players to move around. On the contrary, the long-range players can attack quickly, but still….

95) Nameless Adventurer
If the administrators didn’t give us ballistas or cannons in this event, I’m sure we would lose in an instant.

96) Nameless Adventurer

97) Nameless Adventurer
No, the administrators are just jerks who turned this game into a shitty game! This game is about to end.

98) Nameless Adventurer
Chill dude. It’s not just you, it’s also frustrating for all of us. But please, don’t make such a negative statement.

99) Nameless Adventurer
By the way, who is making the most contribution now?

100 )Nameless Adventurer
Just f***ing Google it!

101) Nameless Adventurer
Ignore that guy ↑
It looks like a player named Bolg is the one who’s contributed the most.

102) Nameless Adventurer
Who’s that?

103) Nameless Adventurer
Bolg-aneki, huh
*/ Aneki = older sister. Also used to refer to higher-ranking members of a gang.

104) Nameless Adventurer
I heard rumors about that player. A female spear user. She is small but the way she controls her avatar in VR is just awesome.

105) Nameless Adventurer

106) Nameless Adventurer
By the way, the most contributing guild is called “Dark Night Round Table”.

107) Nameless Adventurer
Never heard of it.

108) Nameless Adventurer
Is that a new guild?

109) Nameless Adventurer
A player named Gray seems to be the leader

110) Nameless Adventurer
Nah, never heard of him.

111) Nameless Adventurer
I bet the players who got to the top from nothing are lucky players who got rare skills or unique skills.

112) Nameless Adventurer
No, I said the most contributing guild. I was talking about the guild, not the leader. I also don’t know how strong he is.

113) Nameless Adventurer
Players who don’t have rare or unique skills have the rights to throw rocks at players like that.

114) Nameless Adventurer
Yeah, just like me who don’t have any good skills… (crying)

115) Nameless Adventurer
It’s not just you! There are even players who have played this game since its release but still haven’t got any rare skills until now, you know!?

116) Nameless Adventurer
That’s… Sry…

117) Nameless Adventurer
Well, indeed skills are important in this game, but our skill as a player is also important.

118) Nameless Adventurer
And Bolg-aneki is by far the strongest player in terms of player skill and in game skills.

119) Nameless Adventurer
Maybe that Gray guy is also a great player like Bolg.









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