Chapter 46 : Who The Heck Are You?


「Sara! Looks like you’re doing well.」Allen

It seemed that Allen wanted to ask how Sara was doing at first, but after he saw Sara’s smile, he knew that she was doing well living in the Demon Mountain.

「Allen, you too! Umm… how should I put it…」Sara

Sara looked at Allen from top to bottom.

「You looks so much cleaner than before.」Sara

Allen now was wearing clean clothes, and his hair had been tidied up.

He scratched his head with a slightly embarrassed look and saidー

「Well, yeah. Actually, I live at Guild Master’s house now.」Allen

「Eh? So you’re no longer sleeping outside?」Sara

「Yeah. I’m fine with sleeping outside, but Guild Master said even though I’m used to it, sleeping outside is still kinda dangerous.」Allen

「I see. Un! I’m glad for you!」Sara

When the two of them smiled at each other enjoying the moment of reunion, a rattling noise like someone opening and closing their storage pouce was heard from Allen’s behind.

Then, Allen made an ‘Ah!’ face as if he just remembered something.

He turned around and stepped aside.

Sara didn’t notice, but there was someone who has been standing behind Allen.

「This is my party member right now.」Allen

「I was forced to team up with him, tho.」boy

It was a boy about the same age as Allen.

He put his right hand on his hip and turned his body to Sara, but because he looked sideways, their eyes didn’t meet.

His long black hair covered his face, so Sara couldn’t even tell what color his eyes were.

Sara felt a little happy to see a child of the same age beside Allen, but this boy didn’t seem to be very friendly and was a little rude.

「I also had no choice because Guild Master asked me, you know?」Allen

After Allen said so, Sara somehow could tell that they were unwillingly form a party.

From the boy’s rude attitude, Sara could understand why Allen didn’t want to party with him.
But even so, Sara decided not to be rude at him.

She greeted him politely.

「Nice to meet you. I’m Sara, Allen’s friend.」Sara

「I’m Hart…」boy

After saying his name, he looked at Sara from her face to her feet, and back to her face.

「Hmph. A commoner, huh?」Hart


Commoner he said?

Sara looked at clothes she was wearing.

She has money but she always forgot to buy clothes when she lived in this town because she always thought about Nelly.

She was now wearing her usual baggy, boy’s clothes.

This time, Sara looked at the boy who called himself Hart from top to bottom.

A well tailored jacket with a lot of pockets.
A black dagger on the left side of his belt.
And several leg pouches that seemed to be storage pouches, attached on his belt around his waist.

He surely looked like a rich person.

Sara looked at herself again.
Yeah, she looked totally like a commoner compared to him.

「Commoner… huh…?」Sara

「Oi! I know you’re a rude guy, but how dare you said something like that to a girl you just met!」Allen

Allen punched Hart’s shoulder as he said that.

「Huh? Commoner is commoner. Am I wrong? But… what did you say…?」Hart

Hart looked at Sara with a slightly surprised face.

Now they finally made eye contact.

「’He’ is… a girl…?」Hart


Suddenly, Miina’s voice was heard from the reception.
Maybe Hart reminded her with Guild Master who also thought that Sara was a boy.

Even though she was called a commoner, Sara didn’t feel anything.
She never thought about aristocrats or commoners even from before she came to this world.
When she was in Japan, she was neither rich nor a politician. She was just an average citizen after all.

Sara also wasn’t mad that Hart thought she was a boy.
Well, she was wearing boy’s clothes, so she thought it couldn’t be helped.

Therefore, she didn’t really hate him.
She just thought of him as nothing but Allen’s party member who was a little rude.

However, Allen was different.

「Why do you always say something that can hurt people’s feeling!?」Allen

「A girl, huh? That means…」Hart

「Oi, I’m talking to you!」Allen

「Allen, you’re…」Hart

「I’m what!?」Allen

「…A ‘riajuu’ aren’t you?」Hart


*/Riajuu is an otaku term for somebody who has a good life. They have girl/boyfriends and are really popular.

「I thought I was teamed up with you because there were no hunters your age in this town, but here you are with your female friend…」Hart

「What the heck are you talking about? Sara is not a hunter, you know? Yes, indeed she is my female friend, so what?」Allen

「Kaaahhー! Why are you so dense!?」Hart

Sara also didn’t know what Hart was talking about. She tilted her head.

When Sara couldn’t keep up with the two boys’ conversation, Nelly appeared from the back of the guild.



Sara was relieved when she saw Nelly.

She was happy to see Allen, but thanks to this weird boy, she couldn’t talk much with him.
She felt a little tired mentally.

When Sara tried to approach Nelly, that boy also ran toward her as he shoutedー

「Nefeltally nee-sanー!」Hart


Not only Sara, but also the people in the guild raised the same voice simultaneously.

Sara was taken aback and stopped.

Nelly told Sara that she has two older brothers, but she never told that she also has a younger brother.

「I came to Roza to meet with Nefeltally nee-san, but Guild Master didn’t give me permission to go to the Demon Mountain, so I’ve been waiting here all the time.」Hart

So that’s what happened, huh?

However, Although Hart smiled brightly at Nelly, Nelly didn’t change her expression.

After staring at Hart for a moment, Nelly opened her mouth slightly and saidー

「Who the heck are you?」Nelly




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    14 Feb 2021

    No, seriously… Who the heck is he?! Lol

      14 Feb 2021

      Well judging by how young the boy seems its possible that he was born after Nelly left the house and went off. So it’s very possible that she doesn’t know of a younger brother.

        16 Feb 2021

        i’m thinking something in the line that he’s just one of those fanboys that’s gonna propose to her or something and get rejected badly next chapter

        26 Mar 2021

        Well, Nelly is from a noble family I assume (from her back story), but after she left the family would need someone to continue the family so maybe her little brother/sister had a child.

        Nelly is in her late 30s after all and most if not all medieval isekai setting had them married at around 12-15 years old so it wouldn’t be weird if that boy is Nelly’s nephew. Or her father just remarried a younger lady and had another child later on.

    18 May 2021

    riajuu, a term that wouldn’t be known in this world, probably a reason the translator didn’t just translate it. He’s the invited person

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