Chapter 57 : I’m a Dense Girl… (part 2)


「ーー【Heavy Smash】!」


I crushed the Minotaur’s head into pieces before it could even raise its axe, then it instantly returned to a card.


「Fiuh, that was close…」

If it swung its big axe around, Obaa-chan’s house would be ruined.

「J, Just who the heck are you!? Even B-rank adventurers have trouble killing Minotaurs in the Demon Land! How can you kill it so easily!?」Doubt

「Well, even if you ask me that, I just killed it…」Hanna

「Surprising a demon like that… Master, you’re amazing!」Galle

「Ehehe~ is that so~?」Hanna

Being complimented by Galle-chan, I smiled shyly at her, while Doubt made an angry face.

「You… How dare you deceive me by looking like a weak girl even though you are so strong! 」Doubt

「Said a demon who tricked people…」Hanna

「Phu,! Nice one!」Galle

「Khh! Don’t get cocky! I still have a secret weapon, you know! Kahaha! I doubt you can defeat my monster this time!」Doubt

「Heeー Interesting. I’ll kill it in one hit like before!」Hanna

「Kaahaha! You will regret it later! But…」Doubt

When Doubt was about to take another card, his hand stopped.

「This place is too small to take ‘this’ out…. You also don’t wanna destroy someone else’s house, right? How about we do it outside?」Doubt

Yeah, he got a point.
Besides, if this house crumbled, Obaa-chan would be in danger.

「…….Alright. But don’t you dare try to run.」Hanna

「Khufufu. Okay, okay.」Doubt

As soon as I stepped aside, Doubt started running really fast like a rabbit.

「…..Ha? Eeeehh!?」Hanna

I immediately chased after him, but because he caught me off guard for a second, the distance between me and him became quite large.

「You said you wouldn’t run away! Come back here, you coward!」Hanna

「Fwahahaha! What a dumb girl! Not fighting strong enemies is my motto! Adiosー!」Doubt

Dammit! I can’t let him escape!

He had been using four cards. Three bats and a Minotaur.
If I collect them from the floor, I will have 15 cards and tie with Cecil.
But there’s a possibility that she can get another card today.
If I can’t get Doubt’s bag or make him create more monsters, I might lose this contest.

Even though my Blunt Weapon Level has become over 100 million, my running speed hasn’t improved at all.
The distance between me and Doubt is getting larger and larger.

「Master, leave it to me! I’m going all out!」Galle

Galle-chan who was running next to me, transformed into a wolf.

「Aa, Galle-chan! Don’t go! He’s dangerous!」Hanna

Even though he looks like a boy who ran from his angry mother right now, he’s still a demon.
There’s no no way Galle-chan can defeat him.

「Don’t worry, Master! I will just stop him for a moment!」Galle

Looks like she won’t listen even if I try to stop her.

She dashed in a high speed and turned a corner tens of meters ahead to follow Doubt.

I lost sight of Galle-chan, but I hope she won’t be doing anything reckless.

Please be safe, Galle-chan!

As I made that wisht, I turned the corner, andー


I collided with someone who was standing right around the corner, and we both fell on our butts.

「Ouch ouch….」Hanna


The person I bumped into was Galle-chan who has returned to human form.

「Galle-chan!? What happened? Where’s Doubt?」Hanna

Galle-chan made an apologetic face and saidー

「I’m sorry, Master… I lost sight of him the moment I turned this corner…」Galle

「You lost sight of him? But you could just track him by his smell, right?」Hanna

「But this is strange… the moment I lost sight of Doubt, my sense of smell stopped working…」Galle

「Eh!? How come?」Hanna

This is bad… Really bad…

If I can’t rely on Galle-chan’s sense of smell, let alone Doubt, I can’t even find the puppets he created…

「This must be Mira-san’s medicine’s fault! Uhh… At this rate, I won’t get Master’s praise!」Galle

Galle-chan pouted as she said that.

Hmm… I can’t imagine Mira-san making a mistake in formulating the medicine…

There isn’t much time left until this card collecting contest is over.
However, I decided to return to the Egg Tart once.
Because if Mira-san’s medicine really made Galle-chan lose her sense of smell, the one who could solve this problem was only Mira-san.

I became impatient.

If Cecil wins this contest, she will order me to never use blunt instruments again…
If that happens, my life as an adventurer will end for good.
And I won’t be able to see Laney…

Ahh… I feel like borrowing Rozelia’s favorite phrase…
Yada yada, yabaaaiー!


「Welcome back. Did you beat that demon already? That was so quick.」Mira

When we returned to our store, Mira-san, who was sitting at the counter, welcomed us.

Normally, I would feel relieved after I saw Mira-san’s face and could finally rest, but I didn’t have much time to rest now.

「Mira-san. We’re in trouble…」Hanna

「What’s wrong?」Mira

「Galle-chan’s nose has becoー」Hanna

When I was trying to explain the situation, Galle-chan suddenly pulled the sleeve of my clothes from behind.


She brought her mouth close to my ear andー

「Master….. Because ‘he’ is really close, I can tell even though my nose’s condition is bad right now…」Galle

She whispered in a small voice so that Mira-san couldn’t hear.

「What do you mean?」Hanna

Galle-chan swallowed her saliva and answered me.

「Doubt is now pretending to be Mira-san…!」Galle



Mira-san tilted her head as she stared at us suspiciously.

No matter how I look at her, she is the usual expressionless Mira-san.

Is she really Doubt?


So I have to hit her with my hammer now!?




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5 Thoughts on It’s Not That I Like Using a Blunt Weapon! ~The Rising of a Girl Who Mastered Blacksmithing and Constructing With a Big Hammer~-Chapter 57 part 2
    18 Feb 2021

    Doubt fused with Galle 100%… She wouldn’t be whispering if i were really her.

    26 Mar 2021

    Why is Hanna being an idiot Shonen protag? Why even talk to the demon who has made countless people suffer? She should have one hit him the moment he revealed his identity not wait for him to deploy his abilities.
    Its parts like this that ruin otherwise great stories. Characters being retards for “plot”.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    26 Mar 2021

    If hanna doesnt recognize that it was doubt, it fix that hanna is kinda dumb 😂

    I instantly realize that doubt was pretending to be galle as soon as they bumbin eachother

      26 Mar 2021

      But if it was true that doubt pretendin to be galle, then whos been chased by galle? Is that another card

    30 Mar 2021

    Thanks for the chapter!

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