Chapter 65 : Information Gathering


The destination has been decided! To The Flower Garden of Relaxation! Lets Go~!!!

……….But Mallow wasn’t stupid enough to rush recklessly like that.

After saying goodbye to Soufflé and Empty, Mallow logged out.
Then Aoi turned on her PC and started gathering information.
Empty said that The Flower Garden of Relaxation was the stage of The World End Scenario, so there’s no reason not to check the information about it in advance.

「Fuーn. So there was something like this going on in the past, huh」

From the information she gathered, now she knew.
In the past, a large number of players were fighting against a raid boss named Evil.
That boss monster was obviously too overpowered.
But the players were barely successful in defeating it, otherwise Area 1 would have been destroyed by Evil.
The reward was a huge amount of materials, weapons, and a necklace-type accessories called『Evil Soul』.
By equipping it, your STR will increase by 30 points and you will be able to use a defense skill called【Protect】.

(Come to think of it, Bolg-san was also equipping an accessories like this if I remember correctly)

If equipped, STR will increase, and a useful defense skill will also be available, so there’s no reason not to equip it.
There was also information about the special effect of『Evil Soul』written, but let’s leave it for now.

「Let’s see about Flower Garden of Relaxation…」

When she opened the page, the first thing she noticed was a big “Caution!” sign.

It seemed that the Flower Garden of Relaxation had become a battlefield for a very difficult quest.

「What is this…? I have a bad feeling about this, but… It seems exciting!」

Aoi kept reading the text with enthusiasm.

Apparently, the place called Flower Garden of Relaxation was a safe area where no monsters appeared in the past.
Moreover, the only item that could be looted there was 『Four-leaf Clover』, that could only be exchanged for a small amount of money.
Therefore, it was an unpopular place like Black Forest.
However, the scenery was beautiful, so there were couples going on a date there sometimes.

「Uhh… What does this article mean by ‘date spot’? So there are people dating inside the game?」

It was a world that was difficult for Aoi to understand.

Anyway, it seemed that the current Flower Garden of Relaxation had become an area that could no longer be called a relaxating place.

Looking at the screenshot on the page, Aoi made an amazed look like an elementary school student.

「Hooー The place has changed so much…」

The plain where flowers were blooming all over the place was now a wasteland with cracks in the ground all over the place.

It seemed that there was a beautiful lake in the past, but it was dry now.
The plants that remained were only dead trees at best.

The name had also been officially changed from “Flower Garden of Relaxation” to “Graveyard of Flowers”.

Such a changed world.

It seemed that the deadly battle against Evil was the reason behind the changes.
Aoi thought, is it possible a war can change the world like this?

Evil had the ability to suck life energy from the earth and make it rot, that’s why the Flower Garden of Relaxation ended up in a terrible condition like that.

But, it doesn’t matter now. More importantly…

「The problem is the boss that spawns here…」

Normally, monsters will not appear in the Flower Garden of Relaxation (now called Graveyard of Flowers).
Of course, boss monster normally would never spawn there.

So, why was there a big ‘Caution!’ sign on the web page?
Because it seems that if the players meet a certain condition, a powerful boss monster will appear.
That boss monster’s name is『Alter・Evil』.
Yes. It seems that this boss will be very similar to the former boss, Evil.
The difference is its size.
It used to have a size that made you look up, but now it seems the size was shrunk to the size of a two-story house.

And the condition for Alter Evil to appear is “there are players who have not participated in Evil subjugation in the past”.
Aoi wondered, why such a condition?
But there was an explanation in the official bulletin board.
It said that this is the event to give a chance for the beginners and players who didn’t participate in the past event to obtain the Evil Soul necklace by defeating Alter Evil.
Aoi thought it would be impossible for beginners to defeat such a powerful enemy.
However, the condition would meet even if there was only one player who didn’t participate in the past event, so the other beginner players who want Evil Soul but can’t clear the quest can ask for it or buy it from veteran players who participate in both past event and current event and have two of it (one from Evil and one from Alter Evil).

「Well, my goal is not to get the Evil Soul, so it doesn’t matter for me.」

The goal is to get string material for making a guitar.

If Empty’s fortune-telling was correct, it would definitely drop from Alter Evil.
Both Evil and Alter Evil seemed to be reptile-type monsters, so there’s a possibility they would drop string material.

Now that the decision has been made, maybe I’ll go now?
No, wait… It seems it will be very difficult to defeat Alter Evil alone.
Actually, I would like to challenge it myself, but I have to prioritize the goal to get the string material for now.
And in order to get it quickly, it’s better if I invite some other players and fight it in a large group.
Aoi, who was thinking like that, then took her mobile phone and sent a message.
The recipient was Nikaido Ai.

『Ai, I have a little request for youーー』




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