Chapter 47 : We Fought Together, Right?


「Did you forget? We fought together against the dragons in the royal capital.」Hart

「The migration of dragons, huh? Hmm…」Nelly

Nelly stared at Hart.

「Ah, are you the ‘invited person’ at that time?」Nelly

Invited person!?

Sara was surprised, but at the same time, she was convinced.
‘Riajuu’ is not the word of this world after all.

「Yeah! How could you forget about me who can defeat a dragon with just one shot?」Hart

“Defeating a dragon with one shot, he said?”
“Are you kidding me?”
The people in the guild seemed to be surprised, but Sara was different.

She was thinking, are dragons any different from wyverns? If not, he’s not that special, then.

「Umm, how should I put it… I’m not forgetting, I just don’t care at all.」Nelly

Nelly said she didn’t care about him, but Hart didn’t seem to mind it and continued talking.

「Because Nee-san left the royal capital before the migration of dragons was over, the subjugation team was in panic, you know? But thanks to me, we could defeat the dragons.」Hart

「I see.」Nelly

Seeing Nelly acting indifferent toward Hart, Sara smiled wryly.

Now she knows that Nelly wasn’t Hart’s older sister.
He called her “Nee-san”, but it was just a call for an older female acquaintance.

Now that she lost interest in Hart, Sara thought about having a fun talk with Allen since she couldn’t do it because of that weird boy.

「Nelly, do you mind if I talk with Allen a little more?」Sara

「Okay, go ahead.」Nelly

Said Nelly while smiling gently at Sara.

「Thank you!」Sara

「Sara, let’s go to guild’s dining hall!」Allen


Sara and Allen headed to the dining hall and sat at the table at the edge of the hall.

「How have you been?」Sara

「Great. You know? I’ve been practicing with Guild Master in the dungeon!」Allen

After seeing Allen’s glittering eyes, Sara knew that he really respects Guild Master even though Sara still didn’t know how strong Guild Master was.

「Heeー Did he taught you how to hunt monsters?」Sara


Allen smiled bitterly somehow.

「He told me that the first thing a hunter needs is stamina, so we ran around the dungeon while maintaining body strengthening. I was breathing heavily, but he wasn’t even breaking a sweat, you know!」Allen

「But you have a lot of stamina, right?」Sara

「Yeah, but compared to Guild Master, I was like a turtle when we were running together. When I asked him if I could go to Demon Mountain in a day, he said it would be impossible with my current stamina…」Allen

「Well, we’re not Nelly nor Guild Master after all. Running all day from Roza to Demon Mountain is very tough, you know?」Sara

「By the way, how many days did it take you to come here this time?」Allen

「U, Umm…」Sara

Sara looked away.

She once told him it took five days the first time she came to Roza.
If she honestly told him that it took only two days this time, he might be shocked.

However, there’s no point in lying, so she decided to tell him anyway.

「……Two days…」Sara

「Eh? Only two days!? If I’m not mistaken, it took you five days before, right!?」Allen

See? He was shocked…

「Y, Yeah… But, you know? It’s because Nelly has trained me hard.」Sara

「Ahh, dammit. At this rate, I’ll never beat you…」Allen

Allen looked up at the ceiling with a regretful face.

「I’m not making an excuse, but I wasn’t able to train since I was teamed up with Hart…」Allen

「That’s a good excuse, boy.」Nelly

Suddenly, Nelly came to the four-people table where Sara and Allen were sitting facing each other, and then she sat next to Sara.

She looked happy for some reason.

「Nelly… E, Excuse me… Nefeltally-san.」Allen

Because Sara called her ‘Nelly’, Allen unintentionally also called her so, but then he hurriedly corrected it.

「You can just call me Nelly.」Nelly

Nelly raised her hand and smiled at Allen.

「You know? Hunters who are good at body strengthening are often paired with magicians. There are many spells magicians can do but mostly are ranged attack spells, so they can work together with melee fighters really well.」Nelly

「ーAnd I’m one of those magicians. You know? There are many hunters who want to pair with me in the royal capital.」Hart

Saying that, Hart took a seat next to Allen, face to face with Nelly.

No one said he may seat there, though.

「By the way, Nelly nee-sanー」Hart

「I don’t remember giving you permission to call me Nelly.」Nelly

Nelly, you also never gave him permission to call you ‘nee-san’, right?
Sara put an extra line in her head.

However, Hart didn’t seem to mind.

「When are you going to back to Demon Mountain?」Hart

Nelly looked at Hart suspiciously.

「Why do you ask?」Nelly

「Of course, because I’ll go with you!」Hart

Sara and Allen were surprised and couldn’t say anything, while Nelly looked at the reception and shoutedー

「Oi, Vince!」Nelly

「Me!? Why don’t you ask Guild Master instead!?」Vince

Vince walked toward their table with an annoyed face.

「Hart, go back to the royal capital already! You’re just making trouble here!」Vince

Sara giggled unintentionally by Vince’s blunt words.

「No! I’m going to Demon Mountain with Nelly nee-san! The royal capital is boring!」Hart

Hart looked away sulkily.

「I told you many times! Demon Mountain is not the place where a kid like you can go even though you’re an ‘invited person’. At least bring a guardian who can go to there!」Vince

「I have no adult acquaintances who can keep up with me.」Hart

Sara made a face as if saying, “Is he a “bocchi”?
*/ a person who have no friends or forever alone

Hart noticed Sara’s face and hurriedly denied it.

「What? I’m not a bocchi, okay!?」Hart

「”Bocchi”? What’s that mean?」Allen

Allen tilted his head.

Well, “bocchi” isn’t a word from this world, so it’s natural that he doesn’t know it.

However, Hart ignored him and continued talking.

「Bradley was supposed to come here with me, but he got a special mission to do, so…. Oi! Stop looking at me like that! I said I’m not a bocchi!」Hart

Sara immediately turned her face away from him and looked at Nelly.

Nelly seemed to have something to say.

「Nelly? What’s wrong?」Sara

「Umm… Sara…」Nelly

Nelly thought for a moment.

「Do we have empty rooms in our mountain hut?」Nelly

「Nelly… how come you don’t know about that?」Sara

「A, Ahaha… W, Well… because I never clean the hut…?」Nelly

Sara let out a big sigh.


「Well, there are empty rooms.」Sara

「Do you know how many people can stay?」Nelly

Sara tried to remember the inside of the hut.

「Umm… There’s one room that can be used immediately, and one room that we have to clean up first before it can be used. Also, there’s a room in the attic, but there’s no bedding there.」Sara

「I see. As expected of someone who always cleans the hut, you know really well.」Nelly

Sara thought, even though Nelly never cleaned it, at least she should know about the place she lives in.

Anyway, only two people can stay immediately.
Five or six more people if they prepare the rooms first.



「That mountain hut isn’t mine. It’s the guild’s, right? So I have no right to refuse if he wants to stay there.」Nelly

「Well, that’s…」Vince

「Really!? I can stay!?」Hart

Hart stood up all of a sudden.

But, with a cool face, Nelly saidー

「Yeah, but you will be slowing us down if you run slower than Sara, so….」Nelly

Everyone looked at Sara.

「Eh? W, What…?」Sara




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