Chapter 48 : Will They Be Able To Go To Demon Mountain?


「Aaー Ahem. Sara, when you came to this town for the first town, you walked from the mountain hut by yourself, right?」Vince

Asked Vince, hesitantly for some reason.


「I’m sorry for that time…」Vince

Apparently, he felt terribly sorry because he couldn’t guess that Nelly who Sara was looking for was actually Nefeltally.

「It wasn’t your fault. It was because my explanation about Nelly was bad, so don’t worry about that. Besides…」Sara

Sara looked at Allen.

「Thanks to everyone, I managed to survive in this town.」Sara

Saying that, Sara smiled at Allen, and he smiled back at her.

Looking at them smiling at each other, Vince felt relieved and continued to talk.

「I see. What I want to ask is how many days did it take you to reach this town at that time?」Vince

「It was five days.」Sara

「But you know, Vince? This time, Sara was able to reach this town in twー hmpphh!?」Allen

Sara hurriedly closed Allen’s mouth when he was about to say something.

If he told Vince that Sara was able to reach this town in two days, Vince would get noisy for sure.


「I, It’s nothing, don’t mind us, hehe.」Sara

「As I thought, Allen is a riajuu, and you are hisー」Hart

「It’s not like what you think! We are just friends, okay!」Sara

Seeing how close Sara and Allen was, Hart misunderstood.

Sara was tired mentally because people around her, including Nelly, were the type of people who often make careless remarks.

Vince didn’t know what was going on, but he continued talking.

「Five days, huh…? And by the way, I heard that the town barrier didn’t reach the mountain.」Vince

「Let alone the foot of the mountain, it’s not even reach the grassland.」GM

「Guild Master. I see… If so, why don’t you ask the mayor to do something about it?」Vince

「It’s not that easy, you know…?」GM

Before Sara realized it, Guild Master also came to the dining hall and joined the conversation.

Apparently, the barriers along the way to Demon Mountain had not yet re-established because the Mayor of Roza hadn’t given permission.

「Hart, do you have confidence to get through that difficult path without barriers by yourself?」Vince

「Of course! Since a girl like her can do it, I can too!」Hart

「I also can do it too!」Allen

Said Allen all of a sudden. It looks like he didn’t want to lose to Hart.

「Allen, have you been there?」Hart

「Nope, but you know I can dive to a dungeon with no barriers, right?」Allen

「So what?」Hart

「I’m sure I can go to Demon Mountain with no problems!」Allen

「Hah, I doubt it.」Hart

「What did you say!?」Allen

Sara was a little annoyed looking at the two boys competing with each other.

Actually, Sara was fine if they wanted to come to Demon Mountain.
It might be a little difficult to prepare meals for two more people, but she thought that it would be fun to have a walk around the mountain with Allen.

She kinda hated Hart but since the mountain hut wasn’t hers, she couldn’t refuse him to stay there.
She didn’t feel like getting along with him, but she thought she didn’t have to talk with him all the time and could just leave him to Allen.

「Vince, Guild Master, if you’re so worried about me, why don’t you let me give it a shot? You will see if I can go to Demon Mountain or not if you see me try it, right?」Hart

「Ah, he’s right! I’ll give it a try too! If it’s too dangerous for us, we can just stop anytime, so it’s okay, right?」Allen


While everyone was discussing how to decide whether Allen and Hart could go to Demon Mountain, Sara was deep in thought, thinking about other things.

(So they’re going to go outside the town and give it a try, huh?
Oh, that’s right! In the meantime, let’s go to a clothing shop and buy some clothes!
And I still have to sell my herbs to the Pharmacist Guild.
Nelly said we can stay in this town for a few days if I want, so let’s take a walk around town too!)

「…….so, Sara. How about that?」Vince

Sara, who wasn’t listening to the conversation, was suddenly questioned by Vince.

「Eh? W, What?」Sara

「Oi, oi. Didn’t you listen to us? We’re talking about dungeon.」Vince


Sara was confused.

They were just talking about whether Allen and Hart can go to Demon Mountain or not, but why are they talking about dungeon now?

「Geez. Now listen here!」Hart

Sara was a little irritated by Hart’s way of saying.
She turned to him with an annoyed face.


「It will be inefficient if we’re going to the foot of Demon Mountain just to give it a try because it will take at least two days.」Hart

Well, surely it won’t be done in a day.

「The point is, Allen and I just have to prove that we have the strength go to Demon Mountain, so…」Hart


Sara tilted her head.

「Because you are the only child of the same age as us who can go to Demon Mountain, you will be going to the central dungeon with us and decide whether we have enough strength to go or not.」Hart


Why did it turn out like that?

Sara looked at Allen, hoping that he would help her.
But after seeing Allen’s glittering eyes, she regretted it.

「Sara, you said you didn’t wanna go to the dungeon, but honestly, I really want to go there with you.」Allen

Sara didn’t know that Allen had such hope.

Knowing that Allen wouldn’t help her, Sara looked at Nelly.
But Nelly turned her face away.


「I, It’s not that I agree with it, okay? I’m just curious about how strong Sara who I’ve trained in Demon Mountain will be.」Nelly

「Nelly, w-what are you talking about?」Sara

Apparently, Nelly wanted to show off her beloved, strong Sara to the others.

However, Sara didn’t want to, and tried to make an excuse.

「All I’ve been doing in Demon Mountain is picking herbs and catching fishes in the river, you know? I even rarely hunt monsters.」Sara

「A, Aahh… Y, You’re right…」Nelly

「Wait a minute. So how could you hunt stray slimes, then?」Vince

Sara glared at Vince, who cut in the conversation, with intimidating eyes.

He stepped back and looked away.

「A, Ahh! I just remember. You just killed them by chance, right? Ahaha…」Vince

「Yup. I just HAPPENED to see them and HAPPENED to kill them with ‘swoooshh!’, like that.」Sara

「Y, Yeah, right. ‘Swooosh!’, right? Magicians are often hunting them anyway, right?」Vince

「What are you talking about!? Of course not! They’re not easy to hunt, you know that!」GM

This time, Sara looked at Guild Master with intimidating eyes.

He stepped back and looked away.

「A, Ahh… I might be wrong… Come to think of it, there are a lot of magicians who can hunt them… Y, Yeah…」GM

Sara nodded in satisfaction.

After that, she looked at Allen and Hart.

Being looked at by Sara, they both sat up straight with a lot of sweat on their faces for some reason.

「You two, listen. If you want to prove to me that you have the power to go to Demon Mountain, do what you can do by yourself without relying on me. You understand?」Sara

「「Yes, ma’am!」」Allen & Hart

In the end, Sara decided to be the judge to test them, mostly because she was worried about Allen.




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