Chapter 49 : The Guild’s Inn



Sara raised her body from her bed and looked around the room.

White-painted walls, two simple but durable beds, two chairs, and a writing desk.
Also, there was a bath with a toilet in the room.

It wasn’t so clean, but still, it was the best room in the inn run by the guild.


In the bed next to Sara’s, Nelly’s red hair stuck out of the blanket.
She wasn’t a morning person so Sara thought that she might not want to wake up yet.

Sara got out of bed and looked out the window.
Because the inn was on the second floor of the guild, she could see the townscape really well.

「Today, I’m gonna go to the Pharmacist Guild to sell my herbs, and then… buy girls’ clothes!」Sara

Actually, Sara rarely saw girls about her age in this town, so she wasn’t sure what kind of clothes girls in this world normally wear.
However, Miina and the waitresses in the guild dining hall wore skirts, so there might be many women in this town who usually wore skirts.
Of course, there were also some who wore trousers like Nelly.

「I still don’t know what to buy, but at least I have money, so I can buy whichever I think is good.」Sara

Sara looked at the distance.

She now has a lot of money from selling herbs, slime magic stones, and monsters who died after they bumped into her barrier.

「Hahh… if only I had this much money when I first went to this town, I wouldn’t have had so much trouble living here at that time…」Sara

「I’m sorry, Sara… If only I left you some money before I left…」Nelly

「Nelly, you awake? No, it’s okay. Besides… it was Tedd’s fault for refusing to buy my herbs!」Sara

Remembering that, Sara got a little pissed off with Tedd and also with the deputy guild master of the Pharmacist Guild because he didn’t do anything about Tedd although he knew that Tedd was bullying Sara at that time.

「But, well… it doesn’t matter anymore now.」Sara

Sara quickly changed her gears and talked to Nelly with a bright smile.

「Nelly, I want to buy clothes today! You’re coming with me, right? After that, let’s go strolling around the town!」Sara

「Haha, okay!」Nelly

Now that Nelly has woken up, they changed clothes and went down to the first floor.

「I used to work here but I had never gone upstairs, so this is my first time sleeping in the guild’s inn. 」Sara

「Is that so? Sometimes I slept here when I visited this town.」Nelly

While chatting, they headed for the dining hall.

People working in the reception and the kitchen were different from the time when Sara worked here, but after Sara and Nelly had breakfast and relaxed for a while in the dining hall, the usual members came one after another, replacing the people Sara didn’t know.

「So the people in charge at morning and at noon are different, huh?」Sara

「Yeah. The people you saw in the morning had been working since last night, you know?」Nelly

「I see. So that’s why I’ve never seen them.」Sara

Sara was a little excited after seeing the guild was different from usual.

Nelly looked at her with gentle eyes.

「I think the Pharmacist Guild is already open now. Shall we get going?」Nelly

「Un. But unlike this guild, they don’t start early in the morning, huh?」Sara

Sara made a tsukkomi spontaneously.

She didn’t see people in the Pharmacist Guild as hard workers after all.

When Sara and Nelly passed the reception, about to leave the guild, someone called them.

「Oi, oi. If you two were here from earlier, why didn’t you let me know?」Vince

It was Vince.

Sara was surprised by the fact that Vince went to work like the other employees because she thought that he lives in the guild.

「I have no obligation to do that.」Nelly

Replying just like that, Nelly continued walking as Sara followed behind her.

「Wait, wait, wait! Sara, aren’t you going to go to the dungeon with Allen and Hart?」Vince

「Umm… actually…」Sara

「Oi, oi. Don’t tell me you changed your mind!?」Vince

「I’m sorry, but after talking with Nelly and thinking about it carefully last night, I don’t want to go to a dungeon after all…」Sara

「Oi, Nefeltally!」Vince

「Well, if Sara said so, I can’t force her, right?」Nelly

「Oh, please! Just for today! I’ll go too if you want. I’m fine with Allen, but I can’t handle that ‘invited person’ boy.」Vince

「Eehh… but Nelly and I are about to go on a date, tho…」Sara

「Say what?」Vince

「We’re going to go shopping and strolling around the town.」Nelly

「Oi, oi….」Vince

When Vince looked troubled, the guild door slammed open all of a sudden.



As they called each other, they smiled at each other as usual.

Regardless whether she would go to the dungeon with him or not, she was always happy to see Allen.

「I’m so excited today! Finally we’re going to go to dungeon together!」Allen

「U, Umm… Allen, actuallyー」Sara

「ーWell, the point is whether we have stamina to run long distances or not, right? It’s not a big deal.」Hart

Hart and Guild Master also went into the guild, following Allen from behind.

「Alright boys, let’s see how far you can go!….. Sara, I leave these two in your hands for today.」GM

「Please wait! Actually… I changed my mind… I don’t wanna go to a dungeon after all…」Sara

「Eh? Sara, why…?」Allen

「I’m sorry, Allen…」Sara

Guild Master put his hand on his chin and thought for a moment.

「Sara, you just don’t wanna go to a dungeon, right? So, how about we do it in the grasslands to the east? There are only cute horned rabbits and fluffy sheep there.」GM

「They’re not cute!」Sara

Sara denied immediately because she knew how furious the rabbits are and how strong the sheep are.

「Sara, honestly, I want to show you that I’m stronger now…」Allen

Seeing Allen saying that with a slightly sad face, Sara had no choice but to nod.

「Umm… Alright… But after I sell my herbs.」Sara

「Really!? Yes, of course! The Pharmacist Guild is on the way to the east gate, so we can go right away.」Allen

「Alright, now that the decision has been made, let’s go now!」GM

With Guild Master saying that, Sara’s plan to go on a date with Nelly has been ruined.

「Don’t worry, Sara. We can go after this.」Nelly


After hearing Nelly’s words, Sara moved her legs, following Guild Master, Vince, and the boys.




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    8 Apr 2021

    Can’t go making a promise, changing your mind, and then complain…. I really don’t like that kind of girl who doesn’t keep their word.

      12 May 2021

      I mean, it was kinda under duress though. They just made their own plans without her input and then dragged her into it with peer pressure. Even Nelly was pressuring her. How do you expect a tiny little girl to say no to something she doesn’t want to do when surrounded by people telling her she has to do it, including her parent?

      If you drag a promise out of someone through dishonorable means, you can’t complain when they don’t honor it. There was no honor involved to begin with, why should that change now?

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