Chapter 50 : Stupid Trip


After a while of walking, Sara could now see the big fountain in front of the Pharmacist Guild.

Sara made an annoyed expression thinking that she would see Tedd’s face after two months.
She then opened the door and shoutedー

「Excuse meー」Sara

Unlike the Hunter Guild, the counter in the Pharmacist Guild was near the entrance.

As soon as Sara shouted, someone came from the workshop.

「Comiーng. Oh, you are…」

It wasn’t Tedd, but the deputy guild master of the Pharmacist Guild.

「If you’re here, Nefeltally is also in this town?」deputy GM

「Yes, she’s waiting outside.」Sara

「I see. Can you wait a minute? If I don’t tell Chris that Nefeltally is here, he will be mad at me.」deputy GM

As soon as he went back into the workshop, Chris dashed out of the building without even looking at Sara.

「Sorry for waiting. Do you want to sell your herbs?」deputy GM


From the storage pouch on her waist, Sara took out a basket full of herbs she had collected from Demon Mountain.

「Hooー This is great. Thank you as always, you really helped us. Please wait a minute, I’m gonna count them.」deputy GM


Sara was relieved that she could sell herbs without any trouble, but she was curious about Tedd.

「By the way, Tedd’s not working today?」Sara

「Ah, he’s now picking herbs outside the wall.」deputy GM

「Eh? Tedd is picking herbs?」Sara

Sara was surprised.

「He’s not alone. The other young pharmacist apprentices and several townspeople are also picking herbs with him. Because it’s spring, there are many people who want to pick herbs, but they can’t distinguish herbs really well, so Tedd is teaching them.」deputy GM

「Tedd… who always tried to get people to work while he didn’t want to work himself… is now picking herbs… while teaching people…?」Sara

Sara was surprised even more.

「Hahaha. I know, right? Well, he’s trying to change, you know?」deputy GM

「Heeー I see.」Sara

Said Sara with a straight face.

When the deputy guild master was about to continue the conversation, Vince called Sara from the entrance.

「Oi, Sara, hurry up!」Vince

「Geez… I’ll come to collect the money later, then.」Sara

「Yeah. It’ll be great if you do that, there are a lot of herbs to count after all. Ah, here, you can take the basket.」deputy GM

Sara put her basket into her storage pouch and went outside in a hurry.

She has come to like the town of Roza a lot, but everyone here just didn’t let Sara enjoy her days at her own pace.

「I have a lot of herbs. It’ll take a while to count them, so I decided to come back later to collect the money.」Sara

After Sara reported to everyone, Chris finally noticed her.

「Yo, Sara.」Chris

Sara glared at Chris with cold eyes.

「If you will come back here later, that means… Nef, you’ll also come back with Sara after this, right?」Chris

「Who knows~」Nelly

「If so, I don’t have to say goodbye to you now… Oi, Jay.」Chris


This was Sara’s first time hearing someone calling the Guild Master by his name.

Since Chris was also a guild master, it would be weird if he called him ‘Guild Master’ too, so he called him by name.

「I’ll also come, because I’m worried about these children.」Chris

「O, Okay… Well, whatever your reason is, it’ll be better if we have a pharmacist like you with us. But we’re gonna camp for a night. You okay with that?」GM

「No problem.」Chris

「Alright, let’s go.」GM

Then, the seven of them started walking.

Sara was sure that Chris just wanted to be with Nelly and didn’t care at all about the children, and she was sure that everyone had the same thought.

Now that Chris has joined, the most annoying person for Sara in this party has changed from Hart to Chris.
Therefore, she felt like getting along a little with Hart since he was also an ‘invited person’ like her.

However, she had to be careful not to talk about Japan because she didn’t want to make Allen feel alienated.

After thinking about a topic for a moment, Sara talked to Hart.

「Hey, Hart.」Sara

「Eh? Me?」Hart

Being a little surprised, Hart looked back at Sara who walked behind him.

「There’s only one Hart here… You came from the royal capital, right?」Sara

「Yeah. This is my first time coming to a town outside the royal capital.」Hart

Sara was a little relieved that he replied straightforwardly.

「How’s your life in the royal capital?」Sara

「’How’ you ask? Umm… normal?」Hart

Why did he answer a question with a question!?

「I mean… For example, how are the prices of commodities there compared to Roza? Like, how much a piece bread cost there?」Sara

「Dunno. There’s always bread on my dining table, but I’ve never bought it myself.」Hart

「Eh? Well then, how much does it cost to stay a night in an inn there?」Sara

「I don’t know. I live in a mansion, you know?」Hart

So he’s a rich boy, huh?

He reminded Sara that Nelly once said she never spent money when she lived in a mansion.

「Hart… it’s a weird question but… do you think you can do almost anything with just a single 100,000 gils coin?」Sara

「Huh? Of course.」Hart

「Ahh, I see… You’re an aristocrat, huh?」Sara

Sara smiled bitterly.
She remembered that Nelly also said the same thing. (on chapter 40)

「It’s normal, you know? The ‘invited people’ in the royal capital are living with aristocratic families. Well, as far as I know, there are only two ‘invited people’, though.」Hart

「Only two? I see… By the way, are you comfortable living with aristocrats?」Sara

「No, to be honest. But it’s nothing compared to living in the previous world with a weak body.」Hart

While remembering her life in Japan, Sara looked up at the sky.
She totally agreed with Hart.

But she was surprised that she was able to have a normal conversation with him.

She was curious about why there were only two ‘invited people’ in the royal capital now, but she decided to ask about it later.

「By the way, how old are you?」Sara

「Fourteen. You?」Hart

Fourteen, huh?
But why is he the same height as Allen?

「I’m twelve.」Sara

「H, Hee… you’re younger than me, huh? Alright, as an older person, you can count on me if you need something.」Hart

Hart tapped his chest, trying to look reliable.

However, he looked so young for a 14-years-old child in Sara’s eyes.

Allen poked him with his elbow.

「What are you talking about? She’s stronger than us, you know? In the first place, this will be the test for us to see if we can keep up with Sara or not.」Allen

「Ah, you’re right. Well, it’ll be a piece of cake for me, though.」Hart

「Huh? I doubt it. I have a lot of stamina, but you don’t.」Allen

「Ck ck ck. I also have a lot of stamina, you know!?」Hart

While they were having a conversation like that, they finally passed through the east gate.

「There are still so many horned rabbits, huh?」Vince

「What are you talking about, Vince? Their number will never decrease. There are always this many every time I cross the eastern grassland.」Nelly

「I see. Well then, Guild Master and I will be the lead. Fuhh… It’s been a long time since I did this.」Vince

Saying that, Vince cracked his neck and stepped forward.

「Vince and I will be the lead, the second row will be Hart and Allen, the third will be Sara and Nefeltally, and Chris, you will be running while watching us from behind.」GM

「Okay. Guys, please don’t get hurt.」Chris

As they tried to get in position, Allen pointed at a group of people a little far from the east gate.

「Sara, look. I think they’re picking herbs.」Allen

「Oh, you’re right. Hm? Isn’t that… Tedd?」Sara

Sara noticed Tedd thanks to his blonde hair.

Knowing Tedd’s personality, Sara thought that he would be a supervisor who just ordered people around at first, but she was wrong.

Tedd also crouched on the ground and enthusiastically collected herbs.

Moreover, he was smiling. Looks like he was really enjoying his time.

Maybe the deputy guild master was right.
Tedd was trying to change.

「Should we call him?」Sara

「No, don’t. Just let him be.」Chris

Said Chris while smiling, looking at Tedd.

「Alright, we’ll go as far as Hart and Allen can go today. Let’s go!」GM


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    I am still not sure why all of the strongest people in town need to all be there to test the strength of two adventurers.

    Both boys are acknowledged to be strong, and Sarah should be able to keep them both safe. So one adult in case of emergency should be more then enough.

    Maybe they are all just playing hookie.

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