Chapter 66 : Are We Going To Be Okay With This Party?


『ーーjust like that. So, let’s go fight Alter Evil tomorrow!』Aoi

……But, it was surprisingly difficult to get a ‘yes’ from Ai this time.

『Tomorrow? I don’t think I can. I also have my own business to take care of, you know?』Ai

Ai refused with a fairly natural reason.

『And this Alter Evil. Isn’t it the boss that became very famous because it was too powerful!? There’s now way we can defeat it with just the two of us!』Ai

『If you think we can’t defeat it, how about inviting some of your ‘caretakers’?』Aoi

『……..Aoi, could it be, that’s the real purpose you invited me…?』Ai

『*send a whistling sticker*』Aoi

『I can’t play together with my ‘caretakers’ because I want to keep an appropriate distance from them. Oh, but Owata Samurai-san’s case is different, because Aoi called her, not me, besides I didn’t know she was one of my ‘caretakers’.』Ai

「She wants to keep an appropriate distance from her fans, huh. Well, I understand…」

Aoi understood that Ai had such a side, so she somehow had a hunch that Ai would refuse her idea.
But probably because of such a personality, Ai became a quite famous streamer.

Since that’s the case, Aoi has to gather the members herself.
However, there were only a few people who probably would come if Aoi (Mallow) invited.

「Let’s see… Owata Samurai-san, Hamgoro-san, Buncho-san….. No, Buncho-san is a craftsman player so she can’t fight well. The rest are….. Bolg-san… maybe?」

Soufflé and Empty were on her friend list, but Aoi thought it’s too soon to ask for their help.

So, there were only three people who would probably come. Well, if they have an open schedule though.

……….Is it going to be okay? Aoi was worried.

『Aoi, if you want me to join, would you like to wait until doomsday?』Ai

『I can’t wait that long!』Aoi

『Oops. Sorry, typo. I mean until this weekend』Ai

*/ doomsday 終末 and weekend 週末 are both pronounced “shuumatsu” in Japanese, so people often write it wrong when using a keyboard.

『I want to go as soon as possible, though… But why this weekend?』Aoi

『Originally, I was planning to hang out with Akari this weekend. So I’m thinking, why don’t the three of us play Genesis Frontier together instead.』Ai

『Ehh!? So you two have a plan to hang out without me!?』Aoi

『Oi, Aoi! Don’t you remember you were having a fun date with Akari the other day!? Now we’re even!』Ai


Aoi couldn’t deny it.

『But, are you okay to cancel your date with Akari and play GF instead? I want to play GF with Akari, so I’ll be grateful, but…』Aoi

『It’s okay. Besides, I’m sure Akari is also eager to play with you. So, it’s decided then!』Ai

『Ah, by the way, what is Akari’s name in-game?』Aoi

『It’s Lux.』Ai

『Lux, huh?』Aoi

『You see, because her real name is Akari.』Ai

『Ahh, I see.』Aoi

*/ Akari 灯 means light, and Lux is a unit of illuminance in SI derived unit system to measure luminous flux (power of light).

After that, they ended their chat.






And the long-awaited weekend finally came.

「And here we are, but…..」AiAi


Mallow and AiAi were waiting at the fountain square in the Flower Garden in Area 1.
However, AkariーLux didn’t show up yet.

「By the way, how about the people you invited? Will they come?」AiAi

「Well, I contacted Owata Samurai-san, but…」Mallow


「She said, “Yahoi~ if AiAi calls me, I’ll come even if I have to go through volcano and ocean! But unfortunately, there’s a pile of homework blocking my way…”」Mallow

「She can go through volcanoes and oceans but can’t go through a pile of homework, huh…」AiAi

「By the way, AiAi… Did you properly do your homework ?」Mallow

「O, Of course… of course… hehe…」AiAi


「And after that, I contacted Hamgoro-san, but he said “Sorry, I’m helping Owata Samurai with her homework.”」Mallow

「Hmm… And then?」AiAi

「Then I thought about inviting Buncho-san even though she’s a craftsman class player, but as I expected, she said, “I’m a craftsman, you know? The boss will kill me like an insect, so nope!”」Mallow


「And lastly, I contacted Bolg-san.」Mallow


「She said “OK”. I think she’s heading here now.」Mallow

「Is it okay for the strongest player in the game to accept an invitation so lightly!?」AiAi

「You need at least a friend like her, you know?」Mallow

「Is that so?」AiAi

Suddenly a voice of a girl was heard from behind.

「H, Hello…」voice

And then the two of them looked back.

There was a girl player with green hair and blue eyes wearing a chic black apron dress.
The player’s name was Lux.
Next to her name, an emblem indicating that she belonged to a guild was displayed.
The emblem was a sword on a black circle.
Mallow wondered what guild is that.

「Oh, there she is. Hello Lux.」AiAi

「U, Un. Good morning, AiAi.」Lux

「Umm. Should I say ‘nice to meet you’ here?」Mallow

「I, I’m not sure. But it’s the first time we’ve meet in game, so…」Lux

「 Well then, nice to meet you, Lux!」Mallow

「Un. Nice to meet you, Mallow-chan!」Lux

Immediately, Mallow and Lux get used to calling each other by their in-game names.

「By the way, Lux, what kind of weapon do you use?」Mallow

「I use a staff. I’m a magician class player. It also called as rearguard class」Lux

「Heeー Then maybe our party is well balanced. One dodge-tank, two attackers, and one rearguard. It would be great if we had a healer, though.」Mallow

「Ah, actually I can kinda use recovery magic.」Lux

「Really? Awesome!」Mallow

「And Mallow-chan, you said ‘two attackers’ butー」Lux

「Sorry to keep you guys waiting.」voice

Again, there was a voice calling us from behind all of a sudden.

The three of us turned around, and the person standing behind us wasー

「Good morning. Did I make the three of you wait long?」Bolg

「Ah, Bolg-san! Good morning.」Mallow

「O, Ou…」AiAi


The three of them reacted differently.

Mallow raised her hand and approached Bolg.
AiAi was surprised a little.
And Lux…

「Bo, Bo bo boー」Lux

She glitched.

Apparently, she was very surprised.
She stuck one of her feet forward and froze in a panicked state.

「Umm……. Is Lux-san okay?」Bolg

「If you ask if she’s okay or not, I’d say she’s not, but Bolg-san, do you know Lux?」Mallow

「Well, we’ve fought side-by-side in raid battles several times. Right, Lux-san…?」Bolg

「Bo, Bo, Bo…」Lux

「…..Are you drowning…?」Bolg

It took awhile for Lux to calm down.




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